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Has a long history in character, source and the only sign of ghost customs, door hanging sign, posted at the paper, is the history of magic. However, these are private things, just from the folk customs in search of carrier, not enough authority. How to use a convincing way, deeply people's mind and soul? Taoism is one of the most pragmatic sect, is the best and the emperor. Taoism, there is a "symbol", is the emperor ordered documents, such as the ancient charms, has supreme authority. Thus, the folk custom and official authority confluence, Taoism together to create a power incomparable things - sign, so the operator can also be said to be a "man-made". What is the magic? Character is the will power of symbolic form, Shenli attached to the provisions of the text or graphics, and writing in the specific items such as paper, silk, wood, stone, as God's decree, used to send God ghost town the pressure of evil, cure for fu. The magic can treat a disease, is the most "wisdom" of the invention, the ancient disease infestation, underserved, toiling masses need most is not money and spend less money will cure, everyone will get sick, is the rich will also have some problems, then, the magic was born. A symbol of paper, a bowl with water, a panacea, indeed attracted a flood of people. The US, with few sign paper thrown before entering the pool, or into the city's large, said to drink water from the last character set, the pool bottom, Ooi Miki, and character water still raging, this is the magic power. Of course, the magic is not the cure of disease, if you drink at 水真 illness made more, but is also a coincidence, or is a kind of psychological suggestion therapy, because all the diseases are related to mental and psychological and emotional. Can not cure the disease, why are there so many people seek charm? Taoism is a consistent point of view: not character is invalid, but your heart is not sincere or not enough for the repair. Thus, patients' families and patients are more eager to donate ten times the money, to 100 times the devout, again and again to find symbol, one after the other, the cycle is not cure is to put into the circle. Here, the magic is not a god of medicine, and formed a kind of cultural phenomenon, treat the sign itself is a tumor pathological cultural ties to the treatment of tumors, tumor, the cure rate is a small probability event, fight, break rate is a big probability event. Today, everyone can see clear character cure is paradox into the circle, because people's cultural knowledge and scientific level than the has been greatly improved, however, today we are not necessarily than the wisdom of the ancients, repeat the absurdity and paradox circle every day in our life today. CCTV and other major media exposure of a master "how to cook the mung bean" raw eggplant "cure", the doctor poured into the "doctor", 3 yuan () () register a year are not ranked, thousands of yuan to 1, is the ancient symbol of water treatment and similar, seemed to be the modern version ancient magic inventor of Zhang tianshi. History may not repeat itself, but it can be surprisingly similar. The magic can not be popular again, but high imitation. As a cultural phenomenon, the magic is not really so magical function, but cultural vitality very stubborn and obstinate. We can cut off the magic myth, but we can't cut the magic cultural roots, our mind and blood is flowing factor of traditional culture, we can not be divorced from the root of the earth, nor from raising our earth. Simply cut the culture, not to learn it, study it, analyze it. The magic culture as an important part of traditional culture (traditional culture essence and dross), has deeply penetrated into the all aspects of life, learning, research and analysis, can give us a lot of inspiration. The magic as a symbol, has the profound philosophy, artistic origin meaning. Today's artists like symbols, because critics tend to be an artist's behavior as a cultural symbol, and then deduce and how unique and strong symbolic meanings behind the symbol theory. From the unique perspective, the magic is ancient China's largest one behavior art, it has the characters and patterns of behavior the same social behavior and the production and dissemination of the text pattern. Therefore, the magic is not only a typical symbol, but also is a kind of Chinese traditional culture had a deep influence on the culture. This book introduces the magic objective culture, including its connotation and concept, history, categories,The forms, features, function, application character symbols, introduction and description was not the identity of its theory and way, just to let readers know such a cultural and historical existence. Sign in the protection of their own at the same time, a lot of ideas and ways are harmful, even harming themselves, readers do not believe, but can not imitate, because it is harmful to dross, readers can only critical knowledge and understanding, so as to obtain a copy of the wisdom of philosophy and culture. Shu Huifang in March 22, 2012 to @##@ Dongyue famous house The copyright page: illustration: in the eyes of the ancients, gossip often represent the entire universe, with unlimited inclusive, generating symbolic language effect rich because of can. Bagua formation sign has the rich connotation, has a specific meaning, but the meaning in different situations and can convert. For example, Qiankun Kanli Zhen Xun Gen against the Bagua symbols in "Zhouyi" ancient classics, represents the only heaven and earth and fire and water Lei Feng Shan Ze original meaning. To the Han Dynasty Jingfang founded "Najia method", the ten Heavenly Stems divided into gossip, said the changes on body ephemeral shroud string at. From the perspective of expression form, the Beijing real "Najia method" and Taoist "Zhouyi cantongqi" "Najia method" and no difference, but the launch of "information" is not quite the same. With the introduction of "Zhouyi cantongqi" will "Najia method", great changes have taken place in the main function of the law. When the "Najia method" has become a "symbol of big Dan" program. Therefore, the use of the concept of "magic", means that the symbol is present in the culture of Taoism system, sign with the system which changes the meaning of the. Leave the system, any symbol has no practical significance of Taoism or that their specific meaning would have disappeared or have some changes. Symbols of Taoism itself is a sign, but is not limited to the magic symbols of Taoism, Taoist symbol said here is not simply refer to the character, all symbols of Taoism but sign outside. Taoist symbol system is a multiple threshold "Cultural Palace", if the initial threshold is open to the public, then the inside layer of the threshold is high, people will more difficult to peep the secret. Taoist symbol system rooted in the rich soil of the Chinese traditional culture, to reveal the secret of Taoist symbol system, must be extensive contacts with all levels of Chinese traditional culture to be known, any isolated research is difficult to truly grasp the essence. Taoist symbol communication has its limitations, some signs of a wide range of application, some symbols can only be used in smaller. It is a small range, which people are recognized for its symbolic meaning, so it can achieve the purpose of communication, but goes beyond a certain range, outside the circle of people have sense of mystery to the symbol.

Because of its arcane symbols of Taoism and "artificial double Dutch" said. Book crack "day", details of Taoist symbol of this cultural phenomenon in the history, types, forms, characteristics, function and so on, as we opened the mysterious veil. ".
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Shen Hong: Hubei, Jiangling, graduated from the Department of Wuhan University, the Chinese Collector Association, association member, published in about 10000000 words at home and abroad more than 200 newspapers, 5 report literature won the one or two prize in the national awards, published the novel "collection" and "Shenzhen people", "Shen Hong reportage literature marriage series" 5, "in search of lost pictures in" 17, "pursuit" of rare and endangered Chinese New Year series 13, "China folk culture" series 8, "China Folk Culture on" 3 book "the picture reading the classic" 4 book "coin collection and investment" series 4 appreciation and collection of art, "" 15 book and 120 books. Works selected the Frankfurt International Book Fair, be buy copyright, reprinted many times, the revised edition, by a large number of piracy. Now living in Shenzhen.
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eighth chapters the first chapter briefly introduces the concept of operator
second chapter character history
third chapter sign source
fourth chapter character category
fifth chapter sign form
sixth chapter character characteristic of
seventh chapter sign the application
ninth chapter witchcraft and magic
tenth Zhang Gu and sign
eleventh chapter the magic spell
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The text is pale, but the image is colorful. The text is mortal, but the image is eternal. The study of Chinese traditional culture, especially the research on folk culture from generation to generation, a traditional image, its connotation is often greater than the text book; an ancient folk New Year picture map, transmission of information than a full-scale the richer and more persuasive. Because the text from the image to come, a lot of books and papers and we see now, but not from the image, very regrettable. If no image, without the skin, how can the hair stand? We have not seen the scenes of life, do not know the true picture of life in traditional Chinese culture, we write the book, in fact, is taking a certain risk. No cameras in ancient times, but passed on from generation to generation folk paintings, paper horses, paper cutting, surface painting folk picture, the true record of the ancient life situation, but also reveals the spirit of the ancient world. These years, the study of traditional culture and for love of folk paintings, paper horses, paper cutting, surface painting folk picture, from the collection of folk art, walked into the Chinese culture in the world. It can be said that each of a collection of pictures, to a symbol of culture and folklore study, because every piece of folk painting, involve one or many aspects of Chinese culture. With the study of collection, must study, side side side collection, research, writing, this seems to be an endless cycle, or a kind of destiny. Folk fine arts and folk custom pattern collection grows day by day, the traditional culture and knowledge over time, naturally wrote this set of the folk image interpretation and crack the Chinese culture series. Culture is playing out, we say the jade culture is the cornerstone of Chinese culture, in fact, the jade culture is the embodiment of human first play of culture, is the ancients in order to let the jade become more beautiful and more fun, let oneself for jade decoration become more beautiful, and grinding, perforation, modeling, characterization of ornamentation. In the process of beautifying the jade, the playing of the shine, eventually forming what we say today's brilliant jade culture. Culture is a world of color, especially folk culture, is the world of flowers and leaves. The ancients live well, not because the ancients battle cries over how much big, but because the culture and folk people live well. The ancients leisure with literature Tong Shi Xiao, watching the birds will secret; the ancient Xiaoyao landscape, the harmony between man and nature, plant lovemaking, animal meaning; the festival carnival, say auspicious words; the ancients worship praying, burning horse posted pictures, all for useless things; the ancients "not as useless things, is sent to ya the students". You want to evolve into colorful folk stunts, together become the folk culture, more fun fun, people live comfortable, graceful. The difference between the modern and the ancients is that modern people are useful things, not worthwhile disdain for. So, the more modern, we farther away from the traditional culture; the farther away from the traditional culture, we are far from fun. From this perspective, the creation of human and material wealth, nothing to the meaning of life, because the more social progress, human nature is more far, in more developed, the human warmth and folk intention is more. The program, is to let all become cold, only the dull numbers. When all the time digital, is the human self trapped behind bars. Gradually eliminate the classical culture and folk cultureAway with the process of modernization is inevitable. Modernization is a pioneering spirit, is the competition, is the outward; and the classical culture and folk culture is traditional, harmony, is introverted. Traditional and modern conflicts, if appropriate fusion point was not found in the two dorsal off-line, spirit and material at cause will not only be the classical culture and folk culture of the destruction, also will be the human mental collapse. Therefore, the classical culture inheritance and development of contemporary changes in the process of modernization is especially important. Interpretation of classical culture and the folk custom culture is inseparable from the ancient folk custom pattern. These years, with the golden week and holiday throughout the various provinces and cities nationwide to field trips, hiking in the mountains, the hinterland, danger Badwater, fields of terraced rice paddies in ancient China, found more than 30 new year origin (many of them producing pictures have disappeared, a surviving are endangered status), looking for folk artists. Find the folk fine arts and folk arts, by way of journal describes the course of the journey, recorded the situation of each country of origin of folk, verification of its historical origin, writing published the "in search of lost pictures in" 30 and "searching for the lost horse", also published in the "Chinese folk culture" series 11, "classical" series of pictures read 4 books, "Chinese folk culture" series 6 of the gods. Process for the folk paintings, paper cutting, painting, and folklore, is visiting the Chinese classical culture, is the research process of Chinese folk culture, is the process to crack the code of Chinese culture, because each is gone the civil new year, is the folk custom culture image, is a cultural code, a metaphor. It can be said that this set of folk culture series, is written in the foot. May these colorful images, bring you walking scenery, let you feel the Chinese classical culture and folk culture in the evolution of colorful. Shen Hong in March 21, 2012 to @##@ Dongyue famous house "Artificial book: the mysterious symbols" in the culture by the Chinese wealth publishing house.
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