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The human to the way of multiplying, this way is culture. All culture is the crystallization of the relationship between human and nature. In the history, human beings experienced the primitive civilization, agricultural civilization and industrial civilization, the three forms of civilization, every civilization has its dominant culture, such as the dominant culture of primitive civilization is fishing and hunting culture or hunting culture; dominant culture of agricultural civilization is farming culture; dominant culture of industrial civilization is the industry culture. After entering the era of industrial civilization, mankind created enormous material wealth, but also brings many problems in ecological environment. In twenty-first Century, the ecological civilization will replace the industrial civilization, a choice of sustainable development of cultural ecological culture.
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The copyright page, but now the world economy without considering the earth ecological value of the expenditure, payment for the use of natural value not ready. As the article said: "if really in accordance with the value of ecosystems to global economic contribution and pay the price, then the global price system and system of different current. With the natural resources and the ecological contribution in the future more and more attention and becoming more 'short', we estimate its value will only increase. However, even if we can first rough estimate is a useful starting point. The relative importance of this estimation results highlight the ecological contribution, and to continue to squander our potential impacts of future happiness." The value of nature in the world economy, make a significant contribution to economic growth. However, the growth of the world economy with great natural value and natural value cost, as the cost of production, its consumption did not appear in the statistics of national economy, not as a value to calculate. In this way, the reality of the world economy, long runs in the form of natural value serious overdraft, resulting in a long-term liabilities of the economy, and the debt does not appear in economic statistics, which is a distorted economy. American scholar Brown believes that the economic model is the "fossil fuel based, car centered, throwaway economy". The economy is not likely to be lasting. Ecological economy, need to confirm the value of nature, creation, application and development of new technologies and techniques, namely, ecological technology and ecological technology, the construction of a new industry -- eco industry. The so-called ecological process, is the process of physical movement of the biosphere function simulation, principle and material recycling of species co-occurrence applied ecology, optimization method of system engineering, and modern achievements in science and technology, industry technology system using multiple layers of material and energy in the course of design and production. In the production process, the input of production system, the first use of the first products production, the remainder is second times its production of second kinds of products and raw materials; if there are still remnants is the production of third products of raw materials, until all run out or recycled; the remainder finally inevitable. Based on the biological and environmental discharge in the form of harmless. Ecological process used in the social material production, through multi-level material and energy use or classification recycling, the investment process of production material and energy as much as possible into products, minimize waste discharge. The traditional process of high consumption, low efficiency and high pollution production in comparison, is the raw material of low consumption, high efficiency, low pollution production. This economic model is the "raw material product surplus product......" It is the starting point of natural resources are valuable, multi value, material production is the development and utilization of resources value. Technical principle of organization it is nonlinear and circular, circular economy, sustainable development of human society nature complex ecosystem.
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"Eco cultural dictionary" from the aspect of discipline building, the human society has made in the construction of ecological culture theory and practice to search and collect, collate relevant information, contribute to the relevant researchers, with its innovative significance.
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