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The early Ming Dynasty, Ming Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang Xing Keju, with the merits of make choice, North and South talent imbalance problem again sharply, which caused a political storm. Hongwu thirty years (1397) spring try, examiner enrolls 52 Jinshi, all people in the south. Northerners dissatisfaction, played on Zhu Yuanzhang, said the examiner is from the south, so sheltered south. Results the examiner and the new division champion, was executed. King Zhu Yuanzhang the 62 graduates, all people in the north. The first year until Akihito Zong Hongxi (1425), to finally clear the provincial admission system, that system from the north and South culture development imbalance, and to national compulsory means to make the corresponding adjustment. Until modern times, China cultural center further to the southeast, Southeast Coastal become Chinese modern cultural center. This is because the modern western capitalist powers to force from the sea, in the southeast coastal Chinese open port, five commercial city, Fuzhou is the first open in Guangzhou, Xiamen, Ningbo and Shanghai. Can say, Chinese trans people in modern society is the threshold, from the southeast coast to start. The southeast coastal provinces first emerged in a number of "open your eyes and see the world" and "seeking truth from the west" characters, such as Lin Zexu of Fujian, Yan Fu, Kang Youwei, Liang Qichao, Sun Zhongshan, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Zhang Jian, Zhang Taiyan, Lu Xun etc.. With these advanced characters, reciprocal causation, modern business, modern new and modern political movement is initiated by the southeast provinces and overseas. The southeast provinces extending to the mainland, the development from the Chinese modern culture, formed from south to north, from east to west direction, this and the focus of economic China ancient from north to south, from west to East migration direction opposite. Today Chinese have vast territory of 9600000 square kilometers. This is the Chinese nation's ancestors from the beginning of the pre Qin era, after the Qin, Han, Three Kingdoms, Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui, Tang, song, yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasty, continue to explore and expand, ethnic fusion developed. Around twenty-first Century BC, Chinese history the first dynasty Xia Dynasty, in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River construction! Li. The direct rule of the territory including today western Henan province and southern Shanxi province. Through the summer, business development, Wednesday toward, the Western Zhou Dynasty territory expanded to the north to Yanshan, South to Huaihe, West China, east to the sea. After the spring and autumn and Warring States annexation war hundreds of years and exchanges, to 221 BC Qin Shihuang unified the country, established the Qin dynasty. The territory of the Qin Dynasty to the development of the east to the Yellow Sea and North Korea, West to the proTao, Qiang, South to North Vietnam, North Yinshan and Liaodong. The Han Dynasty replaced the Qin Dynasty, territory expanded to the East Sakhalin Island, West Balkhash lake and the west, North and south of Lake Baikal, South China Sea and vietnam. The Han dynasty laid a foundation for the territory and later development of ethnic relations in Qing dynasty. Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties is Chinese historical division of this period, is the period of national integration. In A.D. 581, the establishment of the Sui Dynasty, and United China. Later Tang Dynasty replaced the Sui Dynasty, developed into Chinese ancient prosperous and powerful country, territory east of Sakhalin Island, North and north of Lake Baikal, West to the Aral Sea, South to central Vietnam today. After the demise of the Tang Dynasty, the history entered the period of Five Dynasties, Song Dynasty set up until, before the end of the Five Dynasties and ten states split. In early twelfth Century the Jurchen established Jin Dynasty, has extinguished Liao and song, and with the Southern Song Dynasty made Qinling Mountains, Huaihe and rule, the formation of North South confrontation. The unified except northwest Xixia, Liao throughout the northern region, the Southern Song Dynasty has inherited the Northern Song Qinling Mountains, Huaihe to the south of the territory, including Taiwan region of the Penghu islands. Song Jin after the Yuan Dynasty is the northern horseback nation -- Mongolia set in countries. Mongolia entrepreneur Gen Gi Khan since thirteenth Century, swaying, fight north and south, to Gen Gi Khan's grandson Kublai, finally established the Yuan Dynasty, the China unity. Previous Liao, Xixia, gold, Tibet, Dali, the Southern Song Dynasty are included in the territory of the Yuan Dynasty. The Yuan Dynasty northeast to central Japan Sea and the Korean Peninsula, north to sun hill, West to Lake Balkhash, southwest India, Nepal, Burma, Vietnam, southeast to the sea. By the Ming Dynasty after the Yuan Dynasty, could not inherit the territory of the Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty from the Central Plains because Mongolians still occupied the north of the Mongolia plateau. To the Ming Dynasty, the northeast area for the emerging Manchu are unified, Mongolia plateau as Mongolia united, forming a situation of tripartite confrontation of Mongolian, Han, full of the situation. In 1644, the Qing army entered Shanhaiguan, unifying the whole China, through Kangxi, Yong Zheng, Qian Long, the three generation of nearly a century of conquest and recover the surrounding area, the early Qing Dynasty, territory development to the west of the lake, Balkhash, east to Sakhalin Island, north to southern Siberia and outer Xingan Ling, the South and Spratly Islands. Northwestern Xinjiang, southwestern Tibet, northern Mongolia, and southeastern Taiwan island are include in the territory. In the Warring States period, China classical culture reached a peak, the emergence of the "All flowers bloom together., new atmosphere of contention of a hundred schools of thought". To the late Warring States period, countries from division returned to unity, culture also appeared in the trend of unification to swallow anything and everything, melting in a furnace of doctrine. After Qin Shihuang unified six countries, ruling policy enforced ideology and culture. Who is this historical background. Emperor Qin Shihuang in the ideological field for dissident scholars brutal crackdown. In Qin Shihuang thirty-four years (213 years BC), when the court high-ranking ministers chunyuyue against Qin Shihuang at the time of the implementation of "the system", so to follow the ancient system of Zhou Dynasty as required, like packet children. The Prime Minister Li Si on the matter to refute, and advocated the prohibition "Confucian scholar" to use the past to attack the present, private school court libel. Qin Shihuang take Li Si's advice, "ordered the burning of all historical records Qin Ji" outside, does not belong to the possession of "poem" Museum "book" is also a hand burned, to talk about "poem" "book" death, praised the past and now talk policy of genocide; prohibit private school, want to study law the people were to be official as teacher. This measure has caused a lot of reading people's discontent. Second years, the alchemist, many scholars attack Qin Shi soap. Qin Shihuang sent the investigation, will be more than 400 alchemist and scholars dig pits buried alive, the history of the event called "fenshukengru". Who is Qin Shihuang to suppress political opposition to move, their political thought is conservative, opposed the autocratic centralization of state power, Qin Shihuang implemented strong repression to maintain the centralization of state power, rule of political thoughts, but his crackdown is beyond a certain limit, means extremely cruel, some of the essence of Chinese culture in the this event with the buried scholar and books together, is a huge loss for the traditional culture of the China, on Chinese ancient culture is a barbaric destruction.

Scientific knowledge accumulation and development needs of each generation is unremittingly efforts. In today's world, the comprehensive competitive strength of the measure of a country and nation level, largely attributed to the sustainable development of the national scientific knowledge. Youth is the hope and future of a nation, is the fundamental source of science and sustainable development. In the age of knowledge information new, they need to learn knowledge, cultivate hobbies, broaden one's horizon, accumulate experience, lay a good foundation for the march to the science grew up. In view of this, the editor through the collection and screening of a large number of, carefully edited the "New Horizons" science series. This book covers a wide range, covering the latest achievements and dynamic aspects of universe, geography, animal, plant, technology, military, history, culture and other basic knowledge points and the subject. This book selected informative novel, concise language vivid, nuanced style classification, through the concrete data, beautiful pictures and simple and easy to understand accurately said to mobilize the reader's reading enthusiasm and inspire their imagination, so that readers can easily learn, happy reading. As an editor, we sincerely hope that this book for young readers bring knowledge is easy, to their knowledge, broaden their horizons. Editor's
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Yuanmou folk culture is the earliest human do China history cultural center is how to change Chinese ancient territory why evolution Qin Shihuang why Emperor Han is how the formation of the Tang Dynasty and why the national fusion how Wu Zetian became China ancient times the "Queen" of the China ancient official selection system is how to change why are very Grand mausoleums of what is the totem of "calligraphy includes" who is why tea culture originates from China cheongsam why is regarded as the most representative of the Chinese women's traditional dress of ancient football is what the ancient Chinese chess and I-go is what hairstyle is how to change the paper-cut art is produced Why art to evolve every daily necessaries got their name from what is the history of China's grotto statue in the main Chinese why Buddha stone lions and lion are really far different image from the why called the Imperial Palace in Beijing as "the Forbidden City" minority is how to spend the New Year Lantern Festival is how come why called lunar Chuqi July as "July 7th day" Laba Festival and Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits is how come you know Mongolia nationality The "Nadam Fair" do you know the "Water Splashing Festival" do you know how the torch festival of Yi people. Do you know why kids to "catch" say Thanksgiving is the American holiday why Christmas custom of hanging stockings from where you know Japanese girl Festival Carnival appear what is the reason why the Halloween is also known as "Halloween" Aegean culture refers to what you know the cards on the secret why Proust is the stream of consciousness pioneer people why the British Royal called "Buckingham Palace" why people in the happy time with champagne to celebrate why the west is how to blow out the birthday candles in church wedding why piano is known as the "king of instruments" why dance enjoy "the mother of art" reputation "Brokeback Venus" is a rare treasure you why Notre Dame de Paris is "art" treasure why ancient Rome sound system building, bathroom Egyptian civilization why also known as "the Nile civilization" why Taj Mahal hailed as "the marble dream" why Monalisa smile is a mystery @## @ "New Horizons" Science Series selected informative novel, concise language vivid, nuanced style classification, through the concrete data, beautiful pictures and simple and easy to understand accurately said to mobilize the reader's reading enthusiasm and inspire their imagination, so that readers can happy reading, easy to learn. "Cultural Palace full contact" as one of the "Cultural Palace full contact" section, the book details the world culture and folklore.
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"Cultural Palace full contact"; "you know the Dai Water Splashing Festival"? Do you know what the torch festival of Yi People's? Do you know why "children in the"? Say why the Thanksgiving Day is the American festival? Before Christmas the custom of hanging stockings from why and come? Do you know the Japanese girl Festival? What is the cause of the carnival?...... By reading the "Cultural Palace full contact", you can find the answers to the above questions.
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