• Ten li dowry marriage legend

    The "ten li dowry marriage legend", covers the whole process of the old woman married, demonstrate the beautiful Jiangnan marriage characteristic. From the marriage divination "horoscopes" beginning, "Ken" media things pass post, her dowry, a "match" and "ten li dowry dowry dowry" "and" "double wardrobe dresser" on ",

  • Yuhang rolling lights / Zhejiang provincial representative of the intangible cultural heritage series

    "Yuhang rolling lights" content brief introduction: Yuhang rolling lights, folk dance combines skill, sports in one, with distinct characteristics of diversity, comprehensive, competitive. The nine sets of the twenty-seven acting, has a unique artistic conception and the typical geographical features, show the Chinese folk dance outstanding creativity, to explore the folk,

  • Folk image interpretation of Wang Yun "Shuowen" Writings

    "Wang Jun Wen '' Folk images interpretation" in the writings of Wang Yun "Shuowen" works of folk material, especially the "Wang Wen four" ("Shuo Wen Shi Li", "Wen", "Shuo Wen Department of punctuation school record", "Wen Zi Meng Qiu") in the use of folk material, one by one collecting combs, and then be arranged,

  • Cangjing Ge million years choose Jitong book

    Lucky Nafu, is China's traditional folk customs, the ancient translation of Ji of understanding, will help to deepen the understanding of absurdity. The book according to the king Qian Long translation of the auspicious year, month, day table compiled. Main content includes: a Qianlong Siku Quanshu Ka Kyrgyzstan table chronology: Sixty sixty go round and begin again,

  • The Dragon Boat Festival

    The Dragon Boat Festival, ISBN:9787545702156, author: Wang Jiaju,

  • South of the Five Ridges Wuyi

    Thousand years of agricultural civilization, came out of the local Chinese past and present. Xiang, home soil, folk also. Wu Xiang country, land, is home. Today's digital world, amidst the winds of change,

  • The bridal chamber

    "Bridal chamber" is one of the "Chinese folk series" series, "folk" is a general term for the general public way of life of a region, ethnic group or nation. Folklore is one of the most important subjects, it should not only and to some extent has become with Mandarin, history, literature, philosophy and China China China test,

  • Water footprint

    This book focuses on the cave type cable this kind of cable stone, stone are artistic, mainly by the mascot, dark sin, animal, plant, musical instruments and many things together, there are more than 50 kinds of. Mascot: luck, Ding Sheng, pen, pen, gold ingots, ancient coins, rhinoceros horn, sword, double, eight, four,

  • Wine.

    "Wine" ", also known as" Beishan liquor by ", written by Song Zhugong. "Wine" in three volumes. Volume is the introduction, the general theory of meaning and history of wine, the wine of life. The theory and method of making wine yeast paper roll. "Wine" rolls, records the entire brewing process, and modern traditional yellow,

  • Folklore and superstition

    This booklet articles are well written, can be used to read essays, with both knowledge and fun, meet, know about the essay hall quality should have, in the final analysis, we wrote, so, although small, reflected the knowledge is large, this is the contemporary scholars and his ilk off the difficult. ,

  • Jilin Manchu paper-cut

    "Paper-cut of Jilin Manchu Nationality: introduction to shut 云德" content: with a pair of rough, overgrown with hands cut out the full of charm and dynamic "Manchu paper-cut", this is the "China folk culture outstanding successor" Kanto farmer Guan Yunde. Guan Yunde lives in Jilin province Jiutai Qi TA Mu Zhen Liu Jia eight agency, influenced by Manchu family,,

  • China five thousand years riddle witticism

    "China five thousand years riddle witticism" capture the 5000 years culture history Kuai moxibustion population, widespread riddle story, it is a practical guide to set riddles written on lanterns, riddles written on lanterns riddles written on lanterns riddles written on lanterns story, culture and history knowledge in one, is a master for the reader friend pointing puzzle maze made. The riddle is endemic to china,

  • A comparative study of China ASEAN national customs

    China - ASEAN national customs comparative study, "comparative studies in China, ASEAN national customs mainly discusses the similarities and differences between China and ASEAN national customs. The first explanation here people refer to the main or representative of a nation, not covering the country every nation all. Folk culture is the pillar of national culture, national culture is the root. ,

  • Luodian Dragon Boat custom

    Luodian Dragon Boat custom, "Luodian Dragon Boat custom" tells the story of Shanghai metropolis complex and cultural ecology and multiple cultural style, make the intangible cultural heritage resources accumulation of deep, rich shapes. In the list of national intangible cultural heritage list of Shanghai project covers the folk literature, traditional music and traditional dances, traditional drama,,

  • Handbook of Chinese auspicious culture

    Feng Shui mascot, "Handbook of Chinese auspicious culture: an introduction to the Feng Shui mascot" content: Chinese auspicious culture knowledge a pass, 506 kinds of traditional Chinese auspicious items fully illustrated! The master to read Chinese auspicious culture, pointing defends the transport way. Teach you to use auspicious items for evil, good luck from the wind. The most complete,

  • Chicken Wang Xiongfeng

    "The ancient game culture - chicken King glory" in addition to clearly outline the development history of China's cockfighting, also want to relevant customs, culture, heritage successor functions and other issues have to do some brief discussion, and strive to give readers some new information. Cockfighting is entertainment folk customs, folk (or competitive swimming,

  • To two yuan from the dollar

    "To two yuan from the element: Modern Chinese clothing meridians" related to the ancient inheritance, archaeological reports, documents and archives and collections of clothing from real data, to Chinese ancient costume modern fashion evolution to China transition relation in the course of the whole development as the clue, the frame of the world fashion history as reference, to clothing the,

  • Chinese folk common sense know

    Taste edition, "Chinese folk (common sense know taste version)": "ten li different wind, in the different customs." China 56 ethnic Chinese children, although the life, in the same piece of territory on the work, but in the history of several thousand years has formed rich and colorful folk customs, this is a great asset. Folk,

  • Yang's name,

    "Yang named Tongdian" is divided into six parts: surname, name, name the examples, customs, people. The new achievements of Archaeology and historical data corroborated by comparison method, and the family history, folklore, toponymy and other disciplines of knowledge on the source, Chinese surname ancestors birthplace, perplexing,

  • Fenghua Dragon

    "Introduce" on the Fenghua Fenghua bron bron production process, performance characteristics, style of music and the inheritance. Especially the production process, combining pictures, and detailed, can well reproduce the skills to make this intangible cultural heritage. Fenghua dragon is the representative of the dragon,

  • Folk jokes.

    "Folk jokes. (Revised Edition)" the main content description: jokes in the presence of a large number of ancient and modern folk literature. In order to provide the reader with spiritual food and the heart, spirit benefit, laugh after reading the mind to cultivate, author Ge Shiqin featured a number of outstanding chapter from ancient joke, according to modern tastes as appropriate,

  • As the Spring Festival

    The words "popular language, informative literature and exquisite pictures with the Spring Festival", introduces in detail the associated with spring festival culture and customs, so that readers to better inherit Chinese excellent traditional culture, promote the culture of the spring festival. The Chinese Spring Festival is the biggest traditional festival, dating back more than two thousand years of history, and still,

  • Fuzhou God vulgar

    "Fuzhou God common content:" the immortal belief is the characteristics of our people's cultural creation, accumulation of a lot of elements China traditional culture, its cultural value self-evident. Fuzhou folk gods cultural atmosphere is very strong, many local gods, through the accumulation of history, these gods have become the people of Fuzhou heart,

  • Xiangxi Miao drilling bull sacrifice

    "The main content of Xiangxi Miao drilling bull sacrifice": the survival environment, the ceremony of basic information, the ritual process and composition, Tan ban and inheritance, acting and forms, characteristics and value of a total of six chapters, and an appendix "drilling bull sacrifice" Full Tang Buddhist rituals, etc.. ,

  • Study of daily narrative genre

    To the West Beijing Yan Jia Tai Cun pull home for the case, "genre study of Daily Narrative (to the West Beijing Yan Jia Tai Cun pull Jia case)" author Nishimura Mashiba will "genre" is a local, life and practice of narrative "concept classification". The question is: how to realize the research subject and the subjects in academic research subject (object),

  • Chinese Festival

    "Introduction" China Festival: Festival is an important carrier of Chinese national spirit and emotion. Festival culture is deeply rooted in the people, has a strong vitality, changes through the years, has become a valuable heritage of the Chinese culture. All these festivals are telling the national and social development,

  • Ancient Chinese Appellation

    The title 千变万状, extremely complex, such as different appellation of Su Shi has nearly 100 kinds of. We want to study and the study of ancient Chinese culture today, we must understand the various appellation about the ancients, otherwise will not only cause misunderstanding, but also prone to joke. This book is a comprehensive study and introduces the appellation of land shortage,,

  • The diet custom / Chinese customs series / new rural bookstore Books

    Fan Chuanfeng editor of the "diet" is "Chinese folk customs" series in one, as it "farm house" variety, the diet custom presentation, make the rural readers understand the intangible culture of the Chinese nation, arouse their national cultural confidence, build up the consciousness of national culture,,

  • Modern Chinese Sangha couplets

    "Modern Chinese Sangha couplets" contains nearly clear, Dawu, awake, Guangji, light, imprint, Yong Ling, the saint, transfer printing, will feel the 200 Dade couplets of more than 2000 pieces. ,

  • Culture Inquiry

    "Cultural study" including essays, culture of two parts, divided into orchid praise, and birch forest, plum discussion of 30 small chapters. An unfortunate incident happened, some mechanism of its occurrence, the unfortunate event can be the continuation of life cover or by hiding to the annihilation, but that leads to misery,

  • The mysterious culture China

    "Mysterious culture" China helps people of Chinese ancestors deep deep wisdom about, beneficial to the people China ancient cultural traditions and customs. At the same time, the reader in reading "mysterious culture" Chinese process, if you observe carefully, carefully identify, absorbing its essence, abandon its dross, can gather,

  • Chinese customs (two volumes)

    "Humanistic China series China customs (set of 2 volumes)" the bills since modern newspapers, with, the historical records of the past dynasties, notes. The book consists of modern Chinese and retroactivity, nearly, on China's history since the provinces, prefectures, counties and ethnic customs were reviewed, and its origin and evolution are discussed,

  • Chinese gifts

    "Chinese style gifts: The Untold latent plan" each section for giving everyone a headache problem, discussed through the case to do a full range, and to find a solution. Here, you can get a lot of gifts to good ideas, which includes not only the gift and practical gift of tradition, but also,

  • Ningxia folk Daguan

    "Ningxia folk Daguan" it is a comprehensive medium green Ningxia folklore books. Write the book's author, is a native or resident living in Ningxia back to the Han, Manchu, comrades, is engaged in Ningxia folk research experts, scholars and artists. "Ningxia folk Daguan" description of the folk culture of Ningxia,

  • Equinox to solstice

    "The winter solstice: a brief introduction to the main content of folk art in the twenty-four solar term": twenty-four solar term is China ancient unique creation, Shen Hong compiled the "vernal equinox to solstice" for each solar term of the sequence of events and cultural connotation of the excavation depth and description, we open the door of folk culture and farming culture in China a,

  • Study on the inheritance of Manchu said

    Manchu Shuobu borrow Han definition of narrative literature, is a comprehensive loose rhyme with verbal art. Gao Hehong compiled the "Manchu says the study" inheritance is said the panoramic view of the Manchu, covering the said department related concepts from the Manchu definition to say research collection history of Manchu, from Manchu Shuobu inheritance, transfer,

  • Folk custom of Shanghai

    "Folk Shanghai: Xuhui volume" folk culture is the sum total of closely related to the residents' living, basic necessities of life etiquette, beliefs, fashion, entertainment and other folk customs. Shanghai folk custom and the coexistence of the new customs, local customs and foreign customs, promote mutual color multi folk culture, folk, and even exotic foreign customs,,

  • Shake the soul

    China finally feet tribes, the author examines Chinese finally feet tribes -- Yunnan Tonghai six one village history, interviewed dozens of bound feet women, explore their foot binding history, describes the life course and explores the metamorphosis of their psychological generation of appreciation and wrapped around the foot binding of. ,

  • The new wing plants and insects

    Yin Dengguo said: "the folk plants and insects the new wing" by Mr. Yin Dengguo. China known as the "five thousand years of civilization, also known as the" country "within ten thousand years". Long culture makes us feel glory at the same time, often feel with no reality whatever. In addition to the names and ages of thousands of Baba's history textbook, we again,

  • Temple fair and Chinese culture

    Chinese culture series, this book is divided into 11 chapters, the content includes: the origin of the temple, temple, Temple of the evolution of the basic features and basic functions, the basic types of temple fair culture, ancient temples and temple, temple and the basic structure of the original belief, the temple of folk culture and art, temple fair and humane culture, China Temple group of the basic distribution,

  • After the first obituary heaven

    "After the first obituary Heaven (Revised Edition)" fun, delightful. The author takes the reader to experience the obituary history and those until they disappear to cause our attention and extraordinary life, from a very interesting point of view describes the last human history - obituary - History and customs. ,

  • Chinese Folklore (first series)

    To explore the Chinese folklore academic research and discipline construction and academic problems from the folk narrative research, study of folk religion, introspection, conference, foreign experience, reflect the research situation, the problems and prospects of Chinese folklore, the overseas scholar's research condition. ,

  • Appellation of offence

    "The appellation of" offense to pay more attention to absorb the new thought, new theory of domestic and foreign counterparts, pay attention to the research methods, especially pay attention to keep pace with the shift of research paradigm, so the new lot. The series has now published the book, have clearly demonstrated the advantages and characteristics. This may be in part,

  • Festival on

    "Festival on (English Chinese)" the main content description: festival customs is to demonstrate a cultural window. It is well-established, broad and profound, flash light of the nation in the eyes, puts the social life in the moment. It from various angles and sides, reflecting the nation's historical and social life, has the bright people,

  • Tea

    "Tea" the advent of the tea culture, to promote independent discipline has the epoch-making significance. Author Lu Yu for contributions to Chinese tea and tea in the world, known as the "sage", regarded as the "tea," tea Fairy "worship as god". [song] Chen Shidao: books, tea, since the beginning of its feathers, for the world, but also,

  • Folk culture series China parenting folk /

    "Child rearing custom" content abstract: in the course of life Chinese in, nothing is more important than the family, family things, children to continue the family in the history of the continual existence, has become the focus of the family members and concerned. Child rearing custom including Fetish worship and the town of a series of children's growth process,

  • Ancient villages in southern Anhui

    "World natural and cultural heritage tour" series of books to our 27 world heritage for the content, each a fascicle, comprehensive and in-depth show with natural beauty, beauty of the culture, cultural and natural heritage beauty everywhere. Take you approached them, let you read them, make you cherish them. As a tourist eye surface,

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