• China marriage protection god

    "The protection of God Chinese marriage, folk belief (version)" content brief introduction: folk culture is a very broad concept, species with vast swimming. People just can say such as national culture, social culture, corporate culture, diet culture, and even what tobacco culture, wine culture,

  • Drum Spirit

    Abstract: the drum in the folk, is not only a kind of musical instrument. It is this kind of maternal or symbol, for it; or the shape of vulval, blood and then the metaplasia myriad things; or the indication, the undead will follow the return to ancestral land...... The drum sound combination of yin and Yang, life and death, both for offering students, also the foundation of death. The life and death of soul,

  • Solar term of folklore and health

    "Solar term of folklore and health: Folklore healthy LOHAS life" in order to make the readers can have a more comprehensive understanding of the 24 solar term and the corresponding solar term customs and health points, with twenty-four solar term time for clues, each solar term for depth profiling, the folk custom culture, daily life, health,

  • Pray for the rich folklore

    Pray for the rich folk, "folk" prayer for wealth, the main content of the book include: the God of wealth, the phase of prayer for wealth, wealth, the discourse of send money custom etc.. ,

  • The Jin Tang two Song painting, custom figures

    This book focuses on the Imperial Palace museum treasures Jin, Tang, song of the two most representative figure 72 products, and the overall display, these works reflect completely the art history of this period of art history, become China indispensable pictures. ,

  • Chinese Festival

    Human China: Chinese Festival (Arabic), ISBN:9787508519951, author: Wei Liming translated by Xiao Yunlong,

  • Traces of civilization

    Sichuan well salt folk magic,

  • New Year Spring Festival - the Spring Festival

    The Spring Festival, "New Year Spring Festival: the Spring Festival" the characteristic of Chinese traditional culture elements in the unfolding story centric, based on real folk life, natural infiltration of Chinese traditional culture, so that the readers can feel the warmth and love, also naturally understand the Chinese traditional culture, arouse the mind,

  • The Fujian Taiwan Folk

    "Fujian Taiwan folk on the background of" the Taiwan folk culture in the Chinese folk culture, carding and Analysis on the folk culture of Fujian and Taiwan for the multi angle, not only reveal the common folk culture between Fujian and Taiwan, also demonstrates the Fujian, Fujian Fuzhou and Taiwan each folk culture personality, or a whole, or scatter,

  • Dialogue across time and space

    Every nation has its own special rites. Cai Li's funeral, including folk sacrificial rites. Ritual objects have jade, a Buddism godness Guanyin, Mazu, Hades, God of wealth, the judge and so on, from the sky to the sky at the bottom of the hell of the gods. The ancestors people Spring Festival, Qingming mourn the dead, the dead funeral,,

  • Concubinage

    In the modern Chinese social reform, many traditional habits have been criticized as "concubinage" is the latest attack, the response is scanty failed to form a climate, only some women's groups in vigorously, in February 20, 1922, five women's groups in Nanjing formal organization for women's Federation, April,

  • Folk Vol.

    "" the Yellow River folk culture folk volume set Dacheng, demonstrated its unique style. All the basic necessities of life, the production, the trade, agency rural village, rites, worship, folk literature, games etc. are described and discussed in the aspects of folklore studies, the Yellow River basin is a beneficial try,

  • Longevity Culture Chinese Atlas

    "For the first five fu". In China traditional "Wu Fu", the life is in the first row. Human happiness is the premise to health and longevity, with Shou Fu, short life all empty. The ancients in celebrating the birthday of the historical process, often borrow birthday, Wang Mu, Ma Gu, sin, Dongfang Shuo, Wonderland longevity auspicious figures, longevity,

  • A new Shanghai

    "Shanghai" one new recorded statement to make the classification arrangement, appropriate to add annotations, individual character in the premise of keeping the original meaning under the standardized treatment. ,

  • Dragon culture and dragon and lion dance

    Chinese dragon and lion dance culture is a national intangible cultural heritage protection project. "Dragon culture and dragon and Lion Dance" focus on promoting Chinese traditional culture, absorbing foreign dragon culture and dragon and lion sports achievements of domestic research, using vivid examples, illustrations, the origin of the dragon and lion dance, dragon culture and dragon spirit,

  • The witticism

    The book includes a witticism, more than 800, with English control, has the widespread application value, which contains some history, idioms, as the subject of literary figures, not only familiar to the area of Chinese people, but also the Western readers can understand the history and culture of Chinese from. ,

  • Folk choose Jitong book

    Kyrgyzstan will and correct understanding of a considerable distance. People in the society, must be "practice cognition practice again -- -- -- re understanding of the dialectical process", in order to have a correct understanding. Of course, in the awareness of things in the process, there is always the wrong understanding, and will gradually find, and abandoned,

  • Chang South customs

    "Chang Nan customs" tells the story: the passage of time, Chen Haicheng, Lai Dequan, Tu wing newspaper "and" Mr. Chang Nan Chang Nan "sages" still be visible before the eyes of the scene. Inadvertently the past two years, Mr. Chen and Mr. Zhu Zhengrong another masterpiece "Chang Nan customs" published in three, is the sister paper, admirable. Author,

  • Chinese folk God

    "Day official blessing" is one of the important contents in ancient folk New Year paintings. The typical image of God of blessing day official for the official department day official appearance, a court official dress, red robe, Wen Xiang Yu Dai, pedal boots, a benevolent and kind countenance, with five strands of long beard, a vice like accentuating color, elegant appearance. The day official hands show "day official blessing",

  • Magic Festival

    Qiandongnan traditional ethnic festivals, "Magic Festival: Qiandongnan traditional ethnic festivals" tells the story of Qiandongnan traditional ethnic festivals are rooted in the tradition of national culture soil, a broad and profound Chinese culture to promote the show, not only its adjustment function and entertainment projects conducive to social stability, but also is the harmonious coexistence with nature and happiness of people in ethnic minority areas refers to,

  • Study of belief and custom of Wenchang

    The study of belief and custom "and", in typical Zitong Wenchang customs as the breakthrough point, literature research and field survey combined with the integration of history, customs and social customs, the perspective of constructing a harmonious society were observed and recorded people's behavior and meaning, and to collect the data comparison, induction,

  • The belief culture / China cultural knowledge

    "China cultural knowledge: an introduction to the belief culture" content: to understand from the material and the field of consciousness, belief is a kind of consciousness, morality is the awareness of anti substance. To understand the concept of truth, belief is that people on the future of the world correct consciousness, moral belief is correct in under the control of behavior. ,

  • Mongolia Turkic epic rites of life prototype

    This book by a Mongolia - its epic, hero, hero was born out of specific acceptance of archetype rites of life test and heroes reborn four groups of motifs, and further clarified the characteristics and origin of Mongolia - its epic. The book consists of an introduction, four chapters and conclusion. Mongolia - Turkic history,

  • Jia Yin

    Fujian hall after the Jie, shipping more elite. More than a hundred years ago, came from the Mawei shipbuilding school includes many men and women with high ideals in Chen Ji presence, participation in tears of blood doping, body and soul of stroke on Chinese modern history. They I won't change any day to the rise of the Chinese contribution to life, and even precious lives, their personal life,

  • Chinese folk calendar

    "Chinese folk calendar" consists of astronomy and geography, here is full of secular. Astronomical calendar, the eight diagrams, customs and taboos, set the wisdom of the ancients, let you taste the essence of traditional culture; feng shui home, good fortune, health care, finance and law, life to help you create a harmonious Ankang. ,

  • The marriage ceremony Service Introduction

    The book is divided into 9 chapters, the main contents include: the marriage ceremony service overview; the origin and development of the marriage ceremony service; marriage ceremony service psychology; marriage celebration service market; marriage celebration service operation etc.. ,

  • The Spring Festival - Chinese New Year's Eve matter

    The Chinese new year, the Spring Festival Internet: the dinner on New Year's Eve, ISBN:9787200089929, the Beijing Internet Information Office, the Beijing Association of online media editing,

  • Away from the hometown

    The vanishing folk, old folk is yesterday's smoke plume, wind, light idle, leaving only the left and startling beauty, just like the rain of petals falling moment. No customs of life is unimaginable, but also because we are always living in the custom, we care about the customs and never. Because we and custom shape,

  • Folk custom and scientific culture

    Book in response to the CPC Central Committee and Comrade Jiang Zemin on construction Chinese characteristics of advanced culture and vigorously carry out the work of popular science calls, write from folk custom and religion phenomena to some typical parts, based on the sequence of events described respectively on, analysis and discrimination from scientific or cultural perspective. If the reader,

  • Dress skirt Miao Miao

    "Dress" is my skirt seedlings seedlings of anthropological fieldwork notes in a series of works, the sequel is "under" the Leigongshan miao. "Gown Miao", "short skirt Miao" title from the contemporary folk known as the "skirt", which was the name first appeared in the Qing Dynasty Jiaqing years one of the most important ethnological Literature -- ",

  • To farce

    Many people think that the Confucian thought and culture and the life world and occupy the most Chinese, actually otherwise, China people folk life filled with their own deep feelings, romantic imagination and inspiration. People in the business of secular life fuel, has been concerned about the secrets of the universe: a world where,

  • On the Dragon said Feng

    He says new classic series, is the earliest sense, dragon and Phoenix represents our ancient national two -- Xia nationality and Yin people the most basic unit, because in the [gun death, to Huanglong, is to use a Yu] and [destiny actually drop and producers] two myth, we perceptible, the dragon is the Totem of the original summer, the Phoenix is the primitive totem (Yin people,

  • The new agricultural ballad

    "The new agricultural ballad" is written according to the spirit of publicity multi angle, multi-level publicity and implement the party's 17 major requirements. The book according to the 17th CPC National Congress "to solve the three rural issues as a priority among priorities" work of the whole party spirit, closely linked to the "production development, well-off life, civilized village, the whole,

  • Guangdong folk custom dictionary

    Guangdong folk custom dictionary (Second Edition), ISBN:9787536139282, author: Ye Chunsheng, Shi Aidong eds.,

  • Chinese custom history

    China devoted to custom, the Eastern Han Dynasty should Shao "custom meaning", "Jin Dynasty at the local mind", but the "beam 代宗 age Jingchu" etc.. Or discuss a custom, or discuss the custom, no discussion around five thousand years of Chinese the customs of the almanac. This book, a bright start,

  • Big soul sound

    The secret history of the spirit, the book is divided into the sun god phenomenon three first Sun Ji 1 Tujia folk songs in the single phenomenon 3 Tujia folk songs in the century of Tujia folk songs in the 2 small and 4 Tujia folk song cry phenomenon second wild family 5 love songs of the Tujia Nationality in the "cultural spirit of Music Era" 6 tujia,

  • China dwellings and folk custom

    As the saying goes "one side of the water". Chinese is composed of 56 nationalities, all ethnic groups in the basic necessities of life, marriage, religion, social structure and many other aspects differ in thousands of ways, in different poses and with different expressions. Different geographical environment has brought up the children of all ethnic groups, to shape a different national character and habits, shape,

  • Chinese tiger culture

    The author of the book from four aspects of culture, religion and folk art, archaeology and transmission maintenance, introduces and discusses all kinds of knowledge and culture about tiger. The tiger originated in Chinese, so Chinese tiger. The book is divided into thirteen chapters: first, the profound origin tiger worship; two, the crystallization of a culture of tiger bronze in the three, tiger totem worship,

  • "Qingming

    "Qingming" as main content: the Qingming Festival, is our country folk important traditional festival, is the eight important festival "" (spring, summer, Qingming, dragon boat, Mid Autumn Festival, the winter solstice in, and new year's Eve), there is a unique honor. This is a festival of ancestor worship, sweep the tombs, memorial shows blood inheritance,,

  • Asian folklore studies (Sixth Series)

    Asian folklore studies (Sixth Series), ISBN:9787507727562, author: Tao Liwei,

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