2013 practical farm calendar

Date of publication:2012-10   Press: Central Plains farmers.   Author:Wang Cuilan   Pages:62   Words:100000  

"2013 practical farm calendar" is the vast number of families are all inseparable from the desk book, is the Henan science and Technology Publishing House 30 years of reform and opening up housekeeping varieties sold, publishes a new one every year, many of the old readers have been a faithful reader of our society. "2013 practical farm calendar" is a very practical household book, the contents of simple, practical.
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"2013 practical farm calendar" by the Central Plains publishing media group, the Central Plains farmers publishing house.
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  •   Thought is the farm calendar, but the left turn of the book, but also can be used
  •   Very good, very good, cost-effective, overall very satisfied
  •   This book also can!!!
  •   This is a short but full of Dangdang, 79 distribution
  •   The book of 64 pages, the content cover and contain everything.
  •   Also, for the old.
  •   The farmers have encyclopedic knowledge, good, like.
  •   Not bad, the quality is decent.
  •   The content of the whole, cheap price, the annual total to buy a book, you can have a look the almanac.
  •   The quality is very good, the price is right.
  •   2013 practical farm calendar
  •   Nothing too interesting, above the small knowledge, some very interesting, some are very boring. There is nothing!

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