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Date of publication:2012-5   Press: Central Plains farmers.   Author:Yan, AI light collection   Pages:726   Words:640000  
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The first chapter calendar sense
A, calendar and Almanac

two calendar almanac, solar and lunar calendar lunar

three, the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches and the Yin Yang and the five elements of
the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches
Yin Yang and the five elements
twenty-four twenty-four throttle throttle interpretation of < br > twenty-four the song
twenty-four solar terms and the solar
twenty-four solar terms and meteorological Nongyan song
five, three yuan
six, the twelve star
Second chapter nine calendar book
A, 1800 - 2108 lunar leap prediction table,
two, 1931 and 2040 @##@ perpetual calendar watch The copyright page: "summer wind from the northwest, melon garden in suffering." If the summer solstice blowing northwest wind, indicates that the fruit will harvest. "Liqiu no rain the most worthy of compassion, things have only half the." Liqiu, if it doesn't rain, everything may not harvest. "East sun red, West flash rain heavily, north to South and flash shooting, shining." In the intersection, if the East lightning says it won't rain, if Western lightning has said it will rain, if in the North lightning says it will rain, if in the southern lightning will has little rain. "Thunder autumn and winter half closed." The beginning of autumn winter crop is thunder, only half of the harvest. "The Mid Autumn Festival, good late rice." The Mid Autumn Festival period if the weather is fine, adumbrative bumper harvest. "No rain a sunny winter festival." In September the 9th if it doesn't rain, indicates that the second half will be scarce rainfall. "December south is reported." In December if a southerly wind will soon rain. "It is not cold, people uneasy." It is not cold, means the people and livestock will have more disease. "The morning mist cover does not open, Thelkasa Mizui." Morning fog if you leave for a long time, often into rain, the farmer had to put on a raincoat field. Five, three yuan in order to understand the ancient Chinese stars and observing astronomical phenomena, the star in the heavens were compared with a control group, each group a name, such stars called star officer. Each star officer contains multiple oligo stars ranging from less than a, much to dozens of, the area also each are not identical. In the numerous star official, there are 31 occupies a very important position, this is the three yuan. In the Tang Dynasty, three yuan the development of ancient Chinese stars become divided system, similar to modern astronomy constellation. Three yuan, yuan (Tai Weiyuan), Nakagaki (Zi Weiyuan), Shita Gaki (Tian Shi Yuan). Porrima including virgin, subsequent, lion constellation part; Zi Yuan including the north celestial pole near the area, roughly equivalent to the circumpolar region; heavenly market enclosure includes a portion of Ophiuchus, Hercules, the giant snake, eagle and other constellations. The phases of the moon is also known as the twenty-eight star or twenty-eight shekels. The first is the twenty-eight star officer the ancients for comparison, and gold, wood, water, fire, soil five star movement and choice, as a marker of observation. "Su" means and the twelve signs of the Zodiac "Palace", said the day, month and five star location. To the Tang Dynasty, the lunar mansions become the subject of twenty-eight sky, the sky is the name for the name, different, and three yuan as the case area, mainly in order to Division Star officer belonging. From the beginning the Spica, arranged from west to East, and the same day, month depending on the movement direction. Seven places in the East: angle, Kang, Di, real, the heart, tail, loop; the seven northern places: fighting, cattle (Qian Niu) and female (must be female), virtual, risk, room (camp room), wall (east wall); the Western seven places: Kui, Lou, the stomach, the Pleiades, Bi and the mouth, ginseng; South seven places: well (Dong Jing), ghosts (and ghost), willow, star (seven), Zhang Zhen, wing.
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"To learn calendar (pocket version)" by the Central Plains publishing media group, the Central Plains farmers publishing house.
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