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Date of publication:2012-9   Press: The world knowledge press   Author:Wang Xiaoming   Pages:317   Words:240000  

"Cross cultural learning series Reader: human communication" in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, North America, South America, order, respectively introduced the national situation, some countries in the continents of daily life custom content.
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Wang Xiaoming, Professor, director of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Graduate School of international cultural and educational center, State Administration of BFT exam experts committee, Beijing City, the norms of public sign English translation experts committee, "the Beijing Speaks Foreign Languages Program, panel members. In Colleges and universities in Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia and other countries 大利娅 investigation, study and exchange.
long engaged in cross-cultural communication research and teaching activities, the intercultural communication, intercultural business, culture and film appreciation course. Study on pragmatics, teaching method, cross cultural communication and language teaching. The representative works "of Chinese and English public signs translation research and demonstration", the "of Public English teaching and Intercultural Awareness Cultivation" etc..

old green, teacher, Beijing Higher School of Beijing English Proficiency Test Expert Advisory Committee of advisers, leaving China Research Association vice chairman, Business Association Professional Committee of Teaching Foreign Language Work Committee of Chinese society of Vocational and technical education in English Teaching in Higher Vocational Colleges turnover research vice president of branch of College vice chairman, Beijing City College English study will; Beijing was awarded the "three eight red flag medal, Beijing higher school teaching achievement award one or two, the Beijing Speaks Foreign Languages Program" advanced individual title. In Canada, the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and other countries in Institutions of higher learning, learning and communication research. Project teaching reform of Beijing higher school
has presided over Beijing city university innovation talent project,; years of participation in the Beijing Speaks Foreign Languages Program, held a public lecture activities.
research direction for English teaching and management, tourism, business culture, published more than 20 papers and edited more than 30 teaching materials.
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the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
the Federal Republic of Burma in the Republic of Singapore

Republic of Indonesia Republic of Philippines India Republic of

the Islamic Republic of Iran and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Arabia Qatar United Arab Emirates
the Kazakhstan Republic
Norway > Europe the kingdom of

Russian Federation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland United Kingdom
French Republic
the kingdom of Holland, the Republic of Italy

Africa Egypt Republic of Arabia Republic of Tunisia

Federal Republic of Nigeria in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Kenya

the Republic of South Africa Oceania
the Australian Federal
the independent state of Papua New Guinea

North America Canada United States of the United States of Mexico

South America Venezuela Republic of Bolivar
the Federal Republic of Brazil
Chapter excerpt

The Republic of Singapore (Republic of Singapore) referred to as Singapore is an island nation in Southeast Asia, is a city country, having "the lion city", "Garden City". Singapore is located in the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, adjacent to the Strait of Malacca Nankou, composed of 63 island of Singapore Island and the nearby, the Singapore Island accounts for 88.5% of the national area, the land area of 714.3 square kilometers (2011). Citizens and permanent residents of 3789000 people, the resident population of 5180000 people (2011). Chinese accounted for about 75%, the rest of the Malays, Indians and other races. Malay is the national language, English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil are official language, English is the language of administration. The main religions are Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Christianity and hinduism. Singapore is a parliamentary republic. The president is head of state. Singapore Economic and foreign trade driven, electronic, petroleum chemical industry, finance, shipping, service industries, highly dependent on the United States, Japan and Europe and the surrounding market, foreign trade volume is four times the gross domestic product. Scarcity of natural resources. Tourism is one of the major sources of foreign exchange. Singapore is a tropical marine climate, year-round hot humid rainy. The annual average temperature of 24 ℃ ~ 32 ℃, the average daily temperature was 26.80C, the average annual rainfall of 2345 mm, annual average relative humidity is 84.3%. Daily life custom clothing Singapore in different nations in the wearing characteristics of each. Because of the hot climate throughout the year, people dress is simple and refreshing. Malay men wore a brimless hat is called "Valley song", which is a collarless, wide sleeves clothes, down for long and ankle sarong; lady's coat large such as gowns, wearing a sarong. Chinese women love to wear the cheongsam. Generally wear white shirts, trousers for men to participate in business activities, a tie. The government departments of the staff wearing more stringent requirements, working hours are not allowed to wear fancy clothes. Staple food is rice, singapore. Due to historical reasons, Singapore food brings together local flavor and from all over the world cuisine, Chinese cuisine and Malay food, Thailand food, Indonesian cuisine and India cuisine, western style food and fast food is also very popular. The most representative is "Nyonya food". Tea is the universal love of the local people, is also commonly used in hospitality. Chinese like to drink ingot tea for you.......
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