Rural practical etiquette

Date of publication:2009-2   Press: Ren Le Luo Shanxi publishing group, Shanxi people's Publishing House (2009-02)   Author:Ren le   Pages:195  

"Rural practical etiquette" is published, the author joy shows between the lines. In the preparation process, Shanxi people's publishing house for their support, especially to Li Guangjie, Jia Juan and other leaders and colleagues of warm encouragement and valuable suggestions, confidence and courage, to the author, heartfelt gratitude! To make the book content is rich, have reference to the relevant books and Fang discussion, the experts and the author, heartfelt thanks! Because of the limited level of the author, it is wrong and wrong, please the farmer friends and readers criticism.
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"Rural practical etiquette" by the Shanxi people's publishing house.
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Festival". In the summer weeks, the year is called "old", and will run once. Jupiter Jupiter, Jupiter in the zodiac year after the house, an old, also is a year. (the revolution of the earth round the plane of the orbit and the celestial intersection called the ecliptic, we see a large circle on the celestial sphere called Sunday to Sunday, the ancient is divided into 365.25 degrees, every day the Sun move 1 DEG, now divided into 360 degrees on Sunday, Sunday 30 degrees for the house, 360 ° 1/12.) Years and words, is "the grain harvest" meaning, the grain is big for cooked. Folk legend also, is a kind of beast, every twelfth lunar month month try out to disturb the people, people know years afraid of red, on the home front posted red couplets, to drive in years. In fact, year is the lunar new year, we usually say the lunar new year, lunar new year, which is based on the characteristics of months years, from the beginning of the first lunar January, the moon around the earth one week for a month, a year, 12 months, 24 solar term, roughly every 15 days for a day. While Yang calendar year is calendar year is different, it is to the earth around the sun a week for a year, the profit and loss of solar term independent of changes and month. Calendar and the solar calendar year of the lunar year is not the same, the Lunar New Year with the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches matched to said, some in front with Dynasty reign title, for example, Jia Wu war occurred in 1894, with the lunar calendar is the "Guangxu twenty years Jia Wu" or "Guangxu twenty years Jia Wu". After the 1911 Revolution Xin Hai, no crown Dynasty reign, directly to the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches Jinian match, such as the 1944 is called "Jia Shen years". After the founding of new China, using Jinian year, namely the Gregorian calendar, the birth of Jesus Christ by the year 2004, the year of the monkey is the A.D. 2004 years, namely the "Jia Shen years". We usually talk about age, often uses is the Yin and Yang Ji, namely the birth year in the Gregorian calendar, with the lunar calendar month birthday, for example: in 2004 the lunar lunar January day, 2004, with the Gregorian calendar, lunar calendar lunar January first use, control, should be in the year January 22, 2004, we advocate the use of the Gregorian calendar Ji Ji day. (2) the spring festival customs are all like the Spring Festival, can say, Spring Festival is the most important festivals throughout the year, so it is also called spring festival. People are busy for a whole year, year in the expression of the joy of harvest in a variety of customs, reflect on the happy life yearning and pursuit, but also the bright prospect of hope and blessing. One family have a joyous gathering, round and round, enjoying the happiness of a family union, hoping for good weather, for Ankang, the family, good luck in everything, this is the true meaning and pleasure danian. Although the ten rural customs are different, but the spring festival customs are similar, although some old customs with the feudal superstition color, while the majority of customs is healthy civilization, is a true portrayal of people's daily life and desire. The lunar year. Twenty-three said the twelfth lunar month lunar year, from this day, to the end of lunar January sixteen Lantern Festival, it more than 20 days, are actually have the Spring Festival category. According to the old custom, twelfth lunar month twenty-three to the God to God, when God first lunar January connected back to the palace. In the past, because of the backward productivity, culture is not well developed, the low level of science and technology, people can not explain some phenomenon of nature and society, can be attributed to God, that God to dominate the fate of people. So, each and every family worship the kitchen god, God, God, God, God, heaven and earth land Wang God and so on, commonly known as the Jade Emperor is the day God, God called the kitchen god, God, God, land God, heaven and earth, God, horse king.
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  •   Very practical, but it was too simple, together suspected.
  •   In fact, this book is for her father to buy, I really have not seen, not heard Dad Say what!

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