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"Digital story folklore map Zhi", "story of folk custom map Chi", this refers not to the past story typology, nor is it a compilation map, but to discuss problems in map compilation of folklore stories, especially the spatial information and significance of the problem, add the missing cartography and digital. The so-called space concept, on folklore, in addition to the local characteristics of the industry often say, also includes a large number of historical geographical landscape and regional geographic range, this is the last few folklore studies. Especially those "storytelling" landscape entity, many have been transformed into natural heritage, cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage, in the strongly attracted to modern people. With the globalization of the time rhythm of the pressing time gradually lost the meaning of Humanities and loss or protect the story also achieved in space, then visit the heritage, listen to the story, become a trend. This lets the modern people can call time from space, memory and reflection of the history of civilization, can. In addition, in a modern way of life of the times, slowly folk disappears very quickly, but also fast digital. On the web, check the map, folk custom, gradually into the atmosphere. In recent years, all levels of government and social forces in the effort to aid heritage, folk heritage make this space to carry time shows very clearly. In all, the "digital story folklore map Zhi", hope to a new step forward in the professional field, also hope to social applications.
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the first chapter introduction digital story folk custom map basic theoretical problems solutions
section of folklore and geography crossover study and digital story folklore map connotation
A, folklore and folk custom map digital story
two, geography and digital story folklore map
second section of folk map compilation digital story idea.
A, digital storytelling custom map goals and properties of
two, digital storytelling custom map type and structure of
three, digital storytelling folk custom map concept element < br > four, digital storytelling custom map and digital technology of digital
second chapter story folk custom map the classification, the names and the compilation of both
section range digital story folk custom map classification name definition and conversion of
A, digital storytelling custom map story names definition and conversion of
two, digital storytelling custom map tells the story of the place name definition and conversion
three, Digital Storytelling Festival folk map story names defined and conversion of
...... Elements of space and place names case mapping scheme and compilation technology
fourth chapter digital folk custom map
third chapter digital story folklore map of
digital story folklore map (sample)
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The copyright page: first, the folk custom of folk local landmarks. Folk landmarks are overlapping concepts of folklore and geography. In geography, cartography and satellite remote sensing image interpretation, need to establish some such as color, shape, composition characteristics of interpretation, in order to extract the information in remote sensing image. We can be the geography in the landmark, as can determine the obvious signs associated with marked maps, satellite images and aerial photographs on the graphics and the actual surface. In folklore, the concept of "folklore markers", is generally understood as is able to represent a typical folk custom events things or behavior. This book says folk landmarks, and these two concepts are linked, but they are different. Folk landmarks, refers to the folklore fieldwork and folklore research one, and is closely related to the specific content, can embody the historical and cultural connotation of geographical entity, its purpose is to establish mutual relationship map, features and meaning of folklore. It can be a specific features, such as temples, wells, rivers, canals, but also a cultural association property names, such as protecting temple, Wuyishan. From the form of the map, is not the custom resource it shows itself, but with the folk customs related to location, location and environment, when this place and space is quite important, in the sense that it may become the "holy land", build the culture space. Second, the combination of folk custom of local map related folklore. The folk custom is a cultural phenomenon, is not isolated, it is a kind of public cultural life, is together, a variety of folk like adhesion, become a living culture, people's life. Third, the research on the folk custom of local experts map reflects the expert system. Local folk custom map digital story should not only embody folklore and folk resources, more important is to reflect on the folk custom of local folklore scholars research results. Relatively natural phenomenon, the emergence and development of folk custom is much more complex, making use of geographical contour map can be seen that the change rule of drought degree of the surface, but simple to use geographical method compilation folk words dialect map, it does not necessarily represent the center and circle of propagation of folk culture. Through the establishment of expert system, the use of expert system map of folk local, can express the results of experts, as well as mutual verification tool. From the perspective of folk custom map of academic history, reflect the distribution of local folk custom resource map, based on resource description and classification of the original data, has an important role in the folklore scholars to study, it is also in the initial stage of folk custom map, the most easy to use geographic method of preparation, the largest number of a kind of. Of course, to be used as the research material, this map is insufficient, but also by other means of transformation and utilization, so as to use in conjunction with other data. Such as the use of digital map WebGIS display mode, the administrative region classification, ethnic classification and professional classification information including by display and cross query methods included in the map, and the narrator (or performers) and collect information such as the number of click through data base form.
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