The ten Hall of Yan Luo

Date of publication:2012-10   Press: Fortune China Publishing House   Author:Shen Hong   Pages´╝Ü171  

Shen Hong, Hubei Jiangling, graduated from the Department of Wuhan University, the Chinese Collector Association, association member. Published in about 10000000 words at home and abroad more than 200 newspapers, 5 report literature won the one or two prize in the National Award; he published novels "collection" and "Shenzhen people", "Shen Hong marriage Reportage Literature Series" 5, "in search of lost pictures in" 17, "pursuit" of Chinese Endangered New Year pictures series 13, "China folk culture" series 8, "China Folk Culture on" 3 book "the picture reading the classic" 4 book "coin collection and investment" 4 book "appreciation and collection" art series 15. Works selected the Frankfurt International Book Fair, be buy copyright, reprinted many times, the revised edition, by a large number of piracy. Now living in Shenzhen.
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The text is mortal, image is through folk image of eternity, understanding of Chinese folk custom
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The first chapter Qin Guang Wang: palm Secretary Shou day or second chapter sunset Wang: punish cheating false chapter third Song Emperor: punishment betrayal ingratitude the fourth chapter features King: punish counterfeiting fifth chapters: Chapter sixth Yama in hell Bian City punishing evil king: our seventh chapters: Chapter eighth punish murder the king of Taishan urban King the ninth chapter: the parent abuse equality King: punishing environment chapter tenth wheel King: -- Postscript @##@ reborn These ancient folk paintings Shuilu reminder, Mo greed momentary pleasure, you make yourself feel better, and invite more sin and deeper pain. It warns people, don't be confused the illusion and Wang Xin, unconsciously make evil deeds, also do not see people do bad but enjoy one good deed but poor intertwined, and denied the existence of causality.
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