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Date of publication:2009-2   Press: Hebei people's Publishing House   Author:Chen Xuxia   Pages:126  

The folk belief and folk belief, is the act of faith in China a kind of folk belief and the belief of mental and psychological accompanying occurs, as well as various ceremony held in the belief of people in the process and activities, including the primitive religion in the folk heritage, man-made religion in folk, good permeability between common customs the letter and the general public and superstitious activities. Chinese folk belief as a widely spread in the folk society phenomenon, is relative to the hand of Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism, Christianity and other institutions in various religious character of non institutionalized religion and worship. It is not religious beliefs have strict religious teachings, fixed organization, formal staff, nor religion more emphasis on self practice, religion has to some extent, is a form of belief of lower level. It takes "animism", "all things infiltration" as the main ideological basis, reflects idealism, but also contains the materialism and scientific elements, especially popular day the sun and the moon and the worship of nature. Because of China folk beliefs than religious form free and convenient, even in people inadvertently when it has occurred and, therefore, in the Chinese history, folk belief plays an important role in. It is the inherent foundation and root of the development of national cultural history, is the ancestor to create and accumulate wealth of culture. From a practical point of view, it is not only manifested in the humanitarian organizations form or external form, but rooted in people's psychological thinking activity. Today there are still many worship folk faith groups, various ways and means from generation to their beliefs, religious beliefs and customs, continued their rich life of faith. China folk belief is a tenacious vitality and wide influence of cultural. From the perspective of ideology, it is a non official, non tissue culture; from the cultural form, it is to practice, is a tangible and intangible cultural manifestations and carrier; from the social strength, it has a lot of folk belief temple and a large number of believers, in some places even beyond religion five system; from the perspective of expression form, it is colorful, believe in the object of numerous. For thousands of years, China folk belief is like a vast expanse of water, extremely large and expanding of the gods in team stationed in the villages and towns of the temple, deep into all walks of life, thousands of households. Ordinary people everywhere with "tangible" divine ", also with a mysterious force intangible", the Chongxin penetrated into all kinds of signs to witchcraft as basic logic Bu, taboos and other activities, affects all aspects of social life.......
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The order of the first chapter of folk belief types first natural worship of a celestial body worship two religious worship three section second kinds of worship totem worship no expression of biological totem worship of totem worship two plants of three animal totem worship third gods worship one God worship of ancestor worship idols Chong Baisan two second chapter 1 trillion of folk belief bu a warning two divination three Feng Shui second magic a sorcery (a) drive the epidemic disease (two) and God convicted of witchcraft sorcery (three) for Witchcraft (four) in the (five) language witchcraft sorcery (six) talismanic magic (seven) witch culture poison Gu sorcery two in social life (a) life witchcraft activities (two) in the production of Witchcraft (three) festival of Witchcraft (four) effects of the etiquette in witchcraft sorcery on China culture art three (a) contribution of witchcraft on painting art (two) with the ancient art of stream of Witchcraft (three) effects of witchcraft on science medical literature (four) witchcraft on social civilization and promote third Festival taboo taboo (a) originated from the worship of nature originated from the totem Taboo (two) The worship of the taboo (three) type two taboo taboo originated from the ancestor worship (a) in daily life taboos (two) taboo behavior in the production activity (three) taboo behavior in the festival (four) at the age of taboo behavior in life etiquette taboo three social effects (a) taboo adjustment the relationship between man and nature (two) taboo regulates the relationship between man and Society (three) value @##@ taboo adjusts the relationship between people and the third chapter of the contemporary value of the first festival of folk belief culture education value of second section of society control value third ethnic identity "Folk belief" is "Chinese folk customs" series in one, as it "farm house" variety, the folk religion, make the rural readers understand the intangible culture of the Chinese nation, arouse their national cultural confidence, build up the consciousness of national culture, to enhance our national cohesion and a sense of identity. For each rural readers especially young readers, through the "folk belief" to fully understand the Chinese nation's brilliant culture, learning nation ancestors one's ability and cleverness, set up the correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, love the motherland, love the national culture, and to the cultural creativity and artistic innovation in the new era on the basis of the former.
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"Folk belief" is written as a national intangible cultural heritage protection and the spiritual homeland construction of the Chinese nation and one of the China intangible heritage of popular science books. "Folk belief" comprehensively introduced the basic knowledge of folk belief, folk belief types from history to folk belief, contemporary value until the folk belief, easy words, content press close to life by farmers, rural readers love.
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