• When all is said and done

    China family culture, family culture China: when all is said and done, ISBN:9787544231022, author: Xu Xiang Hong with,

  • Chew guess riddles written on lanterns

    Guess the riddles written on lanterns "chew" compilation of rigorous, size does not. The editor from over the years the vastness of the riddles written on lanterns in books and periodicals, weed pulling Cui, purification, selection of 六千数百 is vocabulary puzzle, it covers vocabulary spoken, saying, idioms, new words and expressions etc aspects, especially the income in recent years, the emergence of new industries,

  • Traditional folk beliefs and modern life

    "The traditional folk beliefs and modern life" is a macro study on the China traditional folk beliefs. The book is divided into eight chapters, including: the meaning and the characteristics of the folk belief, classification folk beliefs, folk beliefs in ancient China, changes of modern folk belief, folk belief evolution in contemporary society, the folk belief,

  • Study on the lamp and the Central Plains folk cultural crossroads

    "Qiludeng and Central Plains Folk Culture Research", based on the novel text live investigation as the basis, to "Qiludeng" about the folk customs and the Central Plains area of the language and customs of do everything in one's power of detailed investigation, analysis and review, this can "of" Qiludeng and folk custom culture on Bo the play,

  • China folk custom of color

    "China folk color folk" from different angle of folklore, anthropology, history is described and the research on its. "The main content Chinese folk color folk" includes: classification manifestation, prescribed level manufacturing contradiction, said occupation of identity, logo, indicating the direction of the team conducting the war life, anti,

  • A new practical folk encyclopedia.

    "The most practical folk Encyclopedia (calendar 1931-2050)", this book has the following characteristics: first, the book as the main line to the now accepted the Gregorian calendar, specific to each day, with the lunar calendar, the solar calendar and week calendar. Second, to pass on Sunday led calendar arrangement. Third, the other calendar,

  • Chinese Festival

    "The main contents include: China Festival" Holiday Inn: time, life Huazhang, prosperous new year, Ching Ming TA Qing is sweep the tombs, BiWen mourning flexion of the Dragon Boat Festival, festival for the United States said July 7th, the people of double circle celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival, double ninth, climbing chrysanthemum appreciation banquet. ,

  • Discussion on the folk custom of Fujian and Taiwan

    Chinese is a folk culture, country, folk culture has a long history, has a long history. Folk custom, generally speaking, refers to the customs and habits of the people. As a common cultural phenomenon, folk culture is an important part of national traditional culture, the communication between the material and the spiritual, tradition and reality,

  • China folk story essence

    "China folk story fine about" the main contents include: at the start of the New Year Spring Festival, Lantern Festival Words hanging red lights, big and small Legend Legend, the Spring Festival daotie "blessing" of the legend, eat the dinner on New Year's Eve closed witticism, gift money legend, the legend of the dragon, from the Spring Festival couplets to Spring Festival couplets, spring. New Year paintings, and God, have the Spring Festival for,

  • Auspicious name

    "Auspicious" is a series of planning theory of Mr. Zhang Shuren for many years of painstaking research and practice of the planning and land planning was founded. Three part, one is the concept of "name". The name is the name: concept design, creativity, auspicious name, gain both fame and wealth. The book describes Mr Zhang Shuren's latest,

  • Chinese surname history. Liu (the) - Chinese surname history books

    This book aims to organize Liu surnames culture, dredge Liu 姓之 sequence of events, the book illustrations of the general history works, included a lot of beautiful illustrations, relates to the surname ancestor, character, location, cultural relics, documents, sites, relics and other related content. In particular, individual illustrations and text words is not corresponding to the one one,

  • Shaoxing customs and discussions

    Shaoxing customs and discussions,

  • Chinese customs of ethnic minorities

    "China customs of ethnic minorities (English version)" includes: For any social or ethnic group, rites and marriage customs are invariably all ess,

  • How to handle the clan relationship

    The family system, edge at the ceremony, consanguinity, built in the local national culture soil, and adapt to a certain level of productivity development, has a long period of validity and rationality. The family business, the reason lies in the feudal society, carry out, to emphasize the ethical ideas of Confucianism, the patriarchal family in countries to support,

  • Folk customs etiquette book utility

    This book from the perspective of the existing Chinese ethnic customs and habits, objectively to be introduced, so that the reader can roughly understand, grasp the development, our country marriage history changes, and determine its further development and trend according to the difference of showing, in order to make China's marriage to the more simple, more healthy, more,

  • The introduction China folk culture

    "The introduction China folk culture (Revised Edition)" is divided into 10 chapters, the theory and methods of nature, folk custom cultural task, scope, social function, route of transmission, behavior, value orientation, the discipline characteristic, and its status in the modern scientific system, put forward a complete the original,

  • China custom series

    Folk arts, ISBN:9787202051337, author: Du Xuede,

  • Chinese folk old almanac

    The first chapter traditional calendar section when the discipline system 1 lunar moon Ganzhi calendar 2 3 4 5 seventy-two second quarter view when the throttle timing 1 Polaris and the Big Dipper 2 "Yao Dian" and four secondary star. In the second chapter, the traditional old.....,

  • An 海嗦 Lian.

    An 海嗦 Hello Lian, the book is divided into ten chapters, the main contents include: "Suo" Lian "the last bastion of the ancient town of Anhai; multi seeking" Suo "Lian"; explore "Suo Lian." meaning -- on "Suo Lian.". ,

  • Cultural memory Cicheng New Year cake.

    "Cultural memory" Ci Cheng New Year cake's brief introduction: Wang Jing has written a cultural monument as Cicheng culture, history, people: New Year cake is Cicheng people for thousands of years of dedication and life create culture, New Year cake condensing Cicheng wisdom, spirit, aesthetic, taste, New Year cake in Cicheng people be handed down from age to age as gene, too,

  • Who is my namesake.

    "Those people with my name:" Li introduced the origin of surname Li, Li, Li, the development and changes of the main distribution, minority Li, Li family and church, Lee, Lee, celebrities and other places of historic interest and scenic beauty. A surname, how much do you know? Do you know the most popular Chinese is Li? Lee,

  • Custom - the Millennium Wencui

    "Customs (set of 2 volumes)" includes: "Customs (1)" and "Customs" (2). Chinese culture is the water, customs is the fish, the fish and water blending, and make Chinese culture more and more abundant, the customs more attractive. Ten different wind, in the different customs, customs and culture of the people,

  • Rural folk culture in New Countryside and new youth Library

    New countryside and new youth Library: a rural folk culture, ISBN:9787504850225, author: Zhou Xiaozhou,

  • The 2300 Chinese people will know the folk knowledge

    "The 2300 sense" Chinese folk know will launch a thousand all kinds of dogs in the world folk picture for you. Do you know the origin of drum, Holboo, shadow play these folk art? Heard of the Sholton Festival, gyro Festival, bullfighting Festival, colorful ethnic customs? Tasted Guokui, plate,

  • The funeral for customs

    "Rural" is mainly about the custom of funeral arrangements: the traditional funeral customs, the main contents of the traditional funeral customs, traditional burial custom main ceremony, modern funeral etiquette, China modern funeral, funeral of modern management process, memorial ceremony, cinerary casket placed ceremony, condolences to the families of the deceased, condolence ceremony etiquette,

  • The twelve Chinese Zodiac

    The snake, "the twelve zodiac:" as "one of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac snake series", introduces the origin, the snake snake Zodiac Zodiac century chronology, snake Zodiac year memorabilia, snake, the snake Zodiac Zodiac celebrity corresponding animal, human and snake zodiac animal complex, text and snake zodiac animal zodiac animal language, literature and art, the snake works in the snake Zodiac animals,

  • Wedding wonderful ana

    A wedding is a love of education and speeches, the wedding is a true feelings speech. "The wedding wonderful ana" taking into account the wedding master of ceremonies of the confusion, considerate to all speakers from large wedding, wedding and speakers selected a lot of wonderful ana. The best quotation to abandon the,

  • Chinese folk old almanac

    Brief introduction of "old history" Chinese folklore content: old almanac is a special carrier China traditional folk culture, which according to the calendar date and arrangement of solar term, at the same time record of the Chinese nation has a long history, splendid culture. Now. These folk culture through long inheritance and deduction, still has great influence on our daily life,

  • The twelve Chinese Zodiac

    Rat, "twelve" as "one of the zodiac: Rats twelve zodiac series", introduced between the human and the rat zodiac animal zodiac, Zodiac rat. Rat rat Zodiac year century chronology, memorabilia, mouse, rat Zodiac Zodiac celebrity corresponding animal, complex, character and the rat zodiac animal zodiac animal language, literature, rats works in the rat Zodiac animals,

  • Chinese addiction

    Addiction is a "double-edged sword". For example, flowers, tea stone addiction addiction addiction, book addiction, it accumulates, the creation and development of culture, to create the conditions for the aesthetic concept of the society; but it will destroy the environment and vegetation, in the creation and development of the culture at the same time, different levels have side effects and even social public harm -- quarry,,

  • Totem and taboo

    The core and essence of religion, totem and taboo in primitive tribes was long the center of controversy. This book is the author of these difficult puzzle answer do contribution to the breakthrough. The author examines the aboriginal totem worship, think: violation of totem taboo in primitive people is regarded as the greatest sin; totem,

  • The Hangzhou canal customs

    The Hangzhou canal customs, ISBN:9787806338759, author: Gu Xijia,

  • Zhong Jingwen on China folk

    Cultural China series: Zhong Jingwen ISBN:9787535849342, author of Chinese folk:,

  • The wedding game

    Chinese traditional marriage etiquette by its grand and scenes and characteristic. It usually after extraction, engaged, married married, housing and "procedures", the wedding night all the relatives and friends in the wedding bride and groom frolic, both hands to the bed is a new climax. Due to occur in the bridal chamber, it is known as the "housing",

  • The cradle of the festival

    "Introduction" cradle Festival content: in front of this "cradle" Printing Culture Festival, in a day than a day behind the times, does not seem to be bright, but it is a record of important historical period of Republic of China. Recorded a car city glory, the twists and turns of revival, recorded as national automobile industry,

  • Millennium wave - China Buluotuo culture

    "Millennium wave: introduction Chinese Buluotuo culture content:" Buluotuo culture refers to the Zhuang and ancestors worship Buluotuo as the God, the ancestor of God, religious and moral religion belief activities, it includes many aspects of culture, culture of Buluotuo myth epic, ancestor of the cultural content. Buluotuo culture spread in the Zhuang region,

  • Funeral facilities planning and design

    "Funeral facilities planning and design" content mainly includes the basic theory and method of funeral facilities planning, funeral facilities planning, landscape planning and design of funeral and interment funeral facilities, facilities engineering design content, procedures and skills, in order to improve the reader's actual operation ability, "funeral facilities planning and design" also specifically added,

  • White tiger

    An important feature of China culture, is a symbol of its. Thinking Chinese is intuitive, Lenovo, hazy, so it is art. It is based on the feeling, rather than the logic analysis, the concept of deduction. Therefore, if a man is only the "KunLun" as a mountain, the "Yellow Emperor" as a,

  • View of the universe and life world

    Kinship system, belief system and oral tradition, Huayao Dai population of one hundred thousand, in the far, dress is gorgeous, custom specific. Even in the beautiful colorful ethnic customs of Yunnan, Huayao Dai ethnic group also attract sb.'s attention. Among these, both the interest of the public, but also has the academic attention. This book is a combination of the two to express. "View of the universe and life world" is the first of a people,

  • The painting of Lu Xun

    Today, people already familiar with Lu Xun sharp style, almost forgot his other passion -- art. This year marks the 70 anniversary of the death of Lu Xun, publishing circles pushed large Lu Xun old and series of books, the Shanghai Lu Xun Memorial Museum curator Wang Xirong will be 154 pieces of Lu Xun art works themselves have collected,

  • Festival in Changan ((10 volumes)

    Changan: Festival of Qingming Festival, ISBN:9787560423418, author: Zhao Jianguang, Li Yingke eds.,

  • Shandong folk sports / Qilu folk series

    "Shandong folk sports (Second Series)" as one of the "Qilu folk series". The book is the record of Shandong folk sports activities, folk sports activities involved in the late Qing Dynasty to the twentieth Century 70 ~ 80 in this time period. The book with graphics and way to record Shandong folk sports,

  • Research on folk ancient writing (eighth Series)

    This series included 26 article, is divided into 8 sections: the "features" and "folklore", "Literature", "text" and "exegesis and vocabulary, phonology, etymology, doctoral student forum", and "academic newsletter" and of etc.. Features 4 articles, of which Mr. He Jiuying "in china,

  • Chinese cultural stories

    Chinese culture for thousands of years, make complex, how to read? Another method China culture details: reading. In fact, we hear and see more flashy knowledge, details buried in the depths, seemingly familiar things actually may not really know. Chinese culture story in details, details of the most real, the most interesting,

  • Tianjin old saying

    The old saying "Tianjin" include: soil and water scenery, news articles, often it is Lane Street, seasonal customs article, basic necessities of life, art and text content. "The old saying" by Tianjin Tianjin People's publishing house. ,

  • Rural game

    This is the book of a game, is also a Book of childhood. This is some primitive and ancient village game, but they are disappearing...... This used to be our memories and portraits, but with our children away...... This is a country the game can be based on the textbook, the book tells the story of resurrection,

  • Qin

    "Qin: the ancient literati self-cultivation delight (version)" the main content: Specific symbols sword, chrysanthemum, Qin, chess, Chinese ancient literati wine, carrying the Chinese people for thousands of years of hope, a thousand years of frustration, thousands of free and easy...... Qin, one of China's earliest project on the world intangible cultural heritage, with its,

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