365 of the most terrible manners

Date of publication:2010-1   Press: Version first (January 1, 2010)   Author:Gui Shaohai   Pages:233   Words:236000  

The local paper in North China, northeast Xinglong county 4 eat blood sausage terrible degree: you can feel in Xinglong county is located in the hinterland of Yanshan, there is a very unique and strange customs, is "eat blood sausage". At first glance, seems to be eaten with the blood of the intestines, sounds with one's hair standing on end, no appetite. In fact, theThe so-called "blood sausage", actually is to ask the people who eat meat, this is a modest words. Black pudding, is the pig's blood filling the pig intestines, rather than raw chitterlings. People in Xinglong County in the butcher when, will keep the pure blood, and into the five spice powder, pepper, sesame oil, green onion, salt and other seasonings, stir well, don't make it solidified, and then tie the anastomotic and cooked, so, delicious pudding is done. The whole process looks simple, actually is very important: first, the salt must be placed in proper; secondly, cooked to have a good heat, time is short, not a section cut; cooked old, black pudding will lose its fresh and tender; again, person's skill slaughtered pigs must, in addition to the to move quickly, clean shaven scoparia outside, still have with skilled. Kill the pig slaughter good people, sometimes asked to kill pig, enema. Xinglong county people honest, warm, friendly, generous, who killed the pig, take the whole pig, pork ribs, pork tenderloin pot holders move guests, called "eat the pig". Master soon let their kids go please neighborhood relatives and friends. Ask the children to make all the way down the guests invited. The guests arrived, the owner will open the feast. End up the first dish is to cut a good blood sausage, followed by the stew, ribs, cooked liver, large bowl, together side, hot and warm, people tend to eat happily dripping.
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The local paper in North China, northeast Beijing 1 people, 2 people of Hebei and the ghost night wedding to his son-in-law with black, sister-in-law pull plug the 3 Hebei Wuan folk catch "yellow ghost" strange custom 4 Xinglong County, 5 Mongolia people eat blood sausage terrible wild funeral 6 Mongolia nationality "levirate" the odd customs Inner Mongolia 7 Ewenki people bear the funeral 8 Mongolia nationality unbelievable rites custom 9 not worship worship the Mongolia wedding customs Shanxi 10 Wuzhai 11 Shanxi Jinnan singular funeral customs -- teach daughter-in-law 12 Shanxi odd Customs -- a mouse 13 Shanxi Jinzhong marriage the odd Customs -- a son to marry the daughter-in-law father-in-law Tianjin with 14 odd Customs -- "are reported not week" funeral 15 Tianjin ancient custom -- "tied Doll" 16 groan thousands of "two gold Lotus" -- - 17 ancient extremely ruthless concubines system 18 ancient palace woman buries the custom 19 cruel eunuch system 20 China ancient death Polo 21 with one's hair standing on end of a Shanxi "from" Kanto customs 22 unbelievable the folk custom to feed their children up 23 northeast terrible monster Xiangmo Fairy Dance 2. The 4 Liaoning unbelievable Customs -- child "sleep head" 25 Heilongjiang Mohe County bridegroom blows out the candles on the "ice" unbelievable "top 26 Kanto customs water" 27 Korean wedding "Dian Li Yan" East 28 Shandong strange customs -- sand bag baby son 29 Lianyungang wedding the odd Customs -- listening to windows 30 odd Lianyungang Wedding Custom -- for gable rob head 31 Lianyungang married the odd Customs -- the door bite egg 32 Ningbo strange marriage -- block the door 33 Ningbo strange customs -- dumped 34 Suzhou "children toilet" 35 Zhejiang Meicheng nine surnames fisherman "throws the bride" the odd customs 36 Island terror the odd Customs: Zhoushan offering bed 37 Wenzhou Ruian "ant village" 38 Fuzhou made like marriage life custom 39 Fuzhou prefabricated in advance the coffin 40 Fujian Liancheng terrible -- "noisy married" 41 Fujian Yu man marriage must be night singing in antiphonal style 42 Fujian traditional customs for marriage 43 Fujian traditional customs of the married 44 Fujian terrible legacy -- Snake worship 45 Fujian Hakka pop two times buried 46 Fujian Changting women's head "three knife" 47 Fu Build a fire guide the odd customs 48 Fujian terrorist secret -- gold silkworm seed 49 Fujian terrible Customs -- jump coffin run foreign 50 odd Customs -- Fuzhou Dragon Boat Festival "pig race," 51 Fujian wore shrouds the odd customs 52 is her punishment is good Fuzhou 53 Xiamen "teeth" custom in Southern China area 54 string bite the hand -- Valentine Guangxi Yao customs 55 Guangxi man "married" 56 Guangxi Bai Ku Yao strange funeral customs -- 57 Bai Ku Yao terrible woman never wear underwear 58 terrorist Guangxi folk -- turn thorn bed 59 terrorist Guangxi Landian Yao marriage -- women get married 60 Li terrible beauty -- on the 61 Guangdong Women tattoo the first offering Maguai 62 Zhuang cattle soul Festival 63 Guangdong Hakka terrorist marriage -- 64 -- Guangdong Hakka cruel child marriage customs such as Lang Sao 65 Guangdong Hakka customs -- I married 66 terrorist Guangdong Hakka horror superstition -- "a ghost." 67 Guangdong Hakka terror of the adult ceremony -- transfer comes 68 Guangdong Zishu terrorist Customs -- comb bun don't talk about marriage after 69 Guangzhou terrible ghost weddings 70 wide The state of overseas Chinese terrorist Customs -- cock generation marriage 71 intimates women terrorist Customs -- not fall 72 Hainan "cruel customs" -- wear rod 73 Hainan terrible "biting" love the odd customs 74 Hainan Miao terror "pinch the ear" Customs 75 Hainan indigenous terrorist Betel nut eating 76 terrible "maze of Miao village in Hainan" the bride married 77 scissors 78 Mulao unbelievable "send to marry the ten sisters" 79 Hongkong folk customs -- terror Blaine chicken 80 Taiwan popular lunar calendar in July for traditional ghost month 81 Amis terrorist Customs -- marriage "practice" 82 Gaoshan terrorist destroyed decoration customs 83 Bunun horror hit ear sacrifice custom of Taiwan 84 terrorist Customs -- worship God of the land 85 Taiwanese horror funeral -- dead Ai rong...... The central region of southwest area in northwest Europe America Asia Africa @##@ overseas "A wind ten miles, a hundred miles"." No matter which nation, from the basic necessities of life to the marriage funeral, worship from the etiquette taboo belief, their customs like the kaleidoscope rich and colorful, the myriads of changes. Some of these customs are so unique and novel, gives the "terrible" two characters, together with other nationalities amorous feelings swims.
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Exotic saying awful far apart from each other, another emotion. Life is a rare to hear a few, and I share the foreign customs.
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