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Date of publication:2008-12   Press: Xu Wenjun, Wang Zhimin Qilu press (2008-12)   Author:Xu Wenjun   Pages´╝Ü348  

Since entering the new century, the study of traditional culture and ancient literature are showing a new trend of development of multi discipline comprehensive cross. On the cultural research, from the development of the comprehensive study to be arranged on the regional cultural block bar, is a very good development, and has formed a regional culture research "hot", made considerable achievements; on the ancient literature, and the combination of culture research, is to break the closed the door, open up a broader way of new horizons, rake in recent years have many new works, you know this is showing a new faction "gate Wu Wanli boat". This set of "Qilu culture and Chinese ancient literature research series" is what we in a new attempt to study on the combination of regional culture and ancient literature. The Chinese nation has a long history, vast is known to the world. But its long, formed a long, unbroken Chinese traditional culture; the broad, and also created a unique regional culture, blew. However, the plane development of regional culture is not balanced, but the competitive propulsion, stereo type of interaction, the. Qilu culture with its vast connotation and the unique contribution to the history of outstanding in the regional culture, style.

"Qilu culture and Chinese ancient Chinese Literature Studies Series" publishing, aimed at promoting the study of ancient literature Shandong Normal University further and Qilu culture combined with the subject, from the development perspective, makes the contribution for the construction of local culture and Qilu Culture Research Center; to strengthen the "foundation of the regional culture and the construction of doctoral China literature" do results most of the authors, in the long-term accumulation of academic basis to focus as well, a result of Qilu culture and ancient literature is combined with the show, and the beginning to carry out research in this area in the future. This book is one of the "Liaozhai culture theory" section, the book details included: "Liaozhai" clothing culture theory, "Liaozhai" festival culture theory and so.
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The general ordered the first festival of literature and culture second festival custom culture category third "Liaozhai" customs and cultural awareness of the value of the first chapter "Liaozhai" clothing culture on the first day of dress culture interpretation of section second "Liaozhai" clothing culture on the third day "Liaozhai" clothing depiction of the literary value of "Liaozhai" eating second chapter on the first day of culture "Liaozhai" food description cultural origin second "Liaozhai" pasta "Liaozhai" on the third day of wine culture on the fourth day "Liaozhai" Tea Culture Festival "Liaozhai" diet of these fifth description the literary value of the third chapter "Liaozhai" living culture on the first day of living cultural interpretation of section second "Liaozhai" living culture "Liaozhai" overview section third residential culture festival Fourth "Liaozhai" living cultural characteristics and literary value of the fourth chapter "Liaozhai" walking on the first day of the walk culture culture second "Liaozhai" walking cultural scope and walking about third "Liaozhai" walking cultural type fourth "Liaozhai" walking culture constitute fifth "Liaozhai" walking about literary value the fifth chapter "Liaozhai" festival culture On the first day of the second festival culture festival "Liaozhai" festival third Festival "Liaozhai" festival description the literary value of the sixth chapter "Liaozhai" etiquette culture on the first day "Liaozhai" birth customs on the second day "Liaozhai" rite of passage "Liaozhai" third festival customs in the fourth Festival "Liaozhai" in the funeral custom the seventh chapter "Liaozhai" belief culture on the first day of faith "Liaozhai" dialectical second festival folk belief on the third day "Liaozhai" mega number eighth chapter "Liaozhai" belief of recreation custom on first day "Liaozhai" section second "Liaozhai" competitive examination acrobatic test third section "ghost story" Shehuo said the main reference
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Any one of the doors of knowledge, is the interpretation of human life (or the study of human behavior). The different perspectives and methods to interpret life, will produce different learning (discipline). For example, the human nature to interpret life, this is literature; to explain life through capital, this is the economics; to explain life through the code of etiquette, this is politics; to explain life by spiritual substance, which is the philosophy of life; to explain the relationship between people, this is the social science...... Culture is the life of all these interpretation of a comprehensive interpretation. It attempts to through the different angles and in different ways, to explain all the phenomena of human behavior and life. In Chinese ancient literature ", refers to the written knowledge", including all the knowledge in the text. And now, literature is refers to the use of language reflects the objective reality of art, including novels, prose, drama, poetry (see "senior Chinese Dictionary"). Further, it can be said: literature is the language description of human life to explain a subject of real life.
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