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"" hutukeqin ": Mongolia nationality village ritual performance" as one of the cultural resources of Western books.

Illustration: firstly, ritual drama "hutukeqin" is not only an important part of traditional Chinese culture, but also China minority -- an important carrier of historical and cultural heritage of Mongolia. In ritual drama form "hutukeqin", is a Inner Mongolia Aohan banner and Xiang Wu Lan Zhao Cun, Mongolia nationality area, the largest circulated effect, by the vast number of Mongolia people love Mongolia family drama. It shows that continues today, and is closely related to the Mongolia family beliefs, customs and religious activities, by religious activities to the inheritance and development of. It reflects the area, the nation's production, life style, and to maintain the development of a nation, a region of the. Mongolia family ritual drama "hutukeqin" is a rare opera, it is the crystallization of the region, the deep cultural and artistic traditions of the nation, which reflects the local area, the nation's unique aesthetic consciousness. It is the birth and grew up in the national culture and folk art in the soil, it has have all kinds of connections with the contact with the people's life. Secondly, Mongolia family ritual drama "hutukeqin" learn, condensed the crystallization of Mongolia nationality people hundreds of years cultural wisdom. From the traditional script to the performance form, it is easy to understand, and beautiful specification, become the Mongolia traditional culture outstanding representative and symbol. Although it is also influenced by other ethnic culture in China, but it is mainly grown in the unique Mongolia nationality regions, formed a culture of Mongolia itself unique content and form unified artistic style and features. In content, it reflects the formation of Mongolia group in the historical development of the secular life and religious life and the combination of the special social form; in the form, it has a comprehensive art, rap song and dance, square, watch the national features of entertainment as distinct, therefore has a completely unique performance system. Generous sonorous tones, the momentum of the accompaniment, complete singing complement each other, introduced the renju rhythm, focus on freehand Lyric dramatic dance, a variety of comedy acts, are full of Mongolia nationality traditional culture techniques. The formation of the broad area of Mongolia ethnic cultural circle have certain effect. It combines the Mongolia culture art essence, its repertoire and the artistic whole, become our study of Mongolia's special social form of the encyclopedia.
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To become a cultural studies Chinese Art Research Institute deputy director, Chinese Anthropology of art center director Professor Fang Lili art first doctoral student, is due to accidental, is my greatest honor. During the period of doctoral study three years unforgettable students study, teacher meticulous teachings, help me not only to the successful completion of the direction of the Anthropology of art across the musicology and anthropology two disciplines doctoral thesis, and be good at giving systematic guidance, step by step to lead me into the academic research of holy temple. Is the book I read during the period party teacher responsible for the key project of the national "Western cultural resources protection, development and utilization of" on a national minority folk non subject material culture mining, finishing. The researcher Fang Lili understanding, encouragement, in the joint efforts of many teachers research group, the classmate, this sub task I undertake finally completed. Initially, I interviewed in Inner Mongolia Chifeng Zhao Cun, Aohan banner "hutukeqin" idea has been attached great importance to this group, the research group will be the only one camera lent me, strengthened my confidence in the success of the interview. The winter and summer vacation, I went back to my hometown -- the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Chifeng City, explained to live in Chifeng City, the parents interviewed Ulan Zhao Cun "hutukeqin" plan, the parents get strong support, I went to interview father insisted on peer, he said: "I do a part-time photographer." Four times before and after the field investigation, every field investigation are the father accompanied me on the trip to. Now my mind is also able to emerge out of the father carrying cameras around the head, in the field, Banner Culture Museum farmyard son figure. Especially in the 2005 lunar January, father and I called village during the interview with the track "hutukeqin" ceremony in Wulan, cold slippery snow, open cabriolet tricycle transports "hutukeqin" Artists Village performance broker turned to open the car, the car with my artist over with his father in the near misses, rollover events, and the father in the car after the incident, still without a murmur running at minus 27 ℃ The dripping dripping water freezes snow for my camera; in 2005 August 30 ℃ heat, arthritis of the father Perspiration came down like raindrops. with me running out from door to door village "hutukeqin" belief questionnaire in Wu Lan zhao....... Can say, in the western human resources sub project I undertake condenses his efforts and the mother's expectations, each read this, my heart feel very happy but also feel the responsibility on the shoulders and burdens. It is thanks to the support of father, mother, make me for Ulan Zhao Cun interview smoothly.
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The concept of the resources ", was put forward by Mr. Fei Xiaotong on the project. He pointed out that: "the human resources is the human begins at one point one accumulation, continue and build up from the earliest civilization. It is the history of mankind, human culture, human art, is our wealth of our ancestors left. Human resources although covers a very broad, but it can be said: the creation of culture, stay, can cultural foundation for human development, is called the human resources." That is to say, human resource is the human culture accumulation and creation of culture, it is not only today appeared in our life, but has some. But the understanding as a resource, is today only. Resources are not completely objective existence, when some kind of existence without the same social activities together, it is far away from human activities of the thing in itself, is not what we discuss resource. That is to say, if the human has been passed down from one generation of cultural heritage, is static in our lives, even in the museum, no contact with our reality, the only known as the heritage, cannot be called a resource, only when they are with our real life and social activities and social development goals together, can be called resource.
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  •   The author writes very solid, in-depth field in a number of research, the "hutukeqin" this folk culture detail, description, explanation, for the investigation of human resources in the West has contributed to, like, suggest everybody have a look, science investigation science author type!

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