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This book focuses on people so far is still loved by the customs, the picture of the ancient Chinese people's way of life as show in front of you, let you experience the most authentic Chinese life.
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The first chapter of festival folk custom

Spring Festival February 2-emergence
sweet dumplings of glutinous rice flour.
the Ching Ming Festival Dragon Boat Festival of

Tanabata Festival Mid Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival March

Anfu eat Street Festival of the Dai Water Splashing Festival

Li in March three day
aquarium Terminalia
> Regong June Jing ha Festival
twenty-four solar terms
second chapter customs in daily life
third chapter Wen Juan recreation custom
fourth chapter ecological technology folk
fifth chapter the life etiquette custom
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: three years past, honor its promise to the people, and with all sorts of harvest the fruit came to the three hole reunion, at this time, but suddenly from a team of strangely dressed people, they carry spears, bows and arrows, machetes, claimed that the aquarium occupied their land, even said that this piece of land buried treasure, so the aquarium to leave. The aquarium is not agree, they said the baby who want to dig dig, fun trying to fight are not. But the two sides still have finally move hands, even to the aquarium the plague. Through the war, aquarium them keep their land, their home and the dead buried, from the river to catch fish, stewed fish as a sacrifice, so that the soul of the dead to taste the taste of home, rest in the new land. After that, we will be in the event of war of the night before and the morning of the sacrifice, Miss dead war dead, will each other took to their drink, to celebrate the victory of the war. During the celebration, people drink to eat vegetables, children eat a glutinous rice will be full, this child is not happy, and then all the sacrifice of sugar, fruits and so on to the children, the bronze and wood, hanging up to let them play. After dinner, if someone came to plague, all the people will be down the slope to horse racing, exercise the body, the plague, as time passes, the aquarium end formed. However, because people every year to carry offerings to three holes, feel very inconvenient, someone proposed batch to the festival, every year to gather nothing new in one place, as we take turns to look around, so the end then batch came. But how partial? We agreed to catch fish weighing to determine the feast has, at last, in the river set of area of big brother caught fish most, had the first, pull you, catch fish weight Shuidong place similar second batch, water Po, the star and the Dragon third batch, three hole and fourth batch. The order was finished, the water pan family, this year they are affected by the drought, so late, we are very sympathetic to their. Moisture family village old suggested that said: "the water pan affected, there is nothing we can do, if they were to end, then we are willing to sell them, take as long as twelve White Buffalo can." The water pan family certainly want to go, then immediately sent secretly to scrape together the money to buy a water buffalo. Water Zhai Lao Hou, although not willing, but since it has been said, can quickly and not the end to the water pan. However, the family had the same batch and moisture water Po family would not like to, they think it's unlucky, strongly refused. No way, finally we decided that the original batch unchanged, another father too late afternoon to let the water pan go day, so the third, the four batch of end of internode, increasing the water pan of the festival, therefore, end became the five batch. This is just a legend, later found the water calendar also divided the year into 12 months, there are four seasons, but the water at the beginning of September in lunar calendar, the lunar August is the end of the year, with their twelve Earthly Branches in mind. Then, the end to Ohio as the main calculation date, festival is divided into seven batches. From the first end to the last end, before and after 49 days, therefore, the end is the world's longest holiday time delay. End (water) is the Shui people worship ancestors, the new year, to celebrate the harvest and happy new year happy festival. Like the Spring Festival of the Han nationality, on the eve of the festival, Shui people also did a lot of preparation: spring new meters, brew wine, sewing clothes, all kinds of fruit, food preparation, ready for worship and hospitality. New year's Eve (year-end), aquarium people put drum or drum hanging in the yard, enjoy beating, meaning the new year. Aquarium tradition, and at the beginning of the connected two meals avoid meat (fish except the fish aquarium as vegetarian), so the first (Ohio) morning, people put meat feast, ancestor worship, sacrifice all kinds, like the fish, green vegetables, tofu, pumpkin, peanut, polished glutinous rice, a new rice wine, fruit everything. The first (Ohio) morning, people can break their fast, so every household cattle slaughtering, ready to drink in order to meet the new guest house.
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