China customs records (upper and lower)

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The spirit of promoting classical, dissemination of cultural philosophy, Shanghai science and technology literature press credentials of Shanghai library resources, will the humanities classics as "nominal collection whisk" have been published, the so-called "fortune", just as its name implies, is the "dust", make it fresh, original re spread within on the reader's perspective, this is our starting point, but also One principle runs through it all. purpose.
Hu Puan compiled the "Chinese national customs records" is divided into two parts, the introduction, citing a large number of historical data in the history of the local customs and practices, Xiang Li people around, the second part is the author of the local customs records. About this book, Zhang Chizhang is a Yulin said, "is the historical product of the country covers customs, customs, there are sources, a thing, all closed culture, so it can know ancient custom, is known Chinese everything". In need of special note here is, this book was printed in 1922, in the book title, around Geographical Demarcation and today are very different, in order to keep the original style, published without control mark. Introduction about the local customs and practices, beliefs and custom in the book, both historical records, it also had the custom of introduction, many said quite unlike today, some say we have not published, do ", but basically maintaining the original look, as is for academic research purposes.
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Chapter excerpt

Illustration: Yang Zelu of Taishan, the Yin Qi, Li mountain belt, high soil for thousands of Li, Yi grain Sangma, multi style cloth fish and salt. The vulgar leniency with its resourcefulness, argumentative, heavy hard to shake. ("records of the historian") Su Mi luxury fabrics, ice Wan peony pure beautiful things, as the crown being the best in the world. ("Han") all have a soothing. ("Han Zhu Bochuan") channel vigorous and anxious, because of its thick and brave people. ("pipe") Qi county custom, men Wu Nongsang, advocating academic. ("Sui Shu Qi Gu") for the literature of the country, but also to friends than that found in custom. (Zeng Gong "preface" Qi, Jinan Dunhou, wide one). (Yuan Cheng Kou "and" Tang Ji) Licheng County weighs Nongsang, advocating academic, music, integrity, contribute, the more will. And three different country, fashion: Nan Xiang Wu of farming and animal husbandry, vertebral Lu fear of law, and close together, many people in Dongxiang are learning; reading, Cong Cha Shan litigation, vulgar, Yin Fu, an official in the store, off slightly Park base; Xixiang also provided farm, known to read aloud, in the store and show the however, little loss of Hua; Bei Xiang is in bed nursery, honest without his camp, the most ancient. ("Yi Zhi") Zhangqiu County, Guan Xiang people inhabited, merchants influx, operating profit, multi broker. Xi Jin Ping Kuang, Su Qin farming. In Qing Pingxiang, multi mulberry, silkworm, Risa Kinu, for the benefit of incalculable. The South East River, Ling Qian Wei PU were funded its profit. In the southwest mountain, the mountain for the industry. Who knows good reading, reciting; female textile workers spinning, Fen Jie yi. ("Yi Zhi") Zouping county industry, farming, right of abode, frugal, not a merchant; women sericulture, the Treasury and the spinning. His view of Feng sik for the ceremony, funeral rather Chong.
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