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A person dies from pregnant in the womb until, even to die for a long time, are always in the folk custom environment like air is indispensable for people, society custom is link communication emotion, is a sign of mutual recognition, is to regulate the behavior of the principle is to maintain the adhesive group solidarity, generations of temper and inheritance of traditional culture. China folk culture is from generation to generation temper and inheritance of the traditional culture, which embodies the national character, national spirit, national truth, goodness and beauty, is the Chinese nation the mutual recognition of sign, is the link of countrymen to communicate feelings. Today, we will have the excellent part of folk culture in essence and show people, including farmers, allowing them to China, to our compatriots in the motherland, the outstanding cultural tradition and unsophisticated folk customs have a more profound affection, love and reverence. This book is "Chinese Folk Culture Series" of "folk music", this book describes the basic framework defined in the contemporary history of time and space, in which only part of the folk music made a brief history, the folk music phenomenon into early twenty-first Century can still see as the main narrative. Classification and current situation of the folk music of the description and analysis are also placed in this context.
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Wu Fan, doctor of literature, Chinese Music Arts Institute associate professor, master's tutor. Won the first "Chinese art academy star" award and the outstanding doctoral dissertation award. The publication of monographs "Yin and Yang drum maker -- in the order of space" and "dongzutaige", "Bach co authored three part inventions (EDUCATION EDITION)", published dozens of papers, translation English original "reading between the lines", "do not keep out of the affair integration research".
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The first chapter is the introduction of music and folk music, what is "music" what is "folk music" the second chapter folk music dish colorful folk songs for different kinds of folk music of colorful folk music and folk opera music sing merrily and dance gracefully integrated folk music folk music third chapter construction of grass-roots culture oral tradition in oral tradition folk music folk notation in the construction of the oral and the mass spectrum of folk music in the construction of collective creation fourth chapter in folk custom folk music folk folk music of order in space and its symbol characteristic of the folk music of each chapter as human oral and non-material cultural folk music, folk music, folk music of the ecological system maintenance the ecological system, the protection of human oral and non - material cultural heritage pending references
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Ensemble form, folk instrumental ensemble form and music China traditional musical instruments, has the different geographical, musical instruments, the combination of different main instrument, inheritance of different tracks in different forms in different types of music. In general, the regional characteristics and folk songs is the biggest characteristic is similar, the local folk music. Moreover, the folk music more clearly in all parts of the Le names shown between local and music association. If belongs to the northern wind music of Shanxi: Xi'an drum, eight sets, in concert, luxinan Guchuiyue, Liaoning drum music, Luoyang ten plate music. Native to the south of Zhejiang Music: drums, gongs and drums, South of Jiangsu ten South of Jiangsu ten Fuzhou ten Quanzhou, drum, a cage blowing, southwestern Fujian class ten. Belongs to the types of silk and bamboo music are: Fujian, Chaozhou, Guangdong opera Xianshi music music, Jiangnan Sizhu, northern string music. Chinese folk music ensemble distribution acting mode, and China feudal era palace to a certain extent, music is closely related to the system. Generally speaking, the Royal is located, is today a folk music spread the most intensive and most concentrated, folk music society, folk musician most widely distributed area. For example "Xi'an drum" and the Tang Dynasty in Xi'an capitals, Henan Xiangguo Temple music and Song Dynasty Capital in Kaifeng, all of Beijing Zhihua temple music and wind orchestra music of Hebei and Liao, Jin, yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasties emperors are established in Beijing, china. Despite the inheritance and evolution generations, marker, in today's folk artists who have less left over "people low identity but, these semi art folk artists music, lifestyle, music culture and folk music language still persistently, implicitly telling the history of the past.......
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Chinese folk is the link of all the children of the Yellow Emperor communication emotion, is a sign of mutual recognition, is to standardize the behavior criterion, is maintaining the group's unity adhesive, generations of temper and inheritance of traditional culture. In folk custom embodies the beauty of national character, national spirit, national culture, national.
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