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Date of publication:2001-1   Press: Tianjin People's Publishing House   Author:Xu Fengwen   Pages:161   Words:120000  


China has a long history, there are countless proud and proud of the brilliant culture. However, she is an experienced from barbarism to civilization ancient country, in the long course of development, but also brought many backward, obsolete, absurd, ugly social habits. This is a historical accumulation, a hateful appearance and ingrained cultural sediment. Some foreign scholars had folk as and social literature as the core of the surface culture relative deep culture, essence of culture and cultural foundation. Indeed, with the replacement of dynasties, changes in the political system, ideology evolution, folk culture has super stability characteristics and culture specimens. Accustomed though we are to put those behind the social customs era known as vulgar, but as the Qing Dynasty Ancient Chinese Literature Search master Zhang Xuecheng said: "the ancient dross, can now of the essence; the flaw, also for future generations." In fact, there are a lot of today seems to be the dross of custom history, the past is often to extract itself. With the evolution of history, even those of the China people interested in culture, also because of It is quite common for imperceptibly, will turn, be petrified. Chinese heavy moral light body, even to the moral purpose at self mutilation -- "admission".
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"Recently I -- foot binding" three inch Jinlian "money losing not feed" -- infanticide on "Eighteen wife nine year old Lang" -- such small son-in-law "wedding three days no size" -- the bridal chamber opera bride "starvation of small things Shijie big thing" -- chastity memorial arch "is a virgin or primary school" -- a virgin like "wife as concubine concubines as stolen" -- wives and concubines "small Niang love Qiao procuress love notes" -- about "quasi wind fresh beauty, rather than human?" -- eat people public security "leaving head without leaving hair hair left head" revolution "-- the braids out of order due to all sorts of accidental mishaps" -- "transgression 贪黩 fatten themselves grow roots: --" eunuch "China point at one but abuse another injury to men inflicted by evil persons" -- Reading "bad things on Gua stand" -- a talk "difficult"! Not a game?" -- gambling gossip "Furong" day and night without cease "-- opium @##@ editing verbiage Chinese has a long history, numerous "quintessence". How stupid, ugly, dark habit, he not only to turn a blind eye, Enron, even to appreciate, with attitude, addicted, inextricably bogged down in. Foot binding, long tail, opium, gambling, prostitution, homosexuality...... With countless people and society, between so popular for thousands of years. Strange? In fact, from this book, you can see, is only "one customs Wonderland" tip of the iceberg of ear.
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"China vulgar": Chinese Folk Culture Series
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