• In the China Culture Festival

    "Introduction of festival culture" China content: the lunar calendar in December thirty, is Chinese traditional New Year's Eve, an important time is one year hard busy, farewell to the old year, and wish to meet the special significance, the new year. This night, people of all ages and both sexes each and every family will gather together to eat the dinner on New Year's Eve. This,

  • Saying strange customs

    The words "exotic customs" content brief introduction: "National Geographic, mysterious Chinese" is a build-up of the television and books two strong power of media editing a book. Through the lens of the camera, with the beautiful plain text, through between the ancient and reality, history is no longer the tortoiseshells and animal bones on unchanged abstract,

  • The history of folk art Chinese keeper

    "Introduction of" folk art Chinese door: door painting or paste images, at first for the gods watch house, expel evil spirit, master to comfort myself. After the history of the general warrior for God, like a imaginary gods more credible, so God Tu, Yu Lei -- the myths and legends of the goalkeeper will fade,

  • Shichahai's folk customs

    "Folk custom" Shichahai "Shichahai" for one of the series, is a better mining, inheritance of historical culture and the compilation of the Shichahai. The book mainly from the perspective of folk customs in detail introduces Shichahai. Help tourism not only its publication, but also aroused people's interest in Shichahai, more,

  • Twelve zodiac art series

    Tiger, "the twelve Chinese Zodiac Art Series: the main contents include the tiger" tiger, tiger, tiger, the world of painting, sculpture, tiger tiger Pictorial seals, tiger, tiger, tiger toys New Year paintings, paper cutting, embroidery tiger tiger ancient emblazonry, tiger, tiger cartoon pattern etc.. ,

  • 1912-1931- Northeast regional social customs

    The Northeast regional social customs (1912-1931), ISBN:9787560258898, author: Duan Yan,

  • The twelve Chinese Zodiac

    Monkey: monkeys "," Twelve Chinese Zodiac as "one of the twelve Chinese zodiac series", introduced between man and monkey animal zodiac, Zodiac monkey. Monkey, monkey century chronologies Zodiac year memorabilia, monkey, monkey Zodiac Zodiac celebrity corresponding animal, complex, character and monkey animal zodiac, zodiac animal, monkey on literature and art works in the monkey Zodiac animals,

  • Six Panshan fire

    "Introduction six Panshan Shehuo" content: Six Panshan called in, or the South as the Longshan, books are often. Known as the mountain. It runs more than 100 kilometers north-south, with powerful winds posture, Sateen in Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia border area area, two plateau in Northern Shaanxi and Gansu in the mountains, an important watershed in northern,

  • A Chinese Festival

    "A China Festival (the beautiful painting graphic Edition) (6 volumes)" the main content: China traditional festivals in various forms, rich in content, is a part of our long history of Chinese culture. The formation of traditional festivals, is the process of condensing a nation or country's history and culture of long-term accumulation. The spring festival,

  • Folk custom of Shanghai (Changning province)

    "Folk Shanghai (Changning volume)" the main content: the folk custom culture is closely related with people's life, the life etiquette basic necessities of life, festivals, religious beliefs and customs, social conduct. The sum of leisure entertainment folk customs. Shanghai folk custom and the new old bath, local customs and foreign customs, promote coexistence of multiple folk culture,

  • Shaoxing Yellow Wine brewing technology

    "The introduction of Shaoxing Yellow Wine brewing technology" content: Shaoxing Yellow Wine is an outstanding representative of the Chinese Yellow Wine. Provides be richly endowed by nature geographical conditions of Shaoxing's unique climate and excellent Jianhu water for Shaoxing Yellow Wine brewing, exquisite craft Millennium heritage is more excellent quality of Shaoxing Yellow Wine provides guarantee. Shaoxing Yellow Wine orange,

  • Fire, theatrical performances

    From the entertainment gods to entertain people's wisdom, "Shehuo, drama: from the entertainment gods to entertaining people's wisdom" is divided into folk custom of dragon dance in the folk subject and local culture, folk drama and social populace s interaction research, Qinghai Tu nationality festivals in the survival of the concept of chapter. Chinese special dragon culture and dragon derived many related folk culture content,

  • The 2300 Chinese people will know the Chinese Idioms

    "Collection of 2300 Chinese allusions" people need to know the story relates to many aspects: politics, literature, folk customs, natural, including people ear heat detailed allusions -- "has", "console oneself with false hopes", "back", "feed on illusions" etc.. These allusions in the growth of our knowledge at the same time,,

  • Twelve zodiac art series

    Rat, "the twelve zodiac art series" by the people's fine arts publishing house, including: Zodiac and customs, the twelve zodiac, Zodiac paper-cut, Qi Baishi twelve of twelve zodiac album, year of the rat rat words, mice, rats, the Lunar New Year stamp story in the, rat bite opening day, twentieth Century, the year of the rat, mouse and memorabilia annual chronicle,,

  • Folk style

    "The main content of folk style": interior design reflects the culture and the civilization degree of a family, the expression and the pursuit is a family and life philosophy and concept of value. In order to thousands of households to provide rich and colorful interior design, we created the "theme culture interior design". "Series",

  • The Mid Autumn Festival

    The Mid Autumn Festival, ISBN:9787545702132, author: Peng Guoliang,

  • The whisk (volumes)

    China customs records, they, are you, teacher, through ancient and modern science, into the statements of a school, spread the atlanto Lu; they, is a classic, is a masterpiece, after years of temper, especially details, let people check. "The national customs records" is divided into two parts, the introduction, citing a large number of historical data in the history of the local customs and practices, Xiang Li around,

  • The Spring Festival

    The Spring Festival, ISBN:9787545702149, author: Xue Bing,

  • Huzhou seasonal custom

    "Huzhou during festival" content brief introduction: after the collision and exuviate still has the bright color of the Huzhou festivals and folk custom culture, has a long history, profound connotation, contains rich and colorful. "Huzhou during festival" about Huzhou folk festivals in Ming and Qing Dynasties folk basis. ,

  • The new rural civilization ballads and poetic couplet

    "The new rural civilization ballads and poetic couplet" included the songs and the poetic couplet works created in the new countryside culture construction in many articles. Is divided into beginning, development, prosperity, social, spiritual civilization, government affairs, Party of seven parts, strengthen and promote the building of new rural civilization achievements, improve the modern rural,

  • China Festival story

    "Chinese Festival story" is a book about China traditional festival culture. Interpretation of festivals in the book is not rare, "Chinese Festival story" has its new one's own knack in. Look at its chapter titles: "ask Ji Gong for heritage interpretation section smile happy", "Jiao Bai Tu 苏成 drunk with dumplings New Year cake products,

  • I do not know the folk taboo sense

    "I do not know the sense of Chinese traditional folk taboo: taboo culture - a" brief introduction: Xu Shen in "Shuowen Jiezi" in say: "no, good and bad are also free." "Bogey, hates also." The so-called folk taboo is that people think the danger of divine, unclean, or prohibition related. "I do not know,

  • I do not know Chinese folk knowledge

    "I do not know Chinese folk knowledge", including the Chinese surname culture of Chinese traditional festival culture, folk culture, twelve animals Chinese gods, folk customs, astronomy, the mysterious culture, Chinese folk arts, folk opera, traditional industry (the old line), the traditional game of seventeen chapters, easy to understand language,,

  • Wealth. Wealth. Wealth fortune - Chinese folk custom

    "Property, wealth, wealth, Chinese folk lucky customs" to "the ancient property theory of" as the guidance, to "respect for property" (Jing, Jing of wealth), "lucky" (explore, seize the wealth source) and "protection money" (Private Property Protection Act) as the focus, as readers of Gou Jianqi a complete traditional "wealth" culture system. ,

  • The national intangible cultural heritage

    "The national intangible cultural heritage" by the form of text, and historical value of a species, especially the national level on the national list of intangible cultural heritage project, conducted a comprehensive, true and system records, in order to transcend time and space conditions to let more people cognition, acceptance and the inheritance of these,

  • Said Wu Fu

    "Introduction": Chinese said Wufu ancient custom of "Wu Fu", said the five secular ideas and ideals of life, later folklore refers to Fu, Lu, Shou, happiness, wealth. Wu Fu is the main content of the past Chinese life, happiness is a life, hundreds of years without failure, so far still affects the Chinese,

  • 全典 wedding.

    "Wedding" Shou 全典 divided into marriage, birthday, to celebrate the three. Marriage articles include "abide by the marriage law", "wedding", "wedding". Birthday part includes "common sense," West "," west a "hanging scroll together life poem" etc.. To celebrate a "common sense" to celebrate, celebrate "note", "贺幛,

  • Geng Chen celebrate the New Year

    2010 is the year of the tiger, "Geng Chen celebrate the New Year (Hardcover)" tiger themed consists of three parts, this paper introduces the origin of tiger, tiger, tiger customs stamps cards, Wu Song killing the tiger, tiger, tiger scenic and differentiation, tiger tiger painting, sculpture, tiger tiger New Year paintings, paper-cut etc., exquisite picture, elegant words,

  • Turn the custom search

    "Search over folk: 1000 interesting folk knowledge know all" content brief introduction: folk traditional culture is most close to the body and mind, a culture of life. Have a history of 5000 years of Chinese folk culture is still deeply affects our thoughts and life. This book carefully selected the 1000 most features, the most interesting people,

  • China marriage (English version)

    The Marriage Customs in China, the book through development, on China's traditional marriage customs, etiquette, taboo evolution, such as introduction, to show the world the charm of traditional culture connotation and Chinese. ,

  • Weddings and funerals.

    "Weddings and funerals." systematically introduces the ancient folk weddings and funerals, the purpose is to make the reader understand many folk etiquette today is evolved from the ancient folk custom etiquette and come, it is not dross. Of course, since it is the ancient folk customs, little not a feudal traces, a certain color of superstition, this,

  • In study

    "Introduction": the Chinese nation life lost content very rich living wisdom. In an immense number of books books, we selected Zhu Geliang's "book", the Cheng Yan Zhitui "Yan Jia", Yuan Cai of the Song Dynasty "," Yuan Yuan family education, Xu Mingkui's "pro", advised could hundred modern Zheng Guofan "the moon", "pretty,

  • The red area.

    "Red folk songs recorded: 70 anniversary of the victory of the long march memorial activities of folk culture folk songs collection" 70 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March Memorial, China folk literature and Art Association organized a special cultural Caifeng activities in 2006. "Red folk songs recorded: 70 anniversary of the victory of the Red Army Long March Memorial folk culture and folk songs,

  • New Year paintings

    "New Year paintings all in New Year paintings" are the author's personal collection, which is rare surviving orphan. New Year paintings of memory and the Spring Festival together, there are dumplings, fine fruit gift money, firecrackers, when they occur together, years with be a trend which cannot be halted situation invasion into the hearts of everyone. In the modern commercial tide,

  • Zhong Jingwen Folklore Studies

    "Zhong Jingwen's folklore collection" include: Study of folk culture, folklore, folklore structure system and its role in "five four" period, the rise of the study of folk culture, folklore and folk literature, folklore and classical literature. ,

  • The Chinese Zodiac

    "Chinese Zodiac" content introduction: Fifty-six people, five thousand years of civilization, nine million six hundred thousand square kilometers of land. Culture is rich and colorful, colorful folk customs. "Chinese Zodiac" naming China, to carry forward the Chinese brilliant culture essence, the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture I. It is hard in a "chinese,

  • Worship

    "To" the main contents include: the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, worship of the etiquette is very complex. Because of the different temporal and spatial differences of environment and the nation, and constitute a unique culture in worship, sacrifice, the national Chinese history is in different poses and with different expressions, colorful folk culture, scholars elaborate on the origin, gain and loss, is meaningful,

  • Chinese festivals

    "Chinese festival" naming China, to carry forward the Chinese brilliant culture essence, the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture but I really hard in a book the exhaustion of all national, regional customs, all all, all...... It can only capture a drop in the ocean, we will study the experience, the included,

  • The twelve Chinese Zodiac

    Cattle, cattle zodiac: "twelve" introduced Niu Shengxiao, the twelve zodiac is rich in content, language is concise and lively, colorful printed pictures, exquisite quality, knowledge, interest, readability, and watch in one. A version of the book Zodiac stamps. Can the personal collection of reading, also can give the relatives and friends. "The twelve zodiac series,

  • In the 2800 cases of folklore

    "The folk" brief introduction: the 2800 cases of Chinese folk culture -- from the anthropological perspective, it is the totem culture; from the aesthetic perspective, it is the pleasure of aesthetic culture; from the history, it is the traditional family culture; it is the blood from ethnology, cultural foundation; see from semiology, it is auspicious wish culture,

  • I do not know the traditional marriage custom of common sense

    "Does not know the traditional marriage custom of common sense" content: China has a long history of the multi-ethnic country, different period, different nationalities have different customs and habits. Chinese the marriage as a very important things in life, so the marriage ceremony has a lot of very, very complex. From the young men,

  • Northern Fujian and Taiwan culture.

    "Introduction to the north and Taiwan continued culture" content: Northern and Taiwan exchanges have since ancient times, especially during the Ming and Qing Dynasties more frequent exchanges between the two. Such as the exchange of personnel for Zheng Chenggong recovered Taiwan and give counsel Yang Zhaodong, a Qing Dynasty unified Taiwan and governance of Taiwan, was transferred into the station in officers and staff. Minjiang River basin,

  • 365 of the most bizarre customs

    365 of the most peculiar custom, ISBN:9787501795994, author: Gui Shaohai,

  • The classic

    "The classic," the people of Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and prostitutes, eunuchs, beggars, merchants, Mr. Feng Shui and fortune teller, gambling, gang, actor, rogue and other nine kinds of feudal society occupation, be concise and to the point introduces Chinese three traditional religious in origin, doctrine, important people and their impact; at the same time,,

  • Riddles written on lanterns

    "A brief introduction to the main content of riddles written on lanterns": This is a feng shui treasure house, the silver city, the county home, which has more than 1700 years. The evolution of civilization in history, created a profound cultural history, outstanding performance, elegant in manner, attitude and speech, to the seashore Zou Lu yu. Through the history of the clouds, with strong local style,

  • Research on folk ancient writing (fifth series)

    "The study of folk ancient writing (fifth series)" the main content description: This is the Ministry of education of Humanities and social sciences of Nanjing University Journal Evaluation Center as the core of the authors and readers, we would like to support the publication of the years, to love our friends and colleagues, to express my heartfelt thanks! This special issue edited by Wang Ning,

  • Yanjing news

    "Yanjing news" is mainly about celebrity politicians, historical portrait. Edited after two years of preparation, carefully collected thousands of pieces from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of precious old photos, involving a broad range of areas, cover and contain everything, strong visual impact. Through the graphic interaction, "Yanjing" depth news show a hundred years,

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