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Date of publication:2006-9   Press: Chinese Society Press   Author:Zhao Bingxiang   Pages:211   Words:85000  

China folk culture is from generation to generation temper and inheritance of traditional culture, which embodies the national character, national spirit, national beauty, is the Chinese nation the mutual recognition of sign, is the link of countrymen to communicate feelings. Has a long history, rich connotation of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation is our great contribution to the development of human cultural diversity. Drastically changing era in the washing of folk traditional culture. In the modern era, we are particularly necessary for our rich history, Hou long folk tradition sign a note for investigation, will show excellent part and its meaning which to the people, make them to China, to our compatriots in the motherland, the outstanding cultural tradition and unsophisticated folk customs people have more profound love wind, love and reverence. Inherit and carry forward the Chinese nation created a very rich and excellent intangible cultural heritage and national spirit, is our blessing, is our historical responsibility. I hope that with our joint efforts, the folk culture of flowers were more and more bright, for our country, for our nation to win an eternal spring.
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Zhao Bingxiang, Beijing the doctorate in anthropology, China University of Political Science and Law associate professor of social sciences.
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The first chapter living folk form the living form living customs and natural environment of residential folklore and social cultural exchange settlement system in chapter second village village of origin pattern of the third chapter room type courtyard dwellings still house bunker style dwelling tent cave boat house fourth chapter to create a site selection process for building walls and house construction in taboo fifth chapter 柱备 beam beam beam beam made Qing new column sixth chapter moved to move to move into the fire moved to other roles in Chapter seventh courtyard patio Yingbi wells toilet eighth chapter portal portal settings goalkeeper portal taboo and sacrificial rites portal and the ninth chapter Zao Tang masonry stove it Huotang chapter tenth rural people about the regulation eleventh Zhang Jicheng, sale, lease and mortgage possession and inherited the lease sale and pawn references
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People living in the culture, just as people cannot do without air. "Book of changes" said: "astronomy, in order to detect when the change; judging from the humanities, into the world," both Chinese "culture" is a little while, this paragraph of word at least, there is clear and profound understanding of our ancestors has always been on the importance of culture. Culture is almost people have become people, human being has become the symbol of human beings, who created the culture, culture is created by people, from this sense it can be said, man is a cultural animal.
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