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The first chapter first day origin of social studies and in the ancient China research process of the pre Qin period, social existence is so common, in the ancient literature handed down, the agency records often appear. In the pre Qin period of social, community worship and ancestor worship, is a popular worship, every member of the society life in God light under. And she worship with religious behavior to sacrifice -- agency, is one of the most important festival of the pre Qin period, from the time that regularly often sacrifice, to great things for various temporary was offering sacrifices, agency of the pre Qin period of political, economic, military and other aspects play an important the effects of. Confucius in evaluation agency sacrificial role when he said: "Ming Hu Jiao social meaning, taste Di this ceremony, the country be well-informed of it on the." Community worship and sacrifice to the social changes, plays an important role in the political life: "ancient Li Jun is said in the country, the female is said is the country, said the country is dead, is said to the country." The country has become a symbol of the country. The household registration, social basic management functions of the publishing house, is the most basic social organization in the State Administration, undertake levy taxes, military service and other functions, and plays an important role in the national management. The pre Qin period society, closely connected with this period of political, economic, military, cultural, in some extent, understanding of the pre Qin period of service, in order to understand half of the pre Qin history. A discussion about the agency, the Han and Wei dynasties sacrificial object as an important religious, social and cultural phenomenon, agency in pre Qin period, what is the true colours, beginning to blur in the Han Dynasty began after the pre Qin days. Some well-known university during the Eastern Han Dynasty, in order to understand what is the service object of worship, a heated discussion on each other. One of the most representative opinions, by Xu Shen, Kong Anguo, Jia Kui, Ma Rong, Zheng Xuan and other famous authorities.

Wei Jianzhen, historical research of Hebei Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, deputy director, research fellow. In 1966, Hebei Gaocheng people. Bachelor's degree in 1984 and was admitted to the Hebei Normal School Department of history; 1988 began with Mr. Shen Changyun for a master's degree; after graduation, assigned to the Hebei Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Institute of history. In 2003 with the research China Academy of Social Sciences, Graduate School of history department Mr. Wang Zhenzhong for direction China ancient history graduate, doctorate in 2006. Mainly engaged in pre Qin history and the local history of Hebei, articles published more than 20 professional papers, cooperate with others to a number of books, the representative of "the Zhao kingdom." (co authored), "Yanzhao culture will" (co authored) etc..
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The first chapter first agency studies origin and in the ancient China research process, the Han and Wei dynasties about social ritual objects discussed two, Sui and Tang Dynasties during the two Song Dynasties on the agency's discussion of the three, Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties related agency four, section second discusses summary since modern agency review a, since modern society of the academic background the theory, method and innovation two, since the modern society on the main issues involved third of this topic research problems of theory and method of the second chapter fourth section sacrifice origin study section agency origin a linguistic interpretation of second sections from the religious perspective agency problem about religious origin, the theory of the origin of the two, agency the original form of nature worship of land three, to sacrifice sentence long said religion analysis four, the earth myth and the land was deified five, agency and mother third Agency origin of historical interpretation, Yu's agency and agency in the beginning of two, the clan system of geo three, flood and the ancient races geopolitical relations produces fourth day she sacrifices and Chinese ancient civilization produce, China ancient ethnic fusion and social production two, community worship and social order, political The fifth section power form the Neolithic age and the sacrifice of archaeological remains a sacrifice, analysis judgment remains the principles and standards of two, north land, magnetic mountain culture and the earliest club this sacrifice sites three, Banpo Yangshao Culture Club four, and sacrifice Dongshanzui site and the Hongshan Culture Society sacrifice five, Shenmue well, Ma black board site heaven worship function the third chapter in the pre Qin period, sacrifice morphology study first summer society test cable section second the morphology of a sacrifice, mulberry agency interpretation two, Oracle in the "soil" and the sacrifice, the sacrifice of three archaeological exploration third Zhou enfeoffment and Western Zhou Dynasty, sacrifice a morphological study destroy business week two weeks before the agency, Shang and Zhou Yin on the social inheritance...... The fourth chapter in the pre Qin ritual sacrifice lineages in the position of the fifth chapter sacrifice sacrifice ritual system and study the sixth chapter society worship of the function of the conclusion of the seventh chapter Appendix A: from the historical view of the double evidence law in ancient history study in the use of appendix two: on 亡国之社 and Qin Bo agency appendix three: references appendix four: cited in this book as table postscript @##@ Oracle bibliography The pre Qin period social ritual is a major topic in the study of the history of pre Qin Dynasty, the sacrifice of the connotation, essence helps to understand the Chinese culture. The author of this book on the origin, form of sacrifice sacrifice, sacrifice in pre Qin ritual lineages in the position, sacrifice and sacrifice ceremony system, the social function of sacrifice, the full range of research, multi angle, horizontal and vertical integration, a combination of dynamic and static, the word at the beginning of agency the soil, the original meaning of the landlord, is the land of the symbol, and genital irrelevant, the spring and Autumn period social custom view, not through her meaning, literature Bo agency intended non 亡国之社 and a series of conclusions of microscopic research, nuanced, macro theory It stands to reason. The book of the pre Qin society history, religious history, folk custom history research has a certain reference value.
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"Research" worship of the pre Qin society history, religious history of pre Qin society, folk history research has a certain reference value.
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