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Date of publication:2006-9   Press: Chinese Society Press   Author:Hua Jueming   Pages:224   Words:120000  

Hua Jueming, Chinese researcher, the history of natural science, Institute of the original cut, the traditional process Chinese chairman, former Tsinghua University science history and ancient literature research institute. Author of "book", "history of metallurgy China China ancient metal technology", "Chinese science and technology five years", "China ancient metal technology", "history of science and technology China mechanical volume @##@" etc. China folk culture is from generation to generation temper and inheritance of the traditional culture, which embodies the national character, national spirit, national truth, goodness and beauty, is the Chinese nation the mutual recognition of sign, is the link of countrymen to communicate feelings. Today, we will have the excellent part of folk culture in essence and show people, including farmers, allowing them to China, to our compatriots in the motherland, the outstanding cultural tradition and unsophisticated folk customs have a more profound affection, love and reverence. This book is "Chinese Folk Culture Series" of "folk art", introduces in detail for you in clothes and using life of traditional handicrafts, divided into 14 categories, provide a profile for the reader, offer reader reference.
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The first chapter of introduction of machinery and equipment manufacturing tools and irrigation tool textile equipment road transport tools and other equipment second chapter of agricultural and livestock processing of mineral products of wine, vinegar and tea oil sauce Sugar Salt tanning powder and artillery cooking and food production third chapter building process in Fujian Yongding hakka earth building skills Guizhou Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village Diaojiao building skills Guangxi Sanjiang Dong nationality timber architectural and building skills Tibetan Diaolou buildings cave northeast wells dry construction fourth chapter ceramic raw material selection and processing molding and decoration firing process fifth chapter embroidery textile dyeing process printing craft embroidery chapter sixth metal mining and smelting and processing of pig iron smelting iron casting forging copper foil gold and silver Tibetan fine gold crafts Cloisonne bronze restoration zinc seventh chapter lacquer craft China lacquer Pingyao push Xiushi light lacquer art Yangzhou lacquer lacquer art of Fuzhou bodiless lacquer painting art of Xiamen lacquer line carving art of Beijing lacquer art Chengdu lacquer eighth chapter furniture traditional furniture traditional furniture types of traditional furniture value of ninth chapter of paper and pen, ink, inkstone produced paper pen inkstone system The tenth chapter engraving intaglio printing ink materials, tools engraving printing process in Chapter eleventh with printing process engraving folk sculpture folk sculpture of the concept and the history of folk sculpture types and regional characteristics of folk sculpture research significance twelfth chapter woven tie woven tie the thirteenth chapter of carving craft of folk paper-cut folk New Year paintings painted pots chapter fourteenth special skills and other the earliest people the birch bark Handmade fish processing Li tapa process. The conclusion @##@ canoe fish Method of Chinese porcelain tea, method, method of silk...... Wait. It is the Chinese nation in the long-term working practice, exploration, summary, improve the characteristics of the handicraft and the formation of. The production of art constantly, and formed a unique culture in the tradition of craftsmanship. The United Nations agency says the traditional skills of "intangible cultural heritage". China's "intangible cultural heritage protection project" has made certain achievements. The Chinese nation has always attached importance to the development and inheritance of art. Neolithic pottery craft, Shang and Zhou Dynasty bronze process, the spring and Autumn period, lacquerware craft, is along with the time constant of inheritance and development. In 476 BC, is also 2400 years ago during the spring and Autumn period into the book "Kao Gong Ji", he recorded the process of many practical products making method and the design principle and evaluation standard. Traditional handicraft is one of the basic content of human culture, embodies the Chinese traditional family tradition, science and technology and aesthetic values.
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