China ancient monastic life

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The temple, as the center of Buddhist activities, on the one hand, it is Buddhism worship the Buddha and Bodhisattva's hallowed halls, or countless devotees to the Buddha to their gods of the holy land; on the other hand, it is also a large number of monks, living practice, saying. In this sense, the temple of Buddhist activities, religious belongs not only to control people's minds, it is one kind has the unique life of religious practice. In the temple -- the high walls and secular society spaced deep, is mainly responsible for the life of religious practice -- monks who, although they also come from dust, but cut hair, received the ring, wear the cassock, knocked on the wooden fish, hit the bell, matin dusk chanting, engaged in all kinds of ceremonies. All the out of the ordinary form the unique life custom.
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The origin of a monastery appears, and the name of the temple monks 1 and prosperous Chinese Poetry Academy 2 features 3 monks and two Chinese monks, enter another world -- at the beginning of the initiation and ordained Temple 1 tonsure early 2 precepts ordained procedures at the beginning of two the altar altar Chuanjie tonsure ordination altar Chuanjie issued three specialized espionage three, exclusive all the rules and habits of 1 "a day without work, the appointment and removal of a day without food" universal please 2 order and 3 once a year with single single 4 Yan Li Si planning means -- the four Su, have a style of one's own food and clothing live with 1 clothes 2 food 3 live in five, 4 and two order -- the temple Abbot Management Practices 1 abbot and two order everyday act in 2 Abbot back and please 3 two order promotion practice life six, monotonous -- Temple ritual activities (a) 1 meditation 2 chanting 3 busa 4 housing seven, cold in the lively -- the temple ritual activities (two)...... Eight, "clean" custom, "nine monks in the temple of mercy" -- on charity customs ten, monastic life in the episode ending
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