• The Qing Dynasty "five service" Introduction to Literature

    In "mourning apparel in ceremonial etiquette" as the main research object of the five service learning, is an important part of traditional learning, and had far-reaching influence on China Confucian culture, so the researcher of the Qing Dynasty, especially. This book is so far the first five service system research literature academic works. Based on traditional culture,

  • Next year

    "Have the Spring Festival" formerly known as "people over the old style", describes the new year's Eve, the spring festival customs and etiquette, and about the size of the festival, trying to paint a picture of the people have the Spring Festival historical genre painting to the readers. Has the strong interest and the strong culture. The folk traditional festival, is China's intangible cultural heritage,

  • The Guangzhou

    On the folk customs of Guangzhou, Guangzhou you want to know how to build? Want to explore why Guangzhou have pioneering history? Want to know what is south of the Five Ridges building? Want to clear the area, the street how to? Those places of historic interest and scenic beauty is what story? Guangzhou is how the feast? The customs is how to return a responsibility? The Cantonese dialect to,

  • The Tang Dynasty funeral

    "The wedding" author Niu Zhiping for many years engaged in the Tang Dynasty, women's marriage and funeral history research, published a series of papers on the influential. On this basis, the overall and on marriage and funeral of the Tang Dynasty, tightly around the social characteristics of the Tang Dynasty is the feudal and open, from all aspects of marriage and funeral of Tang dynasty,

  • The ten Hall of Yan Luo

    These ancient folk paintings Shuilu reminder, Mo greed momentary pleasure, you make yourself feel better, and invite more sin and deeper pain. "Ten hall Yan Luo: folk and the relentless cycle" is divided into ten chapters, the main contents include: Qin Guang Wang: palm Secretary Shou day divination; Chu Jiang Wang: punish fraud false; Song Emperor: punishment,

  • Spring Festival Gala advice

    "," Spring Festival Gala on copious and fluent, nearly 30 words, key record is a challenging topic -- the Spring Festival evening! Spring Festival is one of the special spring festival folk form in China, since 1983 the first Spring Festival Gala, the social from all walks of life on the Spring Festival Gala different point of view, regardless of the Spring Festival evening is indispensable Chinese Nianye culture set,

  • The folk culture of Shenzhen / Shenzhen Museum

    "Shenzhen Museum: introduction of Shenzhen folk culture" content: Shenzhen Museum (Museum) in the permanent exhibition "ancient Shenzhen", "modern Shenzhen", "Shenzhen folk culture" and "Shenzhen" the history of reform and opening up, Shenzhen carrying on 7000 cultural heritage, memory of Shenzhen history,

  • In the universe.

    Bronze. And the grasslands civilization, different types of cultural evolution, generation here, collision and fusion. The rough and tough nomadic culture is just a side. Oasis in the city, the farming society life, also had a brilliant civilization. By virtue of the Eurasian across the "Silk Road", passing spread between the East and the west is not only physical, more,

  • Animal show

    "Animal magnifico", the author together with you through the basic knowledge of animal learning through interesting animal on the Chinese Zodiac customs and habits, lace news, so we can understand, the basic attributes of animals and thus, know why animals, and from the zodiac of celebrity,

  • Interpretation of Yiwu people's character

    Interpretation of "Yiwu" character is a character in the book on Yiwu. Yiwu people's character is what characteristics? What is the role of the economic and social development in Yiwu? How to evaluate the character of the people of Yiwu? "Reading" Yiwu people are mentioned. The formation of Yiwu people's character is a long process, it is Yiwu's geography, history,

  • Chinese surname history: surname Zhao

    This book is "surname Zhao Chinese surname history books". About the origin, development, distribution area, the surname Zhao clan culture, famous, family etc.. The book, get to the root of things that progenitor cases, elaborate the surname Zhao general sequence of events. The book to explain in detail, rich in historical materials, illustrated, easy to understand. The book,

  • Thangka mythology legend

    Myths and legends in the Thangka, the world's longest epic, the long lost ground truth, 100 mysterious beautiful Tangka treasures, reveal a hidden in the folk of Tibet. Thangka is a unique religious art in Tibet, it was like a shining crystal, not only contains a profound philosophy of thousands of years of Tibetan Buddhism, but also reflect the Tibetan culture,

  • Travel etiquette

    Travel etiquette, "Introduction" travel etiquette content: an 重造 tradition of ancient Chinese, people pursue and quiet life, as the bow feature, so the ancients to go out to travel very much, have a set of custom need follow people who travel, before going out to select auspicious, worship gods; on the road, brave the wind and dew,

  • The folk belief / China custom series

    Chen Xuxia editor of "folk belief" is "China folk customs" series in one, as it "farm house" variety, the folk religion, make the rural readers understand the intangible culture of the Chinese nation, arouse their national cultural confidence, build up the consciousness of national culture,,

  • Meteorological proverbs and calendar solar term bond

    "Weather proverbs and calendar solar term bond" is a proverb or weather proverbs popular science readings. The book is divided into two parts: solar term of proverbs and calendar. The book is rich in content, and knowledge, interest, readability is strong. Can be used as a supplement to literature reading knowledge of students, but also can be used as general,

  • The rhythm

    "Shenzhou rhythm: Chinese traditional festival - a" one book, the China all traditional festivals and customs were explained and analyzed detailed, clear, let the reader to festivals and customs of China five thousand years of stick out a mile! Traditional festivals and customs of Chinese China, is an important part of the bright Chinese culture, is the,

  • Guangdong intangible cultural heritage series - Guangdong Spring Festival - spring folk song

    "Spring Festival" folk song: Guangdong synopsis: cultural heritage by the material cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage. Non material cultural heritage, is the people of all ethnic groups from generation to generation, and closely related to people's life and traditional cultural expressions and cultural space, is the carrier of historical and cultural heritage, is the Chinese nation,

  • The Spring Festival couplets highlights

    A variety of poetic couplet have ancient poetic couplet and modern poetic couplet, strict type poetic couplet and broad poetic couplet division, which is no exception. "Modern couplets set cotton" contained in the Spring Festival couplets are the modern couplets. Here the word "modern" two word has two meanings: on the one hand, these scrolls the contents of modern even contemporary social life,

  • Liaozhai culture theory

    "Liaozhai culture theory" as one of the "Liaozhai culture theory" section, the book details included: "Liaozhai" clothing culture theory, "Liaozhai" festival culture theory and so. "Qilu culture and Chinese ancient Chinese Literature Studies Series" publishing, intended to promote the further research of ancient literature and Shandong Normal University,

  • Folk calendar

    In ancient China, with Chinese characters of the heavenly stems and Earthly Branches (i.e. sixty flower Jiazi) years rather than in the digital years. "Folk calendar: special special (1927-2030)" is a kind of calendar calendar and the heavenly stems and earthly branches with the calendar, it is important to farming. The main contents include: twenty-four solar terms and Qi Men dun,

  • Introduction to folklore

    This book was published in 1934, the folklore textbook series China first this system, 1980, Beijing Normal University historical internal reprint. ,

  • Chinese Festival

    "Chinese Festival (Spanish version)" content brief introduction: on the whole, the spectacular happy and full of national imagination is a basic characteristic of Spanish festivals. Each year, the festival highlights for the public to become active participants and spectators, and their awareness of the dual identity of their own. The expression of holiday in spain,

  • Ren Chen celebrate the New Year

    "Ren Chen celebrate the New Year" by the people's fine arts publishing house editor, describes in detail the cultural meaning of traditional festival custom and dragon Zodiac China. The main content is divided into: Dragon customs, Chen years dragon, lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy, pictures and words, four parts, the concrete content includes: Twelve Chinese Zodiac year chronology, Chen day fishing dragon egg, fundamental changes, the Dragon worship,

  • The new common poetic couplet

    "The new common poetic couplet (Revised Edition)" the poetic couplet, are in line with the basic metrical poetic couplet, can fully display the charm of poetic couplet, let the reader in understanding its practical value, decorative effects. At the same time, a taste of the symmetrical beauty, the beauty of rhythm; also for this reason, the book after the arrangements for basic metrical appendix -- poetic couplet,

  • Drama and comedy

    "Small pieces", select 1979-2009 and thirty years with the author of the original drama sketch works more than 50. The book includes the establishment of new Chinese since all native writers (22) drama sketch works. In order to fully display the Tongan drama sketch creation achievement, individual quality is poor,

  • Next year

    Li Jin, "have the Spring Festival: the main contents of the 30 Spring Festival" Chinese Rural: in today's Chinese, this is the one and only a portion of the book. Because in the China has not such a person, can always in the rural reform first, took the thirty Spring Festival, under such a big time, these photos received many awards in the China news photography competition,

  • Chinese Longevity Culture

    German philosophy anthropologist Michael Landman thinks: "culture is defined by the people according to their own liberty first created, it is for this reason, people give culture so much style: a nation different from another nation, an era is different from another era. However, in the process of creating culture,

  • Taiwan 100 surname headstream

    "Zhao Qian, Sun Li, Zhou Wu Zheng Wang, Feng, Chen Zhuwei......" Surname accompanied by everyone, is our ancestors left behind traces of, have a unique to their own story. Taiwan surname and the surname is come down in one continuous line, "flow" and "source". "Taiwan 100 surname origin" from the source to the dispersal,

  • Tibetan folk culture

    "Tibetan folk culture" by Ling Li et al, is the first research and reflect the Tibetan culture monograph. Its characteristic is to study Tibetan customs and culture as an opportunity, a comprehensive system of production, the Tibetan areas in the long-term production life down development and heritage of national culture collection,

  • The twenty-four solar terms Knowledge Manual

    "The twenty-four solar terms common sense to use manual" will be the twenty-four solar terms of the climate, history, customs and health care to the reader. This way, the book is rich in content, clear, prominent intellectual, interesting, readable, opened a door to the traditional culture treasure house door for readers. ,

  • The East China Sea Island Culture and Folklore

    Different cultural forms exist in three different areas of the book rice, mining from the perspective of culture, and the islands and the southern plain of the mountainous region, it is the focus of the folk culture. Through specific cultural patterns of these three areas to explore and research, provide a profile folk culture of a region, allow people to further explore,

  • Discussions Chinese customs

    "Discussions" about "Chinese customs entry view its customs," said customs reflect the culture and power: Xunzi this see written in the "power". Qi Rushan: "I want to write out the good old customs, please have a look, not only very interesting, or now floating thin air, have the remedial, unknown." Acrimonious,

  • Pujiang long bench

    "Pujiang welcomes the bench dragon", all-round display of the Pujiang bench dragon picture. Pujiang bandenglong set calligraphy, painting, sculpture and paper cutting, carving, root system, coding and paste process together, performing matrix rich, is a genuine people's culture. Pujiang bandenglong commonly known as "long light", as the name suggests, is a single,

  • New surnames poetic couplet witticism

    Edited by Li Wenzheng's "new surnames poetic couplet witticism" carefully selected surnames poetic couplet, from our years of collecting and sorting. Because many surnames poetic couplet to historical figures, historical events, so part of the poetic couplet are described in detail, while others just as included, in order to enrich its content. In order to,

  • Shengshi legacy

    "Millennium legacy: the main content of the folk customs in Dunhuang:" Dunhuang has historically been a look attractive. Since the beginning of Han Dynasty drove the western regions, here gradually formed a center of a political, economic, military, cultural and will defend the frontier, carrying heavy responsibility and communication between Chinese and western, Chinese and Western cultures choke traffic, na,

  • Basic necessities of life and customs

    "Basic necessities of life and customs" is "five thousand years of Chinese civilization illustrated books" series one of the "basic necessities of life and customs" special issue, specifically including: from grass clothing skins was born beauty, diet related, Feng Jian rise and fall of Empires of the Silk Road, Hu Ji wine Poetry into line, from the robe and mandarin jacket to in Western dress and leather shoes, from the old from Qin and Han road,

  • Guangxi ethnic musical instruments and folk custom

    "Guangxi ethnic musical instruments and folk" content brief introduction: in China traditional music, music, art, drama, playing the main form of music instruments acoustic interaction plays a vital role in. The main musical tune named instruments are Bangzi opera, Hu Qinqiang, chord plate cavity, liuqin. Opera tune,

  • Fujian festival customs

    "The main contents include: Fujian festival customs" Mazu Culture Festival, Baosheng Cultural Festival, March Festival, festival, Chi Wang prevailed in Cultural Festival, the centipede Ge Culture Festival, her day, Halloween, in section nine three, Chi Ling Pu temple fair culture festival, water aerobics, three day festival. ,

  • Ling Biao look for spring

    Guangdong Qingming Festival, "Ling table to find the Spring Festival: Guangdong" including the Guangdong Qingming festival. The Qingming Festival, also known as Ta Qing Festival, Hanshi festival. In China ancient emperor, "Muji" by folk emulate ancestors sweep the tombs. During the Tang Dynasty, will be to sweep the tombs day as the cold food festival, Ching Ming Festival because with similar, and the cold food for the fire ban civil,

  • Longnan Qin culture and Folklore

    Longnan Qin culture and folklore,

  • The great new reading

    "Family names": new read elementary educational press. "Family names" is an initiatory textbooks popular in China the longest, the most widely spread. It uses a four word sentence rhyme style, read, easy to read, easy to learn and remember. In the "new" family names in reading, we can see different aspects in different periods, different people, from the emperor to the,

  • Sandy Style.

    "Style" is the product of sand recorded Jianghai blend, in culture not only maintained the Wu cultural kinship tradition, and bathed in modern Shanghai culture, with the Yangtze River civilization and civilization qualities, is the Southern Wu cultural towering old trees on the split of the new. ,

  • The traditional Chinese Folk Festival

    "Chinese folk traditional festival" consists of ten parts, including the Spring Festival poetry school, sweet dumplings of glutinous rice flour Festival poetry school, the Dragon Boat Festival poetry school, Qixi poetry school, the Mid Autumn Festival, the Double Ninth Festival poetry poetry annotation annotation etc.. "Chinese folk traditional festival" narrative rigor, clear logic and content is moderate and easy to understand, with very high reference,

  • Chrysanthemum

    Chinese ancient literati "chrysanthemum: the hermit ethos (version)" the main content: Specific symbols sword, chrysanthemum, Qin, chess, wine -- the ancient literati, carrying the Chinese people for thousands of years of hope, a thousand years of frustration, thousands of free and easy...... "Mining Ju tori, the leisurely to see the mountain" in Chinese civilization, shine with great splendor,

  • The folk culture palace full contact

    "Cultural Palace full contact" main content: "New Horizons" Science Series selected informative novel, concise language vivid, nuanced style classification, through the concrete data, beautiful pictures and simple and easy to understand accurately said to mobilize the reader's reading enthusiasm and inspire their imagination, so read,

  • Shandong social custom history

    Shandong social custom history, ISBN:9787209056380, author: Qin Yongzhou,

  • Season

    Books for Chinese character, class, monuments, scenery, secular life phenomenon of human selection, reproduction Chinese long history of cultural information and traditional culture factor in graphic form highly visual, both the content and presentation, have sought to limit break vulgarity, absorbing the higher academic achievement at the same time,

  • The white people's custom culture Longnan (story vol.)

    The story book, white people and rich and colorful folk stories. Longnan folk culture of Baima people Qiu Leisheng, Pu Xiangming editor of "(story volume)" basically includes Longnan white horse population Chuan has collected folk story data. "The study of folk culture of Longnan Bai people (story volume)" collection of myths, legends, stories,

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