• China folk

    "The main contents include: Chinese folk" China nation, Chinese folk, production, living customs, etiquette, folk belief, the Han nationality, China ethnic minority customs and so. ,

  • Guo Dingxiang

    Guo Dingxiang, this book is a collection of folk narrative poem, is the story of the kitchen and kitchen Granny Wang Ben Fengshen story. Focal King grandma Guo Dingxiang, abandoned by her husband abuse, experienced all kinds of hardships. At the end of the story, she finally to rely on their own good hard-working obtains a more happy life. But her ex husband because of remorse into a self,

  • Wine art appreciation

    "Wine art appreciation" includes: the history of wine, wine culture, wine, wine, wine, typical 'woe, prohibition, wine etc.. "Wine art appreciation" by the Shandong Education Publishing house. ,

  • New do not ask for help

    "The new do not ask for help" is a comprehensive book financial popular science, culture, ideology, life in one of the. The book for the new socialist countryside, for a new generation of ideals, culture, positive enterprising, pursuit of new farmers rich, democratic, scientific. The book keeping up with the times, facing the country, close to life, combined with practice, pointing,

  • Sichuan town folk cultural inheritance and innovation

    "The inheritance and innovation of" Sichuan town folk culture collection of Sichuan Province folk society and the Yibin Municipal Academy of Social Sciences, the host, part of the Sichuan Yian investment group and Yibin Cardamine bean sprouts limited liability company with the "Sichuan town folk culture heritage and innovation" the academic symposium on. The book consists of 8 parts, a total of 4,

  • The village folk culture of Gaobeidian

    "Gaobeidian village folk culture will" describes the Gaobeidian village history, culture, folklore: city at the foot of the pier and the village, village temple bearing historical memory, provider of agricultural markets in Gaobeidian, with fish from Gaobeidian, May Festival Niangniang Temple Temple, "Gong Yi help good" stilts old would, together in "silver grab,

  • Ji Chou celebrate the New Year

    "Ji Chou celebrate the New Year" by the people's fine arts publishing house, including: Spring cattle land, a bumper grain harvest, twelve animals, twelve animal figurines chronology, everybody has a twelve zodiac constellation, say, cattle and twelve zodiac, ox spring, spring, spring cattle customs whip attack awn God, wards off to the ugly, dog years good farm cattle, ugly,

  • Chinese folk Tongzhi

    Faith will, how to build a future oriented, the world of Chinese civilization, is the historical responsibility of each and every one of us Chinese. The fusion and its foundation is thousands of years of the national spirit, national culture and national consciousness of folk. "China folk Tongzhi: the belief of" writing is based on the belief of folk fieldwork based completely,

  • Birthday on

    The young mother, why should the fetus of fetal education? The baby was born, why red eggs, three pilgrimage, to do the full moon wine? Why do people do birthday? The elder birthday, send what gift for good? What is sixty, seventy years of age, what is only half,

  • Marriage farce

    "Marriage" marriage "to Chinese jokes. In the general discussion China marriage system, marriage and marriage mode, the origin of the development and evolution of the historical process, namely in the traditional Chinese marriage in the most representative of the marriage as a basic carrier. In the multi-level and multi aspect, for the Han nationality,

  • New calendar

    The book is divided calendar (1900-2050) and the era of table. ,

  • The Food Chinese


  • New records of Chuxiong scenery

    "A brief introduction to the main content of the new Chuxiong Journal:" the scenery in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture is located in the Yunnan plateau hinterland, in the mountains, the mountains and Dianchi lake basin depression transverse overlapping, river valley Creek, strewn at random, the whole terrain is tilted from northwest to southeast. See the mountains, the East Hill Wumeng, South by the Ailao, Baicaoling north,

  • Taiwan spirit

    This is a devoted religion of Taiwan folk culture. Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism, relates to Christianity, Islam, Mazu belief, the local deity etc.. Both theoretical research, and the story interspersed the meantime, set of knowledge, interest, popular in one. For the majority of readers, especially those on the table,

  • Ye Dabing Folklore Studies

    The book is a collection of related folklore in China famous folklorist Ye Dabing published in different periods of the 47 articles, the content is divided into: the content of folklore basic theory research, application of folklore studies, folklore studies. ,

  • Tianjin Folk Paper-cut

    "The main content of Tianjin Folk Paper-cut": China's paper-cut has a long history, very popular, has the deep mass base. Door is from the ancient "banner" and "flag pin" evolved. Before the emergence of plant fiber paper, the existing "gold", the Western Zhou Dynasty "shear Tong" records, "Han Qiao cut plane as window screen",

  • People folk custom utility Daquan

    People folk custom utility, ISBN:9787801784667, author: Yan kai,

  • Chinese folk cultural magazine

    Unified action in the national scope, through to the real inheritance and development of folk heritage rescue census, writing all the county, district level local folklore ethnography, this is the first time in history. Based on the relationship of life understand the specific folk custom and local, write reflect cultural consciousness in the era of cultural change,

  • Chinese Huagu Opera Art

    This book is the embodiment of Huaihe culture in the singing and dancing, which has the world's most abundant language system of the music dance system, is one of the world's most can express complex plots and characters of the folk dance with body language, since the ancient times, flower drum lantern always occur in Chinese civilization, body image, standing in the world of music and dance this paper,

  • Chinese traditional festival on

    The China is a continuation of history Chinese, Chinese culture, traditional festivals and vice versa Chinese. China traditional festivals in the past, its thousands of years of unbroken succession with luxuriant foliage, the vast deep system, is a powerful and not ignored. From the twelfth lunar month lunar January, there are festivals every month, day,

  • A guardian angel said

    A guardian angel is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, such as the sun moon, mountains and rivers, Heyue maintain Xianxiang, famous scholar, an array of ancestors, gods in high...... Are Chinese people respect for a guardian angel. In ancient times, whether rural town or state, government, mostly, every family has a guardian angel for worship of the shrine. ,

  • Chinese ancient folklore

    China ancient folk 3, the author conducts the research to the "notes of Yangzhou pleasure boat" and "Guangdong neologism" ancient books from the perspective of folklore, the folklore studies contemporary provide information reference and support and reference. ,

  • Festivals and customs in the Tang Dynasty

    Festivals and customs, Tang ISBN:9787203067870, author: Zhang Hongmei,

  • China Hetian jade

    "Hetian jade" China occupies an important historical position in the China jade culture history, and Hetian jade jade is China elite, is the treasure of the Chinese nation, has a very vast cultural connotation, and made an indelible contribution to the formation and development of Chinese civilization. Further study, publicize and promote China Hetian jade culture,

  • Shandan Baojuan (upper and lower)

    "Shandan Baojuan (up and down)" as one of the "Shandan Culture Series", write "Shandan Baojuan (upper and lower)" the purpose is to arouse the people to protect the cultural heritage, strong sense of prosperity of regional culture, provide informative historical data for the study of west area popular literature history, history of folk culture. Shandan Baojuan is Shandan folk people,

  • The New Year paintings trip

    "May you be happy and prosperous!", "four seasons peace", "the most favorable auspices", "May there be surpluses every year," if life and growth in nature, thrive in New Year greetings, however, another simple and vivid image years, our unique folk culture heritage -- New Year paintings are no longer, is from the people's life slipping away...... ,

  • Chinese folk Tongzhi

    Marriage records, Chinese folk tongzhi (Hun Jiazhi), ISBN:9787532847891, author: Qi Tao; Wu Cunhao,

  • New records of Dehong scenery

    The new scenery of Dehong records, "new Dehong" scenery of Yunnan is one of the scenery series, this book were selected from a historical and cultural perspective, prominent national characteristics, describes the Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture places of historic interest and scenic beauty, ethnic customs, cultural, historical and cultural as well as Flavor Diet and Tutemingchan etc.. ,

  • Game

    In this book the genre painting except special signature, the other from the painter Zhao Huachuan, Zhao Chengwei's album "old.". The two gentlemen will allow me to use their beautiful folk game genre painting, making the book greatly enriched. ,

  • Colorful ethnic customs and colorful Guizhou

    Colorful Guizhou ethnic customs, and colorful ISBN:9787806629550, author: "colorful Guizhou national customs" writing group coding,

  • The new scenery of Diqing

    The new scenery of Diqing, "a brief introduction to the main content of new scenery of Diqing": here are the main ethnic Tibetan, Naxi, Lisu, Yi and Han nationality, etc.. All ethnic groups with the health and prosperity, but also with the nature -- hill, water, forest, rare fowls and strange animals...... Composed of a harmonious and civilized world. Here, it is not difficult to find: Diqing this show soil,

  • Wits witticism riddles written on lanterns.

    "The main content of competing with witticism riddles written on lanterns": popular culture, ancient and not old, long and a new bridge. It in the people's side, in the life of people, every hour and moment does not affect people's thought, idea and taste. Summary of popular culture, rejecting the dross, absorb its essence, to carry forward the national spirit. Enhance national self-confidence, improve and,

  • In 2009 he 岁书 English version

    "In 2009 English version he 岁书" by the people's fine arts publishing house, including: THE SPRING FESTIVAL, THE IMAGE OF OX IN TRADITIONAL CHINESE CULTURE, FAMO,

  • Chinese ancient etiquette code (six volumes)

    The book according to the "integration of ancient and modern books" of "by" and "etiquette code compilation, Qing Dynasty Tongzhi", "Qing Dynasty literature tongkao" and "the Qing Dynasty continued literature tongkao" part of the contents of the editing and. Our country is one of the ancient civilizations in the world, since ancient times known as "a state of ceremonies". General Li refers to the state laws and regulations,

  • The father of Chinese Folklore

    Zhong Jingwen, a career recording and academic review, Zhong Jingwen holds to the motherland and the people of numerous academic achievements, attracted the attention of domestic and foreign counterparts and very strong response, ten years ago to introduce the outstanding scholars provide reference materials for the people, "researchers; to provide a relevant subject content rich books professional workers studious; for Mr. Zhong zhi,

  • Chinese years

    The book includes: tells people their own modern story, chic fashion people from all sides, the Spring Festival Spring Festival, national customs new year Spring Festival, foreigners, overseas Chinese love complex China years, the Spring Festival to give you a good mood. ,

  • Passing historical

    "City" tells the story of old Beijing city stories, this book is a non matter cultural heritage eulogy, convey our grief and my heart will never fade from the memory. The disappearing, will become the history. We will be sad? Or will you contribute to a force to prevent it become history? Remember "the lion king",

  • Folk custom of Shanghai

    Folk culture is the sum total of the basic necessities of life is closely related with people's life, the life etiquette, festivals, religious beliefs and customs, social fashion, entertainment and other folk customs. Shanghai folk custom and the coexistence of the new customs, local customs and the customs, and promote the diversified folk culture mutual infiltration and combination, it is native to Shanghai,

  • Gannan Tibetan Folklore

    "Gannan Tibetan folk" focuses on: the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located in the eastern edge of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, located in Gansu, Qinghai, Sichuan provinces interchange, is the history of the ancient Silk Road, Tangfangudao is an important channel, Tibetan and Chinese exchange forward, is Tibetan leading to the mainland's portal, is Tibetan and Chinese politics, the economic, cultural exchange,

  • China folk

    China folk, ISBN:9787561911082, author: Shu Yan,

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