• Always scenery: China folk culture, Feng Shui

    16 color printing, the first chapter introduction what is Feng Shui geomancy Fengshui Theory 2 nouns: gas 6 find by hard and thorough search 11 Feng Shui schools 19 chapter second Feng Shui business operation history phase inoculation 23 Han geographical concept birth 26 Jin Feng Shui 32 remote operation of Sui and Tang Dynasties spread 36 Song Zhaoze was buried with full,

  • South of Jiangsu Folklore Studies

    "South of Jiangsu folk custom research" to Suzhou as the center of the traditional industry of Jiangnan, life rituals, Qing, diet, living, life, women folk beliefs customs, especially on the three hundred and sixty row is closely related with people's daily life, especially the Suzhou characteristic industry; Su Zhuo, Su embroidery, lanterns, mounting,,

  • Local chronicles compilation of Chinese folk northeast volume

    This book consists of local chronicles compiled in folklore. This volume as the northeastern province of Liaoning, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang province. These data to understand and study of northeast local, ethnic customs and relevant literature, sociology, history, geography and other subjects, there will be no small help, for the compilation of new,

  • Chinese custom map

    "The main content China custom map": folk, folk custom is, is created in the folk inheritance in folk has the generation phase study inheritance sex like, is created, the majority of working people folk social life and culture, traditional culture is the basis and important part of. "Chinese folk wind,

  • Songshan folk customs

    "The introduction of Songshan folk customs" content: new Songshan, in the western part of Henan Province, is a culture of respect. The history of civilization for eight thousand years over the vast area of Songshan on the unique characteristics of the thick central plains culture. From the Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns to Han Jiangshan, from the viewpoint of homologous to Zen Shaolin, from emperor worship and sacrifice, to a celebrity,

  • The hometown folk

    "The hometown of folk" content brief introduction: at the beginning of 2006, the TV series "Joe Grand Courtyard" in CCTV prime time hit, one time, all over the world, in the speech of Qiao family courtyard, in the speech of Qiao Zhiyong, are in the speech the story. However, "Joe Grand Courtyard" played the story is only countless,

  • Research on folk ancient writing (seventh Series)

    "The study of folk ancient writing (seventh Series)" content mainly includes: news, digital folklore and culture inheritance strategy formation, "ancient history" and the study of the study of folklore, folk beliefs, and temple fair -- to Beijing West Miaofeng Mountain spring temple history study case, in the perspective of folklore ancestor worship,

  • China customs records (upper and lower)

    "UNESCO action and collection whisk: Chinese national customary (volume one)" is divided into two parts, the introduction, citing a large number of historical data in the history of the local customs and practices, Xiang Li people around, the second part is the author of the local customs records. About "UNESCO action and collection whisk: Chinese national wind,

  • Every day a heritage culture class (folk culture volume)

    The folk custom culture volumes, "every day a heritage cultural courses:" small orange "intangible cultural popularity of reading (folk culture volume)" focuses on people so far is still loved by the customs, the picture of the ancient Chinese people's way of life as show in front of you, let you experience the most authentic Chinese life. To help,

  • The Mid Autumn Festival

    The Mid Autumn Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival "" Introduction: China Folklore Society in this important event, bear about 50 books on China traditional folk culture of the written work, we organized knowledge is very high, the team of experts including professors, researchers, to complete the task of writing. They are in the relevant field, science,

  • Chinese folk world

    This book from the Chinese old customs, customs and festivals all life, living customs, social customs, customs and beliefs, folk art and folk games side, explain profound theories in simple language describes the history and present situation of China folk culture, vividly the rich connotation of China folk. The book written in simple life,

  • Digital story of folk custom map

    "Mapping theory and method of digital story folk custom map will" focus on digital story folk custom map, the previous research results using the folklore and folk literature, folklore and folk literature and art are the main problems of local research and local society in the study of folklore, the story type of historical geography research. ,

  • The world of children

    "Jin Ping Mei" and folk culture, "the world children:" Introduction "and" Jin Ping Mei folk culture content: merchant Ximen Qing is the author chose as a typical character, all phenomena in city all borrow Ximen Qing and the people around him reflected. For this reason, "the world children:" Jin Ping Mei "and" Ming Dynasty folk culture of customs, often to Ximen qing,

  • The custom of Hui nationality

    "The custom of Hui" tells the story of Folklore: this discipline, formation, development and current research trends and social influence, "the origin of the Hui customs" in the introduction of the "Introduction" have specific and detailed discussion, no rap. But I want to emphasize is the understanding of folk, folk in the real respect,

  • Han folk customs

    Since ancient times, from the outside in, customs is always a charming charming world. This is because -- custom is a mirror. No matter which nation, as long as the show their own customs, not like a mirror as his own style, and even the charm? Custom is a kaleidoscope. No matter what the national wind,

  • Chinese vulgar

    "Introduction" Chinese vulgar content: China has a long history, numerous "quintessence". How stupid, ugly, dark habit, he not only to turn a blind eye, Enron, even to appreciate, with attitude, addicted, inextricably bogged down in. Foot binding, long tail, opium, gambling, prostitution, homosexuality...... With countless people,

  • Folk custom

    Folk customs, folk custom "" by Chinese Society Press, Chinese folk culture is from generation to generation temper and inheritance of traditional culture, which embodies the national character, national spirit, national beauty, is the Chinese nation the mutual recognition of sign, is the link of countrymen to communicate feelings. Has a long history, rich connotation,

  • Wu Yuan culture and fig Taiwan Folk

    "Wu Yuan culture and folk" from Fuzhou Taiwan Wu Yuan culture perspective Fuzhou Taiwan folk culture origin relations, the "Wu Yuan culture" theory and the construction of the west coast, immigration and Fujian Taiwan folk margin, Yung terrace farming production practices, Rong Tai food customs, Rong Tai family wedding etiquette custom, Rong Tai traditional custom when the throttle,

  • History Chinese Customs: two weeks roll

    The custom content is very extensive, involving many aspects of material life and spiritual life, relevant research works on the range has been quite different, we after many discussions, on the basis of draw on the previous research, try to make a breakthrough. With its content and form, which is divided into food, clothing, housing, transportation, marriage,

  • Digital password

    36 digital effects of the life of the Chinese people, "digital password: influence of the life of the Chinese people 36 digital" from the perspective of traditional culture, and Chinese people closely related to the daily life of 36 numbers to be multi angle, multi-level reading, original and interesting. This is a very interesting and memorable about folk knowledge books. ,

  • Minority residential

    Minority residential, "the main content of minority residential": in the grasslands of Gobi, have with flavor of milk on the cliff edge, Mongolia; built on stilts in the air; Turpan basin, is standing in the heat of the summer Adobe houses; and Hainan Li "boat house", Tibetan and Qiang Towers Real, Yunnan Dai bamboo house...... In the,

  • The Chinese custom of dragon worship

    This book is to explore the basic problems of the custom of dragon worship, dealt with folklore, totem theory, is based on more than a dozen of them have been formally published monograph writing and become, its main ideas and academic value have been academic peer recognition, and has produced a certain society,

  • Easy to learn.

    "To learn calendar (pocket version)" the main contents include: calendar, calendars and almanacs, common sense calendar, calendar, Gregorian and lunar calendar and the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar, the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches and the Yin Yang and the five elements, the heavenly stems and earthly branches, yin and Yang and the five elements and twenty-four solar terms, the twenty-four solar terms interpretation, twenty-four songs, twenty-four solar terms and the solar calendar, twenty solar terms,

  • Folk custom of Shanghai

    "Folk Shanghai: Minhang volume" content brief introduction: folk culture is the sum total of the basic necessities of life is closely related with people's life, the life etiquette, festivals, religious beliefs and customs, social fashion, entertainment and other folk customs. Shanghai folk custom and the coexistence of the new customs, local customs and the customs, and promote the diversified folk culture,

  • Taomin Huaer and Northwest Ethnic Folk Culture Research

    Taomin Huaer and northwest ethnic folk culture research, "Taomin flower and the northwest ethnic folk culture research" is divided into two parts, the first is 柯杨's "Taomin Huaer research", the study of northwest folk culture as the Wu Wen's "first". Part one consists of 11 papers, including flowers, flowers, flowers traceability program flow region and the rhythm, can,

  • Cross cultural learning series books of human communication

    Human communication, "cultural communication", this book is for overseas Chinese enterprises reader, this book humanities reading from the social point of view, to help overseas Chinese employees around the world to understand the customs, traditions, lifestyles, work arrangement, help to establish harmonious relations of cooperation in overseas Chinese employees. ,

  • Introduction to folklore

    "Introduction to folklore" is edited by Zhong Jingwen, the 32 scholars participated in the folklore of important works written, put forward a complete Chinese folklore system, not only the vertical folk history, folklore, and Research on the basic theory, the methods of folklore, folklore and overseas development situation fully discussed,,

  • Rural vanishing customs

    "The vanishing customs" introduces the rural customs, including worship nominal kinship, longevity lock, window paper, nails, spinning, puppetry, walking on stilts, birthday wine, chasing girls, the bridal chamber, three March, the Dragon Boat Festival. ,

  • Graphic folklore.

    "Graphic folk Daquan (beautiful painting Edition)" content introduction: China since ancient times "the ask ban, traditional folk do as the Romans do", folk custom is the most close to body and mind and life, and generations of temper and inheritance of traditional culture. "Graphic folk Daquan (beautiful painting Edition)" panoramically reveals the extension and inheritance of its formation, the,

  • A Buddism godness Guanyin folk beliefs of

    Research on the local folk culture and heritage of a Buddism godness Guanyin development, "a Buddism godness Guanyin folk belief of" a Buddism godness Guanyin: Study on the main content of local folk culture and heritage and development: a Buddism godness Guanyin belief is the crystallization of wisdom of the Chinese nation, is the deep accumulation of Chinese civilization. A Buddism godness Guanyin beliefs can Chinese so long, so ingrained, the reason is very complex. Indian Buddhism belief about a Buddism godness Guanyin,

  • Chinese proverbs folk history

    "Chinese proverbs folk history", several aspects of this book features a variety of content of proverbs, hope the breakthrough point as much as possible in order to study the, at least part of the ancient society of China folk culture of academic discussion and research. ,

  • Ecological culture dictionary

    "Eco cultural dictionary" is China's first on the meaning of ecological culture, the integration of Chinese and western ecological culture research, covering all major areas of ecological culture, show the comprehensive dictionary of ecological cultural evolution to entry form. Ecological culture, is the culture of fishing and hunting, farming culture, the industrial culture of new culture,

  • Introduction to Chinese and foreign folk

    Introduction to Chinese and foreign folk, this book is written specifically to meet the needs of professional tourism management of higher education self-study examination of a textbook, aims to give the students a more systematic folk culture based on knowledge, so as to their future in practice to further understand Chinese and foreign folk custom help. At present, the Chinese and foreign folk customs,

  • 2013 practical farm calendar

    "2013 practical farm calendar" is the vast number of families are all inseparable from the desk book, is the Henan science and Technology Publishing House 30 years of reform and opening up housekeeping varieties sold, publishes a new one every year, many of the old readers have been a faithful reader of our society. "2013 practical farm calendar" is a very practical household life book,

  • Folk music

    Folk music, people living in the culture, just as people cannot do without air. "Book of changes" said: "astronomy, in order to detect when the change; judging from the humanities, into the world," both Chinese "culture" is a little while, this paragraph of word at least, there is clear and profound reason our ancestors has always been on the importance of culture,

  • Custom and belief

    Customs and beliefs, "our country" is a set of specialized for the general reader, by carefully crafted series famous portrait of writing. Experts from various fields. The series has to write the contents of the plot thick and thin hair, rigorous style and fresh. The audience is extremely broad, can be both domestic readers, and can also be overseas Chinese; both,

  • 365 of the most terrible manners

    "The 365 most terrible customs": exotic saying awful far apart from each other, another emotion. Life is a rare to hear a few, and I share the foreign customs. ,

  • Folk Art

    "Folk art, folk art / China Folk Culture Series" edited by Hua Jueming etc.. "Folk art / China Folk Culture Series" Abstract: a person dies from pregnant in the womb until, even to die for a long time, always in the folk custom environment. Folk customs like air, is indispensable in the,

  • The old Tianjin Customs

    "The main content of the old Tianjin Customs": hometown of Tianjin, Tianjin metropolitan Wei three treasures, Western eyes "the best in all the land of Mazu worship and Tianjin Port", the character of the people, the Thean Hou Temple, the empress palace tied doll, The whole town turns out to. See Huang, repair repeat repeated construction of the Thean Hou Temple, Thean Hou Temple, Thean Hou Temple, the temple of folk trade. ,

  • Chinese Folklore

    "Chinese folklore" is the teaching research about "Chinese folklore, the folklore research" from basic to like -- "folk" theory, combined with the living customs, vivid layers of analysis, to the folk custom surface paradigm, deep structure, nature, social performance, occurrence of the ray system,

  • You should know the Chinese folk culture

    You should know the Chinese folk culture, "you should know that the Chinese folk culture" introduced China's folk culture, the folk is comprehensive, such as festivals, costumes, catering customs and daily life, local specialties and so on, can be included. In any place, folk customs are different races, nationalities, countries and regions, the most obvious sign,

  • Folk Village

    This book is in a sense a program, to the extent that anything can, the highest state is not accessible. The real folk village there are two architects, one is to have functional cloth folk village, another is to enjoy the results of people. Design is a "production process", in this,

  • Folk health calendar

    "Folk" health calendar folk experts and health experts on folklore and health knowledge wonderful combination, combination of knowledge, interest, culture and service in one of the folk custom, such a from the people, the heritage of the people, and deep basic strength in people's behavior, language and psychology in the reduction to people,

  • Read classical Chinese understand folk

    Read classical Chinese understand folk, "youth classics reading: read the classics of traditional Chinese culture to understand folk" introduces many interesting folk knowledge, is a let you understand our country thousands of years of excellent folk culture, to learn how to behave, how to conduct the popular reading. The folk custom folk custom, is a country or a nation to meet the group in history and in the process of social development,

  • Wedding presided over the word and planning

    "The wedding presided over the word and planning" introduced process 25 kinds of wedding ceremony and presided over the word, including the engagement ceremony, wedding, wedding, wedding of traditional folk festivals, wedding, wedding season months, including for different groups of wedding, such as marriage, marriage, the two wedding, collective wedding ceremony,,

  • Noble character

    In ancient Chinese custom culture, festival and historical figures in the history of the book China had a huge influence as the main research on the name, are the main content for them in the ideology and culture, ethics, personal integrity, uphold, insisted, the demeanor of the spirit. This kind of character, is also interested in the historical process of loaded with cultural connotation,

  • The Chinese Taboo

    "Chinese taboo" about "Zhou Guan set fire, forbid common people light", this is everybody's familiar idiom. It is compared with the power he can act, just act on civilians is strictly restricted. Taboo, is one of the customs of the feudal society, it has a kind of rules? In Wang Xiaoyan,

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