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Date of publication:2012-11   Press: The mass press   Author:She Shiyou   Pages:272   Words:323000  

This book from the perspective of the traditional culture of the Chinese people, and closely related to the daily life of 36 numbers to be multi angle, multi-level reading, original and interesting. This is a very interesting and memorable about folk knowledge books.
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The author is the study of Chinese traditional culture of senior researchers. Publishing a variety of cultural bestsellers.
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the first chapter "a": the life of
second chapter "three": the reproduction number
third chapter "Five": colorful number
fourth chapter "two": the fifth chapter on
"four": access number
sixth chapter eight: taste the number of
seventh chapter "ten": slam number
eighth chapter "six": the ninth chapter number and
"Nine": great number
tenth chapter "seven": the number of
Kit Kat eleventh chapter "hundred": elegant number.
: Earnings number.
thirteenth chapter "million": bold number
fourteenth chapter "twelve": the fifteenth chapter reverie.
"Eighteen": the sixteenth chapter in favor of
"thirteen": romantic number
seventeenth chapter "sixteen": the flower number
eighteenth chapter "twenty-four": ordinary number < br >......
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