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"Spring Festival evening · advice" copious and fluent, nearly 30 words, key record is a challenging topic -- the Spring Festival evening! Spring Festival is one of the special spring festival folk form in China, since 1983 the first Spring Festival Gala, the social from all walks of life on the Spring Festival Gala different point of view, regardless of the Spring Festival evening is indispensable Chinese cultural package, or that its impact (quality) a year than a year, in the multi culture development of the times, in fact, is a kind of progress! Because, these views represent our viewers on television arts development, and the inheritance of Spring Festival Gala on China's folk culture, thinking process has a deep. The cohesion of the force will promote the development of its culture, help the Gala to researchers develop more creative space! "Spring Festival," a Book of advice, as a symbol of Spring Festival Culture in the development process, as far as possible a comprehensive collection of all sectors of society, TV art development and its cultural constructive suggestions, hope "Gala, voice" can build SMOOTH OPERATOR communication platform for hundreds of millions of its cultural participants, provide records of personal creation experience platform as to march in the TV art in the perspective; provide all-round social concern from all walks of life to its development. In the 2 months to raise the draft of the book, the editorial board has always be very upset, manuscript raise release time is short, and social communication time, workload, error rate is bound to increase, on the other hand, in the "Spring Festival," also shows the draft advice before, has been the industry management department, national television and outside the industry from all walks of life to pay special attention to, take the opportunity, sincerely express my sincere gratitude to focus attention on the Spring Festival Gala cultural personages of various circles of society! Let us stand together in this special platform, share, pay attention to "spring" wisdom of life, taste and important "spring culture" change, travel with open cultural heritage road!
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The first part of the soft power of culture to enhance China second part industry expert advice third Spring Festival Gala part of the community from the perspective of the fourth Spring Festival Gala Gala part of director and television voices fifth part China Spring Festival customs and Spring Festival Gala sixth appendix
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The copyright page: illustration: in addition, "the gate" is a fictional scene, is fundamentally decided to "Shenzhou Tong Qing" this evening with the "combination" of creation. This approach has the advantage of the "into the out, near or far," based on the cover in 2009, domestic large international events content, greatly expanded the writer and presenter of play space. In addition to the normal party series, the audience can see the "dialogue" between the string field, "sketches" string field, in the party "chicken ribs" -- the series become be full of sound and colour, full of suspense, fascinating as the program itself. The magical multimedia magic and active in the world of the future "sloppy Fairy" program elements are also with the help of a string of be full of wit and humour series natural, easily into the evening. Based on "combination", "internal and external scenes transform" technique of expression is logical, so that the whole party more rich, wonderful. A song by 2 provinces kids "national" Medley to inner and outer landscape combining shooting mode, not only shows the 12 provinces of the beautiful scenery, but also a true expression of the deep love for the motherland of the contemporary youth. Even more exciting is, Sichuan earthquake hero Lin Hao also came to the scene, said thanks and best wishes to the great motherland and help friends in the disaster with "I wish" song. This paragraph the atmosphere calm, full of children's character, the entire party atmosphere to a climax and non obtrusive. During the Spring Festival, how to get more market share in the premise to children as the main audience, that is how to "children" as the premise, let more audience like, put the "narrow" into "public", is also the party choreographer who question. Our approach is to children as the "origin", from the point of view of their interests, radiation to the family and social life. The example mentioned above, the essay "I can think of the most fun" concentrated reproduces the way 50 years ago, 30 years ago, children's games and entertainment, with exaggerated comedy show different age children's voices, let the audience think in laughter, it is interesting and meaningful.
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"Spring Festival", we are busy emphasize culture: on the commercial value of products, busy harvesting cultural production, cultural products and the best kernel culture is quietly lost? Who is in the "attention" of the Spring Festival evening? Who in the impromptu attack "spring"? The Spanish newspaper "reported:" the new Chinese community in Spain show reflected Chinese tradition and the individual identity, also fill the Spaniard as close to understand Chinese cultural opportunity, show the stage on is not only the art programs, or "culture" this word. Canada "Ming Pao" reports: Chinese New Year is a traditional program Chinese, but because of time, distance and different holidays, China immigration ways to celebrate Spring Festival to all the "simple", but there are some basic customs not discarded, that is wearing new clothes, dumplings and watch the Spring Festival gala. "San Francisco the newspaper" said: people from all over the Chinese think, "do not look at the Spring Festival Gala on New Year's Eve to imagine" despite the voice said its decline in the eyes of satisfaction, but the ratings still staggering. "New York Times" illustrates the CCTV Spring Festival evening show economic value with the 6 data: "as long as 5 hours, attracting 520000000 viewers, or 40% of the Chinese, easily surpass' USA TV program viewing record 106500000 Super Bowl 'football last year, is on the Internet or watching overseas cable TV Chinese around, watching the number of 700000000 people, Taiwan singer Kris Phillips in the spring of 1987 after the stage, selling millions of albums." "Asia Times" that, I do not know what time from the beginning, Chinese Gala background there are so few foreigners in the show, in recent years is. "This year by the 'mountains' led foreigners took the stage, is from all over the world, American, Spain, even Africa, Chinese always can attract the eyeball of so many countries."
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