Chinese Folk Culture Festival

Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Central Plains farmers   Author:Gao Tianxing   Pages:361   Words:347000  

The first coil spring festival Spring Festival Spring Festival folk custom history generally refers to new year's Eve and the first lunar January. In the folk, the traditional sense of the Spring Festival from the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month is the sacrificial offering, or the twelfth lunar month twenty-three, twenty-four people, until the Lantern Festival, the new year's Eve and the first lunar January climax. The Spring Festival is also called "have the Spring Festival", first called "Ren", put them in ministry in Chinese characters in rice, is a meaning. "Gu Liang Chuan" remember: "grain is ripe for years, grain large ripe for years." "Ya, release day" also recorded: "Xia Yuesui, Shang Yue king, Zhou Yuenian." Know, about the "year" consciousness in Zhou Dai has. The Spring Festival as the Chinese first section, exactly when the origin? According to research, originated in the new stone age. The spring festival known as "have the Spring Festival", formerly known as "new year", "Sui Dynasty Du Taiqing in the five candle collection" in say: "lunar January for the end of month, the day is new, others is moving, Woon Yuansaku." "Yuan" intended as "head", later extended to "start", because this is the first day of a year, the first day of the lunar January, the first day of spring, so called "three yuan", because this day or year towards toward the day, month, Chao, the so called "Three Dynasties", because it is the first new moon, so called "yuan shuo". The first day, and on the lunar January towards, three inverse, three beginning etc nickname, means the lunar January first began years, months, days of the three.

This book seeks to stand in the height of civilization, the culture and historical perspective, from the festival folk history, folk customs, legends, poetry and art, multi angle, all-round interpretation; strive to achieve scientific, intellectual, cultural and entertainment into one, the holiday folk custom culture morphology, history of our country's Contemporary evolution, to distinguish, interpretation to the reader. Explain to people learn from the past, present, future scrutiny of light, revealing the festival folk culture rich, wonderful, deep, with readers, let people love and enjoy the festival folk custom cultural feast. China's long history, vast territory, numerous nationalities, because the way of life of different ethnic festivals, rich and colorful, colorful, folk custom Fenpi, reflects the broad and profound national culture. There are Chinese place, there is China national culture, there are China folk, have to the Spring Festival, as the representative of the national festival culture. Each nation, each nation, there are ethnic folk culture is a spirit, a style, a trait. Great people, great weather is not only reflected in the political, economic, but also profoundly reflected in the culture, vividly reflected in the popular and elegant folk culture. This has the characteristics of folk culture atmosphere and style, colorful, magnificent momentum, suit and the common people. The spirit also vividly demonstrated in Chinese folk festival culture, become the nation's blood, the foundation of the nation, national flag, national identity, national spirit homeland.
Author brief introduction

High star, also known as Gao Guosheng. Lanzhou University in 1959 graduated from the Department of Chinese stayed coaching, later transferred to Zhengzhou University. Professor, humanities scholars, folklore expert. The main works are "modern writing", "poetry art", "modern public relations", "old culture", "folk culture", "Literary Aesthetics", "the draft" Fairview proverbs, main works are famous long narrative @##@ Hui China's long history, vast territory, numerous nationalities, because the way of life of different ethnic festivals, rich and colorful, colorful, folk custom Fenpi, reflects the broad and profound national culture. There are Chinese place, there is China national culture, there are China folk, have to the Spring Festival, as the representative of the national festival culture. Each nation, each nation, there are ethnic folk culture is a spirit, a style, a trait. Great people, great weather is not only reflected in the political, economic, but also profoundly reflected in the culture, vividly reflected in the popular and elegant folk culture. This has the characteristics of folk culture atmosphere and style, colorful, magnificent momentum, suit and the common people. The spirit also vividly demonstrated in Chinese folk festival culture, become the nation's blood, the foundation of the nation, national flag, national identity, national spirit homeland. In today's society, the national psychology, knowledge value is undergoing new changes. China traditional folk festivals and folk festival of Arts and culture, the culture of the Chinese nation is the home of the soul, the inheritance difficult now, many holiday folk custom in atrophy, in decline. The desalination, disappeared, is the national traditional culture. The rescue and the inheritance of folk festival culture, more and more anxious. With the festival culture and folk art, in recent years around the big cultural festival. In today's cultural and economic era, festival culture flourishes more and more daily, fans. "Cultural stage, economic singing opera" began in twentieth Century 80 time, fall over each other to set up various festivals around the country, big Chang 其风. Some of the Cultural Festival, enduring, has become a famous brand, keep the vigorous vitality. Some festival flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, dormant. Traditional folk festivals and festival culture art and historical changes; handle, the harmonious relation between the advanced culture and the China traditional folk festival of cultural inheritance and innovation; let the festival folk culture to adapt to the market economy environment, the development of festival culture to strengthen the socialist cultural construction; to Scientific Outlook on Development, to cognitive China traditional folk festival, there is a global, overall grasp of folk festival culture, can let the traditional festival culture in modern civilization inheritance, carry forward, life and growth in nature. The traditional festival and the folk custom culture Chinese from five aspects of aesthetic perception. One of the traditional festivals: China cognitive theory of taste and culture China ethnic festivals grand, grand, scenery, affinity, auspicious, with lasting charm. It contains, crystallization, inheritance, highlights the national mental, emotional, spiritual, and the pursuit of ideal, culture, and all the children of the Yellow Emperor complex. What China national holiday culture is what, how should its positioning, Public opinions are divergent., in the aspect of theory research is missing. On the Chinese festival culture, I think that can be positioned from the following perspectives: from the anthropological perspective, it is the totem culture; it is the blood from ethnology, cultural foundation; see from semiology, it is auspicious wish culture; see in the sociology, it is the life of the people and culture; from the history, it is the traditional family culture from the folklore; see, it is popular and elegant culture; looking from the. It is a folk art culture; from the aesthetic perspective, it is a pleasure to learn from the cultural aesthetic culture; see, it is broad and profound culture; China traditional folk festivals and celebrations and festivals is the companion of our country farming civilization, it is the specific time gradually formed in the long course of history. Tracing back to the source, passing on the essentials, macro examine its origin and stroke, according to the social and cultural elements in three aspects, which are relatively stable solar term holiday, there are specific folk custom culture phenomenon and folk art activities, have a stableNationality, mass, originality, social, grassroots, local. Our country is famous for its civilizations in the world, the colorful folk festivals, Xinglong old festivals, folk customs of the gorgeous, romantic charm of culture and the arts, the more reputation spread all over the world, showing a popular and elegant suit and the common people, the theory of taste and aesthetic value of culture. Cultural and artistic form China folk festival is diverse. View its contents can be divided into production, folk festival festival, festival, festival, celebrating a holiday, holiday, entertainment, holiday social. At the time, traditional festivals and modern festival. The traditional festival contains agricultural civilization before the industrial civilization of primitive culture, festival weather and a large amount of information. Modern festival, is the product of industrial civilization, is meeting the needs of the times produce festival. View its properties, a single holiday, there are complex, comprehensive festival. To see the function, a secular holiday, religious festivals, sports, leisure holiday holiday...... Cognition two: China traditional festival culture production and integration of folk festivals and folk festival culture production, development, evolution, integration, namely, is a process of social customs and cultural heritage, is also a folk custom, determine the selection process and variation. In different poses and with different expressions of the festivals, blew the festival of Arts and culture, vivid record of the Chinese people to understand and grasp the nature law of motion, shows the level of development in different historical stages of social, ethical, political, economic, science and technology, culture; is also an expression of the people of all ethnic groups in China should from time to time, relaxation day when natural rhythm aesthetic spirit, the law of life and art pursuit. To explore the roots Festival, festival produced, people expect sowing fall harvest, grain plump, The domestic animals are all thriving., life auspicious, and animism, nature worship, Quxie rang disaster, by Nuo Yansheng and many other natural attributes, custom and religion, are associated with the original belief, ritual concept, related to the choice of the calendar. "Yao Dian" record "day, night, Hinaga, in short, is the vernal equinox, summer solstice," autumnal equinox, winter solstice four. "Lu spring and Autumn" recorded "beginning of spring, day and night hours (vernal equinox), the beginning of summer, months long to (Xia Zhi), the beginning of autumn, the night division (autumnal equinox), Li Dong, on short (winter solstice)" eight solar term. This shows that the four seasons and eight solar terms to date have been presumed, has become the basis of agricultural production. The four seasons and eight solar terms with farming activities gradually formed the festival festival, and has rich and colorful folk culture and art. In the meantime, folk customs, folk culture and art has changed, with full, rich, make a holiday festival custom, generational, has a long history. China's traditional festival festival, mostly sprout, produce the Yu Xianqin period. Han and Han Dynasty political unification, economic prosperity, to create the objective social environment for the festival festival, the common stereotypes. The emperor was too at the beginning of the first year (104 BC), the implementation of national unity of lunar calendar, twenty-four solar term is scheduled to calendar. Based on this, new year's Eve, new year's day, Lantern Festival, Shangsi, Hanshi, Ching Ming, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth Festival, July 7th day, spring and autumn, and winter festival festive holiday date form customization. These festive holiday in the years after the content changes, cultural evolution, like July 7th began to have the love story, the Mid Autumn Festival autumn worship, The custom of worshipping the moon, the Dragon Boat Festival in the world are the fashion of dragon boat races, lantern, have decorate, customs a sacrifice too. "All along, the Qin system", the Han Dynasty is the historical and cultural rich and legend of active time, "historical records" in many figures deeds to integrate festival culture, enrich the connotation of culture and Arts Festival, festival custom in the most basic shape. Can say, Chinese festival festival originated in the Qin Dynasty, stereotypes in the Han Dynasty, after the integration of the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the Tang and Song Dynasties, completed second sublimation Chinese festival festival, arts and culture factors, genes, aesthetic elements more profound. Although there are superstitious, rough, not scientific, civilized component, but its main fine customs, folk culture and art has formed a national culture. In the history of the formation and evolution, myths and legends of the embedding, a ruling group participation advocate, permeated with religious activities, there are a large number of accumulation of history and culture, fusion have national emotion, life habits. Because of the promotion and the effects of these six factors, the traditional festival culture and art to release the rich and colorful spiritual connotation, show the magnificent landscape a riot of colours of folk culture and art. Traditional Ethnic Festival of Arts and culture, like a river of life and growth in nature, stretches, spread wide, folk festivals and folk culture and art in this changing become more rich and colorful. Cognition three: aesthetic connotation of traditional festivals culture art Chinese open China cultural works, we can clearly see the year season, beyond count, three hundred and sixty-five days a year, a festival is a day. The Xing He Xiao, the V Peter xing. The preliminary statistics, influence of various cultural forms a large festival, is still up to more than 100. In so many ethnic festivals, major traditional folk festival of eight, is the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Ching Ming, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth Festival, July 7th, the winter solstice festival, more modern. The festival has a long history, from its emergence, formation and evolution of the macroscopic cognition, can Chinese folk festival culture art vast landscape. These festivals are rooted in China, with primary, original, native, rise early, forming very early very early, location, abundant meanings. Public opinions are divergent. causes some traditional festivals, although the identity of the original festival custom, but did not reach a consensus and cause. Induction of academic research achievements, the totem worship, farming season, social events, said that figure in history, religion etc. five origins of. Such as the Dragon Boat Festival comes, it originated in the Chinese, rooted in China, as Chinese native culture, is the fact that does not dispute, in the international cultural and art exchanges, spread to neighboring countries, after the evolution, into its culture and art, and has the unique content. Cognition four: status China traditional festivals and guardian, countermeasures in the present era, popular culture and art trends, with hitherto unknown speed in the expansion, in penetration, in advance. In addition to the impact of foreign culture, such as Christmas, Valentine's day, Thanksgiving Day, April Fool's day, father's day, mother's day, some foreign festivals of transmission, make China's traditional folk festival and folk festival culture is challenged, some festival custom and peopleCultural art or atrophy, or dilution. This is the culture of the pain, the pain of national art, the pain. Nowadays, economic integration is formed, the diversification of traditional culture and folk art is facing enormous challenges, if traditional folk festival culture does not rescue, no guard, no inheritance, unique style of festival culture form will Ashes To Ashes in the process of economic globalization, new folk culture and folk art form, can not be absorbed ethnic folk cultural art essence, abandon the dross, based on new growth and prosperity. Nowadays, the accelerated pace of life, lifestyle changes, changes in values, culture, art, let the people's spiritual life become impatient, frustrated, helpless, in the face of this situation, the urgent need to contain calcium, iron ethnic culture, ethnic art to enhance people's spiritual elements and the hardness of masculinity sex, magnanimous! The traditional ethnic festivals festival of Arts and culture, as the intangible culture, its "vulnerability", standardization and distortion may cause it wither and die. Dilute the richness, diversity and loss on some Chinese folk festival of Arts and culture, to the future where to look for to see? If the spirit of national culture and art vegetation destruction, and what to rely on to nurture national spirit? As the Intangible Cultural Heritage Festival culture, also has the material, the festival of non-material and material together, unified. "The material is paper like, non material is context. Human civilization, no paper like no, no context does not pass. No man like no body, no context, no soul. Culture, the text and the text, and the two go, good combination. The human civilization can only be handed down from age to age, continuously enrich the development; only the mutual exchanges, to cultural formation." The festival is the national gene, is cheerful, customs, aesthetic culture, is the essence of god. Nowadays, hold the national folk culture and folk art roots, important, urgent, urgent. Not a long tradition of the foundation of the national, its existence and development is difficult. Under the situation of economic globalization, rescue and inheriting the national festival culture art, to enhance the nation's vitality, has great symbolic significance and the practical significance of the centripetal force, cohesion, creativity. In the face of the concept of culture has been enlarged, the cultural connotation of folk culture and the arts, natural weakening of color are quickly eclipsed the scene, in the face of national folk festival gradually decline, weakened, distorted, was lost, impact, the mutilated condition, as well as people of traditional folk festival of lost "cultural memory", "art memory" of the status quo, we need to guide the guard work, with the scientific concept of development have the confidence, determination, and to take countermeasures, feasible and therefore, must correctly treat folk festival culture and art are difficult and dangerous situation; to correctly treat folk festival culture art essence and the negative influence; to correctly treat folk festival culture and art of modern function and value; to correctly treat guard and Heritage Festival Culture; to a correct attitude towards foreign culture on the national festival culture shock; to correctly treat the traditional festival culture art modern evolution; otherwise, it will be difficult to curb the traditional festival culture and art trend of shrinking. In response to many, the most important thing is to protect national folk festival culture art and the construction of advanced culture, the two complement each other. The traditional, excellent folk culture and art is the root of culture, from the national and folk culture, folk art advanced culture will become passive water without source. As the intangible cultural heritage of ethnic festivals, is a land of unique folk folk culture product, its characteristics, generally exist in the unique geographical environment and population. Therefore, when the protection should be strengthened to protect its characteristics, characteristics, characteristics of folk customs. But also from the passive to active protection, protection from static to dynamic change of protection protection, and gradually build the long-term mechanism of its protection, and gradually achieve the scientific effective protection. The traditional, outstanding folk arts and culture, to the masses, close to life, a popular national bright. A good guardian, inherit the good folk festival culture, to the construction of socialist advanced culture will play a positive role in promoting, our country to promote the protection of intangible cultural international status, international image will play a positive role in promoting. Five: the establishment of cognitive holiday should proceed from reality, the establishment of public sweep over the holiday scenery gradually decline, but the festival culture art step downturn, does not mean that the festival culture art has not to. On the mass of the people, have the traditional festival, the establishment of new cultural festival, was still the cultural needs of the masses. Proceeding from its national conditions, seek truth from facts, do, when to do the overall and the overall grasp. The establishment of cultural festivals, influence and radiation force must, and can produce multilateral effect, gain some social and economic benefits. This requires the establishment of festivals, stick to the road of sustainable development, culture and art festival held out errors. Misunderstanding one: "cultural stage, economic singing opera" concept itself has one sidedness. The prosperity of culture is based on the economic prosperity of economy, contains certain cultural content, no culture and economy, is difficult and lasting. Some properties of naming, lack of cultural connotation of the festival, reflecting the one-sided understanding of people in the cultural and economic relations, simple, reflect cultural tools on consciousness and the economic benefits of the utilitarian thought. Misunderstanding two: in some places, people used motion way towards national culture, folk art, virtual and red hot, and not the correct view of achievements, want to do image project of holiday. With such purpose do Festival, from the economy with local characteristics, from the ability to culture demand and economic burden of the masses, will you get let people away, finally can become a kind of helpless, ended in recession. Misunderstanding three: although some local good wishes, in the holiday, the poor are poor measures, rich rich style, but set up Festival not only to have a practical demonstration and planning, but also need to invest a certain amount of financial and material resources, manpower. Some places in the establishment of cultural festivals, ticket to the unit and masses apportion, make people unable to bear its weight; or by the financial allocation, spending huge sums to please "Star" take part in the festival performances and join campaign. The critics of this festival is the "official theatre, public funds to pay". Folk culture and artSurgery is self expression, enlightening, personality, emotional, psychological adjustment, improve quality, enhance skills, rich life, aesthetic spirit and other aspects of the function and active role. If you say "three" is the best uniform, folk festival culture art is ideological, artistic, entertaining the unity of cultural art. If the "three close to", folk festival culture art can be said to be closer to the era, masses of press close to, press close to lives of culture and art. From the significance of national arts and culture specific said, folk festival of Arts and culture, is the people's spiritual life, video, art of paradise, is the carrier of culture is indispensable. The national excellent traditional culture and folk art is the root of the nation, in the past the traditional folk festival culture and folk art and not enough attention, the foreign festivals impact some of the traditional ethnic festivals, some folk festival and the traditional festival custom and even has faded out of people's daily life. Now our country launched the national folk culture of rescue and protection engineering, this is a very good background, some localities have begun the festival culture and Art Festival as a major bright spot, economic development, successfully held cultural festival will still be viable. The Spring Festival and other major holidays has been announced as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. The "non material cultural heritage is an important part of cultural heritage, is an important carrier of China's history and culture of the Chinese nation, contains the unique spiritual values, ways of thinking, imagination and cultural awareness, embodies the vitality and creativity of the Chinese nation. Protection and utilization of intangible cultural heritage, to inherit and carry forward the national excellent traditional culture, promoting national unity and safeguarding national unity, enhance national confidence and cohesion, promote has important and far-reaching significance of the construction of socialist spiritual civilization." As the national folk festival source of intangible cultural heritage in the folk, but also in continuation of folk heritage and folk, is fertile soil for its survival and prosperity. Our holiday festival culture construction can only develop in the local, in the folk village, is an evolutionary process innovation. The scientific concept of development requires that people thought to prevent and vigilant for instant success, must be in a pragmatic attitude, proceeding from the fundamental interests of the country and the people, starting from the basic national conditions, promote national holiday festival culture and folk culture and art festival festival culture construction, art can be successful, the Cultural Festival to do well, is not attenuation, benefit one party, to the people to bring cultural and artistic aesthetic pleasure and Joy Festival festival. Non material cultural heritage is our national development of cultural life, is the source of national history, National Folk Festival is an important part of the intangible cultural heritage. Folk Festival is hundreds of years, thousands of years passed, why can have long passed down from generation to generation and enduring? Lies in the folk festival has a soul, a spirit, charm. "One pulse Oncidium Chuan Wan generation, history is not the soul. Soul and pulse of culture is a nation. Today, the protection of intangible cultural heritage is the national cultural heritage context. We must not only protect, inherit, develop and innovate to; not only to carry forward the national culture, but also learn from the advanced culture of the other nations of the world." To protect the folk festival is on the national culture creation and folk tradition of respect, is related to the country's cultural security issues, but also the construction of advanced culture, constructing the harmonious society. China's culture and art belong to the people, come from the people, the performance of people, serve the people, but also subject to people's evaluation. China has set up a "Cultural Heritage Day", the protection of cultural heritage has been attract people's attention achievement. The rescue, care, adhere to the inheritance, innovation, ethnic festivals and folk custom culture is a huge systematic project, is a strategic priority, culture and education, but also the spirit of education, a power in the contemporary, but benefit future generations. To devote more efforts, more responsibility, conscientiously implement the "protection, rescue first, reasonable use, the inheritance and development of" guiding principle, make a holiday festival culture to people love to see and hear form, sustainable development. People oriented, culture. Heritage in the guardian, in the process of inheritance, innovation in the development, to promote the social, economic, cultural and more coordinated development and prosperity, so that the vitality of the national culture and folk festival, festival become our era scientific, popular, beautiful scenery of civilization.
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The first coil spring festival Spring Festival - Festival Chunlong Festival Flower Festival Shangsi Festival Qingming Festival volume second summer folk festival the Dragon Boat Festival tiankuang Festival midsummer lotus Christmas volume third Autumn Festival Folk Festival, Festival Mid Autumn Festival Chung Yeung Festival volume fourth yuan winter festival festival Winter Solstice Festival Laba Festival it day fifth volumes Chinese years old festivals and Folklore Festivals formation of festival culture form and type sixth roll Chinese folk festivals of ethnic folk festival of the Chinese people an important traditional folk festival of China mainly anniversary Chinese emerging part of the festival: Festival of important reference postscript world: National Folk Festival is my favorite cultural
Chapter excerpt

Time flies, time to leave. As early as 20 years ago, there are two press have about my writing a book on the Chinese holiday book, I agreed, and collected a lot of data, and write more than 7 words. Unfortunately, because of public pressure, complicated matters, he interrupted. This is a put 10 years. Until 2006 the Central Plains farmers press sincere about I wrote a folk festival works, I readily agreed. "River who first saw the moon? Shine thew people? Life has infinite generations, year after year just like the moon; I do not know to whom the moon on the river, but hear the river for water." This exquisite poems, the sustenance of the time expectations. The people cherish the time,Expectation is the incentive, spur. I put down the other writing tasks, wrote a year. "Now China Folk Culture Festival" has been published, after 20 years, is a success. The ins and outs of "grinding" for nearly 20 years, in fact, many passages in the book, is a part of my long-term teaching of folk culture in Colleges and universities in the course of learning. In recent years, I participated in the work of intangible cultural heritage rescue and protection, and combined with the practice, has written and published about the festival folk culture of the thesis more than 10, nearly 10 words. Some of the research results, also contained in this book. Such as "preface" as the paper was published, has won the first prize in Henan Province in 2004 literature review. The splendid civilization of 5000 years of history in China, and created a culture of folk custom of brilliant, the culture is the precious spiritual wealth left by predecessors, its thick carrying intellectual achievements of the Chinese nation for thousands of years, embodies the Chinese national cultural values and abundant folk culture creativity, is a witness to the long tradition of the history of our country, to maintain the cultural roots of national spirit. Because of the long history, the repeated disasters, risk, inheritance, so precious. The national folk culture, protect, inherit and carry forward, so that the inheritance, carry forward, is our responsibility and mission today. Based on this, but also promote me in the writing process to collect data, according to historical documents, with a more sacred responsibility, for the dedication and hard work. "The old folk and culture for, a biography." The cultural gene and important content of traditional folk festival is the Chinese nation. It is a living fossil of ancient ancestors of life, Chinese cultural roots, memory and symbol of the Chinese national culture, also is the national culture, color, background color. It is the old in a new, a new, love root; after one thousand years, still in different poses and with different expressions, charming, a riot of colour, color gorgeous, capacity of thick, subtle Aobo, implication of deep, meaningful charm. As people said: "the color is light, the permanent, its taste is good, the environment is high, long, a grinding is not." Chinese traditional festival is the product of the farming community, with civilization, the development of science and technology, the improvement of productivity, the more cherish the people. However, in improving people's material life, the cultural ecological environment is deteriorating, many precious holiday folk custom, is a step away from us, and continue to be forgotten, disappear. For many customs knows its however, but I do not know why; at the same time as the festival folk expression and inheritance of channel diversity, complexity, variability and dynamics, as well as different and people's thinking, idea, emotion, consciousness, customs, taste, with the development of society, to promote it the protection, inheritance and, is faced with many difficulties, their survival situation. This is in need of special attention, and I at the time of writing is very important. This book seeks to stand in the height of civilization, the culture and historical perspective, from the festival folk history, folk customs, legends, poetry and art, multi angle, all-round interpretation; strive to achieve scientific, intellectual, cultural and entertainment into one, the holiday folk custom culture morphology, history of our country's Contemporary evolution, to distinguish, interpretation to the reader. Explain to people learn from the past, present, future scrutiny of light, revealing the festival folk culture rich, wonderful, deep, with readers, let people love and enjoy the festival folk custom cultural feast. "Zhirenzhe wisdom, zizhizhe ming." Academic breakthrough and the innovation, can not ignore the history, can not ignore the previous research results, aimed at the heritage; but, in reference to the existing research results, always feel inadequate. "In this way have all kinds of connections with an immense number of books, talk about the book." The vastness of the ancient literature, folk festival customs records, difficult to delve into secret facts or principles, hook deep to far; always feel. The festival's history, it is difficult to describe the landscape. In recent years, along with the cultural heritage of the concern and attention, the traditional festivals also published many books, science has the benefit, but the source about festivals and folk customs, many contradictory to each other, even circulate erroneous reports. "The nature and. Nature can be a person, learning through everything." I am in the process of writing, to true understanding, but not the force, difficult to achieve. Therefore, mistakes can hardly be avoided in the book. Dear friends and fellow readers and benevolence, generous with your criticism and corrections. Rich countries, harmonious society, people-oriented, humanistic culture; faith to the true, good vision, practical and beautiful. Deep in the history of the festival festival, the festival activities in the special charm, fashion. I believe, our national holiday, will continue the release of the real. We should inherit the quintessence of traditional festivals and customs, eliminating the backward custom habits, based on traditional festival custom, innovation and development of festival culture, to enrich and nourish the people's life, let the spirit home to show the Chinese nation spirit, and strive to achieve the goal of cultural sharing project. To achieve the goal, to Scientific Outlook on Development as guidance, taking digital resources construction as the core, with the construction of grass-roots network services as the focus, with a variety of means of communication as the means, to build a shared basic way, truly comprehensive implementation of cultural sharing project. The above specific ideas and policy measures, to protect the heritage festivals, folk culture is a very good opportunity, played an important role in promoting. The Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth Festival has been included in the list of intangible cultural heritage, attention and protection, which is to implement and realize the sharing of cultural resources. China is a big country of folk culture, folk culture has a long history, and has profound implication, is very rich, it is an important treasure house of Oriental civilization. The status quo of China's Folk Festival a bird's eye view of the new century, the festival folk culture into the world culture history, is China festival culture profound blend of Chinese and foreign holiday period, cultural exchange and collision period. Some festivals and customs from foreign countries in China, formed a kind of impact on our national holiday, resulting in a number of festivals and customs to be diluted; also some festivals have not yet been protection and inheritance due; Study on the folk festival, is still not deep; the breadth, depth, height, but also catch up with the construction of spiritual civilization the demand, and the construction of national culture is not compatible. In order to make the festival culture can enhance national cohesionForce and centripetal force, more can stimulate the national culture spirit, inspire people to love of national culture, we still need to work hard. The national folk festival culture heritage protection and rescue, has a long way to go, in the future, still need to study to the fellow friends, and is willing to work together with them, to carry forward the Chinese national folk festival culture make a contribution. In writing this book, refers to the rich historical documents, but also see, citing the relevant works, not all one one annotated, sincerely thanks. We also thank to my academic research concerned about the long term friends, relatives and friends. The fifth book "the festival culture form and type" for Gaoming according to relevant literature writing, thanks. At the same time in editing and proofreading process, Central Plains farmers press Li Daokui editor and Sun Xueyan, Li Qiujuan, Zhai Nan, Wu Dandan a few comrades made a careful proofreading of the manuscript be strict in one's demands, their dedication to my very admirable, thank you. China National Folk Festival is my favorite culture, the manuscript published on the occasion, my heart is looking forward to, the heart has thank sincerely, be grateful, the heart has the blessing. Finally, my heartfelt wish: I hope the reader to extend holiday of love are radiant with happiness, learning the spring breeze, the researchers found, into the eternal youth.

"Chinese Folk Culture Festival" by the Central Plains farmers publishing house.
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