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Date of publication:2007-2   Press: Shanghai Culture Press   Author:Yin Jizuo   Pages´╝Ü186  

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The total order 1 has a long history of local history 2 Dongxiang "Lu" and Xixiang "3 Stone" was popular "into the city of Shanghai to" fashion ", this house to buy Minhang to" 4 historical changes in a material change existing habits and customs folk culture [a] Ma Qiao to living [two] 1 cotton farming folk custom 2 rice Township folk 3 farming proverb [three] material folk customs of 2 1 3 4 diet custom residential custom travel practices [four] folk craft 1 Traditional Folk Craft 2 contemporary folk craft [five] the local specialty [six] places 1 spots remains 2 Resort Spa II 3 regional social culture [a] settlement 1 2 3 communication interpersonal clan association 4 5 dialect names [two] the festival at the age of 1 customs 2 Customs Festival temple fair 3 Contemporary Cultural Festival 4 Festival New Custom [three] life etiquette custom of marriage funeral custom 1 2 3 birthday custom 4 birth customs ginseng folk cultural [a] 1 folk religion belief 2 folk gods belief folk custom and Religion [two] 3 folk art 1 learning dance 2 folk Music 3 folk drama 4 folk art folk custom folk custom 6 5 7 legends [three] leisure culture 1 Cultural Plaza 2 family culture 3 style entertainment 4 folk collection of 5 folk newspapers @##@ total. If from the archaeological horse JB culture date, Shanghai has six thousand years of history; if from the Tang Dynasty Tianbao ten years (175) Huating County home date, Shanghai has more than one thousand years; if from Yuan Dynasty to no twenty-eight years (1291) home county date, Shanghai has more than seven years of history...... Folk culture is the sum total of the basic necessities of life is closely related with people's life, the life etiquette, festivals, religious beliefs and customs, social fashion, entertainment and other folk customs. Shanghai folk custom and the coexistence of the new customs, local customs and the customs, and promote the diversified folk culture mutual infiltration and combination, here is the Shanghai local folk, also has the different color of folk, and even exotic foreign customs, the folk culture of Shanghai is all rivers run into sea, energetic, day new new "school spirit and style. This book is "folk Shanghai" Minhang volume, the Shanghai City, the folk culture of Minhang District.
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"Folk Shanghai: Minhang volume" of Shanghai city is introduced. The folk culture of Minhang District.
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  •   It is love, also want to the full set of the whole, the book has roots feeling, also bought several books to xdjm, we all feel very valuable.

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