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Date of publication:2008-5   Press: Zhou Chunde, Yang Jianxin Zhejiang photography press (2008-05)   Author:Zhou Chunde   Pages´╝Ü157  

Chinese traditional culture has a long history, colorful, rich connotation, deeply affect our national spirit and national character, a silent lubricant nourishes the nation from generation to generation of cultural soil. The development of the world history tells us, the comprehensive strength of a country or an area, not only depends on the economy, science and technology and other "hard power", but also depends on the "cultural soft power". As the reserve national historical memory, setting national wisdom, passed national emotion, national styles of non-material cultural heritage, is a history of countries and regions of the "live" witness ", is an important aspect of the cultural soft strength". Protection of intangible cultural heritage, inheritance, carry forward the fine traditional culture of our nation, is to protect the life and growth in nature of the torch, is the maintenance of the common spiritual home of our nation, to enhance the national cultural attraction, cohesion and influence, stimulate the cultural creativity of the whole nation, to enhance the "cultural soft power", is of great significance to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese national. Zhejiang is an important source of Chinese civilization, has distinctive characteristics, shine with great splendor of history and culture. According to archaeological excavations, as early as fifty thousand years ago in the old stone age, there is the original human activities in this ancient land. In the long history of the earth, Zhejiang has the famous "cross Lake Bridge Culture", "culture of Hemudu Site" and "Liangzhu culture".

"Pujiang welcomes the bench dragon", all-round display of the Pujiang bench dragon picture. Pujiang bandenglong set calligraphy, painting, sculpture and paper cutting, carving, root system, coding and paste process together, performing matrix rich, is a genuine people's culture. Pujiang bandenglong commonly known as "long light", as the name suggests, is a single stool plate series of swimming dragon, it set calligraphy, painting, sculpture and paper cutting, carving, root system, coding and paste process together, performing matrix rich, fully demonstrated the square dance groups mentioned, magnificent and coarse features and to the people of faith, is a genuine people's culture.
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The origin and development of the total sequence [a] Pujiang bench dragon in Tang Dynasty, the incubation period [Pujiang bench dragon II] song and Yuan period, mature period [three] Pujiang bench dragon in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, prosperous period [Pujiang] bench dragon the reform and opening up, Pujiang bench dragon is the inheritance and development of material and production [Pujiang bench dragon a bamboo] leading, reflect the people of Pujiang have clever hands and good sense [II] pine stool plate, reflecting the natural environment of Pujiang [3] of poem and painting, cultural heritage [Pujiang painting and calligraphy of the paper-cut folk art carving], the original form of keep Pujiang bench dragon types and performance [a] according to the leading other name [II] according to the lantern shape named [three] rich and colorful performances formation Pujiang bench dragon art features and value [a] people -- people culture [II] typical adventure -- [3] model group dance of Unity -- surname culture symbol [4] comprehensive -- folk art exhibition [Wu] happy -- ritual entertainment festival Pujiang bench Dragon Guard and assorted class [a] had to clear the way -- Pujiang earthquake [2] the bench dragon flag flying dance Pujiang Longwei Yang bench -- eight party [3] deacon guards -- Pujiang bandenglong venerable [shop] assorted class rear -- Pujiang bench dragon all the way song Pujiang bench dragon customs and practices [a] exhibit of lanterns organization -- Pujiang bench dragon [II] play to steal the orderly management of bamboo - Pujiang bandenglong unique style [3] worship of -- Pujiang bench dragon ritual entertainment [4] "steal" bead son -- Pujiang bandenglong interesting Pujiang bench dragon Heritage [a] [II] a transmission spectrum from Pujiang bench dragon endangered status and rescue measures [a] matrix lost -- rescue Pujiang bench dragon brook no delay [II] disappeared -- "to protect the Pujiang bench dragon Time will not wait for me. [3] measures -- Pujiang bench dragon [4] reinvigorated protection in place -- Pujiang bench Long Chuancheng generations one: Pujiang County long bench distribution list of two: Abstracts of three: TV special report four: Folk Tales
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