Chinese folk Tongzhi

Date of publication:2005-12   Press: Education in Shandong   Author:Huang Tao   Pages:371   Words:344000  
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The total order of folk language, nature two, range three, language folk custom folk language overview chapter kinship appellations first section, second section outside the second chapter dear appellation social appellation section of kinship terms in section second, the name, job title and popular appellation of chapter third spell words and Oracle section spell second day prayer third Oracle fourth chapter auspicious first day auspicious words second auspicious homophonic fifth chapter taboo taboo first respect second section third section too evil fear taboo taboo sixth chapter first proverb saying second main types: the seventh chapter section function of popular language section feature catchwords second festivals language source third century China popular language interpretation @##@ bibliography. This book is the national "fifteen" plan key book publishing project "China folk Tongzhi" Volume 22 24 of the volume of. The book is divided into kinship terms, social appellation, charms, prayers, Oracle, auspicious, data is true and reliable, the style is concise, clear, fluent narrative characteristics of reasonable structure, illustrated. This book is the most abundant in China, full and accurate materials, special class records, laid the necessary materials and knowledge base for further study and folklore.
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