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Date of publication:2009-7   Press: Guizhou people's Publishing House   Author:Luo Qingfang   Pages:328  

Huang Ping Jiu Zhou Hui Long tea according to Huang Ping County Jiuzhou Town West Street 82 year old Zhu uncle said, in twentieth Century two, thirty time, he receives the tea trade, tea from the Hui Long Si year tea in one hundred kilograms. A pound of tea tea has at least made from 50000 to 100 pounds of tea bud, dry tea needs at least 5000000 buds. No large tea, do not so much tea. Visible when the Hui Long Si monks, and strong incense. According to legend, in the Ming Dynasty had long tea sent as tribute tea. Although only a legend, but, Hui Long tea excellent quality is recognized. Because long tea producing area, namely the old Mu dam southeast on both sides of the Xiufeng, its natural ecological environment, is indeed the optimum tea environment can produce good tea. Huilong Temple area, at an elevation of 1000 meters, misty, less sunshine, no pollution, abundant rainfall, and near the river side mu dam. In spring, it is the golden season, tea at this time, Mu dam on the rape flowers open, an idyllic scene with tea. Moreover, there is formed by sand shale weathered sandy yellow soil on the growth of tea leaf hypertrophy, inclusion particularly rich, make long tea quality more than. Tea sage Lu Yu in "relationship" and "tea tea quality and soil said:" top student rotten stone, gravel soil in students, students of Loess." Rotten stone, weathering the formation of sandy soil. Visible, Hui Long Si Huilong tea quality is excellent, not It is without rhyme or reason., but by small climate the local ecological environment. Huilong Temple Garden with the change of times, now long gone. Only the eastbound Wuyang river around a big bend in the Hui Long Si feet slowly flowing. Reportedly, the Hui temple was built in the corner of the hill, while nearby tea had become the grain plots. The top is flat, the jungle several families. Hui Long Si is 1955 will be destroyed, tea is for tractor plough. Now a rape. Only the ridge and retained the three two strains of tea, the tea is also produced from cut stumps. Lush foliage, bud tender, stump was 20 cm diameter. Can see the garden of luxuriant scene. Tea garden is gone, but, in the villagers about Hui Long Si tribute tea memory is still stored in the brain. The site of the old people often point to Hui Long Si garden, tells the story of the past. Especially about the Taoist hanging streamers salvation in raw tea, not always hanging streamers, here because of the tea is drunk has dedicated to the emperor. The emperor drink the tea, the gods must avoid. Do not hang up streamers, naturally can not practice. The monk had to pack up, left in a hurry. There are many similar legend. This reflects the local people of the Hui Long Si tribute tea treasure. As later generations, good things, not to restore it, his heart cry, say from this meaning, to restore the history of tea, it is his bounden duty. Zhenfeng Po Liu tea "annals of Guizhou" (1948): "Guizhou Province carrying the can produce tea,...... Tongren Dongshan, Zhenfeng Po Liu, Renhuai is Jiapin chloranthus." Liu village of Zhenfeng County Po ancient tea, Qing Xianfeng 3 years of the "Xingyi Chi house" cloud: "tea production, government jurisdiction of Bei Xiang, Zhucheng Tun feet, namely Maojian tea is also." Tun foot is today Zhenfeng County Long Chang Zhen Po Liu cun. Here early in the Qing Dynasty, can produce a variety of distinctive tea. One is the "Tuo Tuo" wood mold, one is by hand into the brush head shaped "champion pen tea", this tea plucking champion pen, because of their unique craft, great reputation. But more interesting is the Po Liu area as tribute tea "". Before the cuckoo is not called, picked by Po Liu Cun, girl, and hand processed into dried tea, sold in the market, as the girl case-dough tea. About the empress tea, in Zhenfeng there are a variety of claims. Some people say that is the girl got married before, prior to sampling the tea to the tea house. There are said to be picked from Po Liu "Bao Bao" tea, more people said the girl dressed in the morning tea, not by hand picking tea, but tea mouth off, so precious. In a word, Po Liu tea is the mysterious tea, also let people enjoy the wonderful tea. But, unfortunately, the empress tea or tea, Tuo tea or pen or, champion, the production process has been lost. Carry according to the book, making technology Po Liu tea unique shape, become an independent school. Po Liu tea is tea, making tea and tea champion pen empress, to picking a bud leaf, length 15 cm moss tea, tea with hands after rub, rub tight in strips, and then shake straight tea, straighten out their hands, rotate knead tight, gradually into the brush head shape or braid shape, with white tissue paper wrapped, night baking sun, shoot a, sixteen branches for a beam. This method is time-consuming and laborious, difficult to mass production, as there are still possible tea gifts. Anlong Royal Ming Nanming Yongli Emperor Zhu 由榔 Nanning from Guangxi in 1652 moved to Guizhou Anlong, country, feel depressed. Dusk falls, leaves Xiao Xiaozhi, he always went to San Qingdian Buddhist temple monks asked about the building and month. Month building from Jiangsu, well versed in the tea ceremony, sampling. Yongli emperor comes, he will bring the self-made Anlong tea, tea to help to talk about. Permanent calendar each tea all feel rich fragrance, thorough heart, no less than in BeijingThe tribute tea city drink. So a fashionable, will this tea drinks as the palace. Is this tea, accompanied by his six years spent in anlong. Six years later, Li Dingguo moved to Kunming to escort. Soon, on a pass away. Sampling technology of Anlong tea also lost. Fortunately, after the founding of the PRC, Anlong in step after the market economy era, with a keen eye, sure to restore the history of tea in Anlong tea economic significance. Xinqiao tea plantation established, their meta expert interview, for the people, through the exploration of more than three years, the more unique "Anlong Royal Ming" was born. It not only absorbs the rational manufacturing process part of buildings, and on this basis, carry forward, for trial produced Royal Ming series seven: "group Ge snow bud", flat appearance, uniform straight hair with V; "Kui Jian" shape fat shoots straight peak; "Yinfeng" appearance is show as a gun, color green run; "Trimeresurus" like Takeba Hito; "Chrysanthemum Tea" shaped like a chrysanthemum, color like green; "tea" shape such as Chunsun green color significantly cents; "silver Jane" shaped like a needle, full phi pekoe. One of only 3000 acres of tea plantations, the short term to produce "seven series of products in an imperial tea", but also have distinctive, lets the human love, is really admirable.
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, submitted a formal proposal to the provincial people's Political Consultative conference. After being listed as provincial chairman of the CPPCC proposal handling the case, the Guizhou provincial Party Committee Standing Committee held a special meeting to study, and send the meeting minutes. According to the requirements of the provincial Party committee, the provincial CPPCC leadership and organize the relevant departments to carry out a period of 3 months the biggest tea industry research activities, at the same time, sent to the provincial Buddhist scriptures, and write investigation reports and comprehensive. The CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and the people's Government of Guizhou province after listen to all views, in 2007 March, the party to the [2007]6 document, issued "on accelerating the development of tea industry views", clear requirements: all levels of Party committees, governments and relevant departments to speed up the development of tea industry as the adjustment of agricultural structure optimization, promote focus of the work of agricultural industrialization management, as an important industry development of the rural economy, increasing the income of farmers, promoting the building of new socialist countryside, as an important measure to implement the strategies of establishing ecological province, the realization of economic social and ecological benefits of organic unity to grasp, a careful analysis of the development of tea industry faces opportunities and problems, enhance the speed of tea industry the development of the sense of urgency and responsibility, take effective measures, and strive to tea industry become important characteristic advantage industry of Guizhou Province, to promote the tea industry development to a new level. Guizhou provincial Party committee, the government of Guizhou province 6 document issued, stimulate the rural tea enthusiasm, inspired hundreds of thousands of Guizhou tea tea workers change status determination. In order to guide the development of tea industry in the province to actively and steadily. In 2007 September, the leadership of the Party committee chaired the tea production in the province the report meeting; 2007 October, held in Zunyi City, the implementation of a million mu of tea industry engineering propulsion Conference; in 2008 January, the leadership of the provincial Party committee and provincial government put forward "in the province's tea industry development site will unite a thought, improve knowledge, sum up experience, to be bigger and stronger in our province tea industry, the guiding ideology and promote sound and rapid development of" rural economy, and puts forward "through a period of time, so that the tea garden area development to 5000000 Mu" target. In order to seize the opportunity, accelerate development, also asked the party committees, governments at all levels, especially leading cadres, must unify their thinking to the provincial Party committee, the provincial government decision-making arrangements, effectively enhance the development of tea industry in the sense of urgency and responsibility, and strive to make our province built base of raw materials and processing center China high-quality green tea, important production base for pollution-free tea, green food tea, organic tea, and strive to make our province become the tea industry at the forefront of the country in the scale, quality and brand. Provincial Party committee, the provincial government greatly expanded in scale deployment, in Scientific Outlook on Development guidance, rely on the good ecological environment of Guizhou province and Green Tea comprehensive quality in the first advantage and adapt to the development of the western region, the construction of new socialist countryside, adjust the internal structure of agriculture, increase the income of the farmers of new situation and new requirements. It captures the spirit of tea, tea new opportunities for East west. Guizhou province is the only domestic low latitude, high altitude, low solar radiation with tea area, altitude, annual average temperature, daily sunshine hours, air humidity, annual rainfall, soil pH and so on, are particularly suitable for the growth of tea, is conducive to the production of pollution-free tea, green food tea and organic tea. Guizhou tea is green tea, green tea, the true sense of the safety of tea, health tea. With the changes in the environment and climate conditions, the rapid industrial development in eastern coastal areas, the development of tea industry potential and development environment is restricted by different levels of. Following the "Dong tea westward", is an important opportunity for us to speed up the development of tea industry. We should seize the domestic and international Green Tea consumption growth and the eastern coastal areas' industry, capital transfer to the mainland of good opportunities, proceed from the actual situation of Guizhou, the development of tea industry to locate from the higher level, wider and wider areas. Guizhou tea is the characteristic industry. To do good, strong, make tea industry, is the inevitable choice to accelerate the economic and social development. Vigorously develop the tea industry, not only can greatly promote the development of agriculture in our province and the characteristics of efficient agriculture, promote agricultural planting structure adjustment and upgrading, improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth of agriculture, accelerate the transformation of traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, but also conducive to the protection of the ecological environment. Tea developed root system, soil fixing capability is strong, the four seasons evergreen, once widely cultivated for the optimization of the ecological environment, soil and water, maintain, can play a positive role. The development of tea industry, is in line with the requirements of increasing income of farmers, but also meet the need of ecological construction. Implementation of returning farmland to forest barren mountain tea, tea, making tea, the best combination can achieve the protection of the ecological environment and increasing farmers' income, the beautiful scenery and Jinshan Yinshan organically in the true sense. Guizhou is one of the primary tea and old tea area, tea seed fossils found in 1980 in Qinglong, is the world's only so far discovered tea seed fossils, it marks the Guizhou tea history of at least 1000000 years, the province's existing various types of tea varieties more than 600 species, is one of the most abundant preservation in China the province of tea germplasm resources. History, thousands of years ago in ancient Guizhou Miao tea custom has been followed, as early as in the Tang Dynasty, produced at state, Bozhou, Yizhou, fee, Guizhou quality tea has been known to the world. Wuchuan, Guiding Yunwu Cha, DURU rabbit thought, tea, Meitan tea, silver hook for Zhijin Pingqiao tea, Zhenfeng tea, the clear pool slope willow tea, Tuyun tea, generous hippocampus palace tea hook etc., are used to form the history of a number of different characteristics of the "tribute tea". In 1915, Tuyun hook tea and wine, Yuping Kweichow Moutai flute together, winning in the World Expo in Panama, Guizhou tea began to move towards the world. Entering the new century, Guizhou is not only the organic tea garden area in the front ranks of the country, and formed a number of well-known brands Tuyun Maojian tea, Meitan Tsui bud, Yang Ai Maofeng, in 2007 October the fourth session of Chinese International Tea Expo, Fenggang county's "Buxus Baochun", "Ming Tsui bud" and "orchid Buxus" in Meitan County, "Meitan Tsui bud" won the gold medal, 12 gold medal the Green Tea rating of 1/3. Green Tea production is the main tea production in china. Guizhou Green Tea becomes more and more important in the national position. Provincial Party committee, the provincial government introduced 6 document: we should seriously study the Guizhou tea has a long history, characteristics, cultural connotation, in the product positioning, brand building, promotion and market development efforts, focus on cultivating a number of national brands, and strive to improve the "Guizhou tea" at home and abroadPopularity. Famous brand is the connotation of culture, famous brand to form industry, basic quality, the key in the culture. Must increase the propaganda promotion, the tea industry propaganda as an important part of the internal and external publicity, and strive to establish a new image of "Qian tea", correlation fully tap the tea and history, culture, celebrity, health, diet and many other elements, to enhance the "Guizhou tea" influence, to speed up the development of tea industry in our province, big construction of tea industry, to achieve economic and social development in our province a historic leap goal. "Written" Guizhou tea, intended to promote Guizhou tea culture, to improve the visibility of Guizhou tea, on the status of Guizhou tea culture, Guizhou tea and prospects of the paper, a comprehensive display of Guizhou tea style, to firmly implement the CPC Guizhou provincial Party committee, the provincial government document [2007]6, bigger and stronger Guizhou tea industry confidence, to promote the rapid development of Guizhou tea, promote prosperity and socialist new countryside construction of Guizhou farmers' income, to contribute to building a harmonious society. In the Changjiang River the waves behind drive on those before. Guizhou tea "tea in East West" this golden opportunity, will realize the great leap forward development, great strides towards the country, to the world.
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