Referral push and Qingming Festival

Date of publication:2009-3   Press: Hou Qingbai, Zhang Peirong, Shanxi publishing group, Shanxi people's Publishing House (2009-03)   Author:Hou Qingbai, Zhang Peirong   Pages:168  

As the Qingming Festival is a national holiday, Jiexiu and Mt. Mianshan ushered in the aspects of culture and tourism opportunities, we this book publishing is to create the atmosphere of a thing to do. The book's two authors are old students, not only anecdotes Suoyin is expert, and moral integrity noble, away from the imaginary distortion, adhere to prudent attitude, forging a good quality, with readers. Referral push is Jiexiu "three good" one of Jiexiu City, is to. Referral push power not made by Paul, Hermitage Mianshan, the personality is straightforward and outstanding. We Jiexiu people have such a temperament is not in office now. A stubborn neck strong, indifferent to shun the attitude has gone deep into people's bone marrow. Qingming, honoring fathers left Zhe, for people in Jiexiu to speak more necessarily amiable. Book through the author's effort to make us see clearly the source of Qingming Festival, the evolution of existing trajectory, and derived from the etiquette and custom. We used to know little about Qingming Festival Activities -- so rich and colorful, try insert willow tea, tug of war, swing, outing...... Author eloquence and Syria, detailed but not complicated, organized and clear to. The old Qingming impression is grave and sweeping. Read this book probably think Qingming Festival is the North South differences, although the same and different seasonal climate should be the reason. The northern cold atmosphere a little, "since the cowardly spring destitute, which can fire ban on credit", cold and cold to help meal; while the Southern Ming feel some more, "no flowers, no wine before Qingming, interest depression like wild monk", like Qingming is when there is wine and flowers. The traditional festival comes in winter spring, our new year is symbolic, has accumulated spring machine, began preparations (seven nine River, eight or nine Yan to), but the Qingming is budding spring real, the melons beans, this season is the true meaning of delivery to usher in the day. Since it is so vicissitude, human also seems to be not the exception, hold a memorial ceremony for the first things completed, the children have fun, girls spring, people travel, farming to do, all the world as if the prelude, streams of people busily coming and going, noisy at the new riverside scene at Qingming festival. But the referral push the conduct is a model worthy of praise, consciously in the mission, no from fortune, and died in the fire burning, worthy of our memory and worship. Our income Hou Shenggui Wata Takashi about "referred" such a historical discussion about the image positioning in the appendix, and Mr Mao Shouren earned about Qingming a group of elegant concise text, writer Meng Fantong in the culture of Jiexiu seminar also mentioned the referral push the spiritual character in the current period and promote the revaluation, this is our further construction of culture and society in the office.

"Referral push and Qingming Festival" taste of the cold food festival, Tomb Sweeping Day origin from solution, Qingming Festival to promote tradition from ancient to modern times, Qingming Cultural Village Research articles.
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Hou Qing Bai, graduated from Beijing Normal University in 1966, the deputy editor in Jiexiu City History Office Director of "Jiexiu city" chief editor, "Jiexiu CPPCC Zhi" chief editor, "Jiexiu military annals". Zhang Peirong, graduated from Shanxi University in 1966, senior lecturer. Former director of Jiexiu Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, honorary president of Jiexiu Mianshan Culture Research Association, President of Jiexiu University for the aged, consultant mediator writers association. "Jiexiu people ambition" chief editor.
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Cold food festival of Hou Qingbai Zhang Peirong, the Cold Food Festival origin evolution solution is shown (a) ordinary extraordinary referral push (two) referred to the cold food festival (three) the cold food festival and the festival of two, the cold food festival folk culture collection (a) the no smoking (two) the exhibition tomb (three) inserted Liu (cold food four) the cold food diet (five) the flowers (six) cold spring (seven). (eight) the "swing (nine) the Cuqiu (ten) cold tea (eleven) (twelve) the Qingming tug fed Banquet (thirteen) the sacrifice (fourteen) clear of miscellaneous knowledge (fifteen) the Poems (sixteen three) other customs, the cold food festival anecdote to (a) the city's delay get rich dream (two) the five precepts' spirit fruit send ass people (three) are written. The career of different (four) for offering female Stone Temple plot pay hundred days (five) he cross millennial doesn't interest poem (six) children with illiterate cockfighting was rich (seven) smoking interview with the prostitute. False romantic Emperor (eight) cross throw the win. (nine) a Kaiyuan imperial imperial Millennium vulgar (ten) did not finish the false increase of Cuju day (eleven) is willing to help Hades Ning (twelve) the cold food feast sets Zhusha defiant Chen (thirteen) corrections under royal assent full copy Han Yongshi (fourteen) the pro Ming 宗陵 torture him offering (fifteen) patrol soldier Kill people reuse Ma Bujun (sixteen) and poor coating volatile John pass through the ages (seventeen) to 恤贫 own debtor for the government (eighteen) Jing Niang help veterans on Liaoyang Road (nineteen) white cast Lake Tourist lovers for abandoning the boat (twenty) Ruo Yinv killed mother graves Jisao cry (twenty-one) the old nurse came laugh Yan Family (twenty-two) Qian Tang met Qiao Shi Ji magic (twenty-three) the war years, many strange sweep the tombs (twenty-four) Ching Ming Ying Huang nine died (twenty-five) Kang Xijin the horse light most benefit (twenty-six) disabled for filial piety sincere feeling God Jiexiu deserved for the Qingming culture of rural Jiexiu Mianshan should be referred Hermitage to I see around the dielectric Temple archaeological generation people how to push mediated with cold food festival Qingming Festival and the Jiexiu Mianshan origin relations on the cold food festival and the festival of fusion after Jiexiu Mianshan -- Qingming Festival from here on the origin of ancient poems from meson documents referred and cold food festival related information the appendix also said "historical records" in the "historical records" in the image of the meson pushes the muon push image sad even you not only see color, clear at the end of today world see some clarity postscript
Chapter excerpt

(four) the cold food festival to fire ban smoking diet the day or even several days, as the "indispensable" food is the first moment of the cold food and beverage, will inevitably emerge as the times require, inevitably involved in each social stratum in family life. Ancient cold food including cold food, cold food, cold food gruel cake surface, cold plasma, green fine meal and Xing; cold food offerings are Yan, snake, jujube cake, fine listen, God talk; drink is tea, spring, spring sweet water. Cold porridge category range, more often eat Yang Huazhou, plum porridge, 杏酪, Rabdosia rubescens, peach blossom porridge, porridge, dry barley porridge. The Eastern Jin Dynasty period "in" land ye remember records and state the vulgar words ", after the winter solstice Baiwu day is referred to conclude that fire, cold three days doing porridge, China thought cold food"; "Pearl boat "is recorded in" emperor "give porridge"; "Jingchu age in mind" records the sun Chu offering referral push the article explained: "Xing a disc, lilao two dishes, cold food 杏酪, kasha the class." Jia Sixie "Qi Min Yao Shu" in cooking lilao as kasha. According to the "Three Kingdoms" code slightly, Yecheng person Li Yue was persuaded, capital received barley, car to Jinyang, in order to sell at high prices in Jinyang in the vicinity of the cold food festival. The Jinyang people cold food diet barley, barley is the main raw material for cooking porridge. Tang Feng Zhi Zhuan "Vincent," set: "Luoyang people cold food festival with flower and cook, Yang Huazhou." Song of the "golden years" set: "excerpt is Luoyang people, the peach blossom porridge diet." Peach can not only porridge to eat, can cure the disease. According to "Cui Yuanliang" Compendium of Materia Medica in the party: "one hundred and fifty days of cold food festival, the peach blossom at the end, after the food (after), with water half light transfer service, three small spoon, very good. Can cure head fat sore and yellow face sores." According to the Ming Dynasty "Gao Lian · eight Zun Sheng Jian" load "plum porridge cooking method:" the fall in plum blossom, with snow and ice water to boil congee, Hou cooked porridge, the plum petals pot, a roll up food." The poet Yang Chengzhai had "cold plum porridge" poem: "see wax after spring Rao, Chou see wind before the snow. Removal of core collection will Aozhou eat, Luoying is still good when the incense burning." Winter Ling porridge is cold food festival high-grade food, according to Tang Dynasty, "" said Wei huge source recipes, then capital of the gate of heaven door, there are restaurants thoroughfare. The fame of a beautiful hand, in addition to aquatic terrestrial vendor can supply, every holiday monopoly a food, cold food festival specialty food namely winter Ling porridge. Song Zheng Wang "Shan Fu book" also mentioned "Bian in the food festival, the" cold food festival food for winter ling. In addition, according to Li Shizhen, "" said Compendium of Materia Medica, fire spring take Yu Liu Gu, "Liu thousand can satisfy the charcoal, the buds can drink soup". Xing is the modern maltose, as the ancient festival of specially prepared food. "Overseas non cold food, spring does not see Xing", "far without Xing for cold food", "the sound of blowing warm sell Xing day", "Xiang Xing Bai Hua day porridge"...... From these verses Xing cold food is not difficult to see, the ancient through the cold food festival must have no Xing, Xing food, like modern people celebrate spring festival do not eat dumplings and feel pity. The Tang Dynasty some paper that poets such as Liu Yuxi in the "Six Classics" can't find "Xing", the song "spring does not see 考功 Xing" questioned. The human search, found in the Warring States period "Chu Ci" mentioned in the chain that is the Han Yu called xing.

When I was in high school, Pei Rong with my classmates after graduating from the Department, was admitted to the university. Since 2000, we have to do the retirement age. At that time, catch the Sanjia company is rapidly developing Mianshan tourism industry, companies need to find cultural man excavated Mianshan culture, in this context, we have been employed for the development of Mianshan "culture man". The company to take into consideration our old age, usually don't need us to follow the prescribed order up the mountain, we began to collect more data, first out a "Mianshan Zhi". The pilot told us is perhaps the "hundreds of times", less than a year of time, more than 20 words of "Zhi" (the draft Mianshan print) really to print a book. Then, we feel that the Jiexiu Mianshan is referral push sealing field, to explore the developing Mianshan characteristic culture, it should be a lot of time, to explore referral push and designed for referral push from the deep cold food culture. Head drilling this "horn", then, we find classics history, started by the page by page check the "integration of ancient and modern books", about reading hundreds of this, 300 degrees of myopia mirror into 400 degrees, but the referral push and cold food festival, textual research, register, discourse Yi Wen, UK. Data for hundreds of thousands of words. Based on these data, we first sort out the relevant referral push "historical records", the "cold food", "spring and Autumn" history "," cold food festival "," history of 100 cases of cold food festival and the festival evolution "and other documents. Then, in order to make the presentation more accurate, more complete, and depth, we try various devices to to the provincial capital, Beijing, looking for information, buy books. "The whole Tang poetry" has to buy, "the song", "annals of Shanxi" (version), "twenty five histories" (Zhonghua Edition) and a large number of books, after this, we have from the "full tang", "full song" and some monographs and all hell, state, county annals book to collect "ancient poet Xu Qingming poetry" more than 1500 first, and has compiled three book. At the same time, also for the TV station, newspaper, forum and write papers about more than ten, and accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV, Chinese education television, Hongkong Phoenix TV and other media. During this period, also on behalf of Jiexiu City Hall drafted the "Jiexiu Qingming intangible cultural heritage declaration" and the related data in 2006 to write; in early 2008 penned "of Jiexiu city as the Qingming cultural village", "Jiexiu city as the Qingming Culture Research Center" the application report and related documents. We know that, we finished the manuscript is not very mature, but the beginning of Beijing down to the acceptance of group acceptance group award, chief expert Liu Tieliang and others to give praise and affirmation to our recent years effort, it is enough to make us to Jiexiu could be named "Han Shiqing Ming Culture Village" and we there had been hard and happy, satisfied. In this book the "cold food" in the history of the original is "Shanxi History Culture Series" appointment book manuscript, because the text exceeds 30000 reasons in press was discounted. The book has three manuscript was included into the "Chinese Qingming Culture Forum" album, two articles have been published in the "Shanxi daily" and other newspapers. Book into the manuscript a seemingly random point, its original intention as the back cover tip, intended to "taste of the cold food festival, Tomb Sweeping Day origin from solution, Qingming Festival to promote tradition from ancient to modern times, Qingming Cultural Village Research articles". In the middle of some modifications to the book manuscript, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Liang Qisheng to find us, that is to put the book as one of the CPPCC "historical culture series" was officially published, and want to get out on the second Ching Ming Festival holidays, in order to enrich the content and the atmosphere of Festival activities. This opportunity to publish, we of course happy promise. The book provides information, pictures and amendments of colleagues, here to thank! Because of the limits of our level, the book is there are many wrong and flaws and omissions, hope experts and scholars generous with your criticism. @##@"Referral push and Qingming Festival" as one of Jiexiu's history and culture series.
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