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Date of publication:2009-10   Press: Fang Binggui, Fujian people's Publishing House (2009-10)   Author:Fang Binggui   Pages:352  

Second or four sentence pairs before Mr. Mrs. happy luck once said that Zheng Tang Cangtou poem teasing millionaire Qian Kun, for the village people out of breath, made him sharp toothed, fame. But he's not free, since the year nineteen year old scholar County in the provincial examination, no name, because he is the exam soon put the papers to finish, and then drawing poems in the volume, the examiner looked very angry, Zheng Tang didn't buy it, since he has no intention of fame, married wife. Chen very virtuous wife, had borne him two sons, daughter Zheng Huai, Zheng Ji. A family of four and by some property, consume without producing, this makes Zheng Tang feel distressed. One day, Zheng Tang heard that when Ren Fuzhou Taishou lady died, but I do not know why "turn in one's grave". The prefect, Taoist, Buddhist monks and nuns, do spell, chanting are done, lady always refused to close your eyes. Zheng Tang smiled: "this have what difficult, wait for me to say a few words, that lady happy." Someone told the prefect, prefect it be at a loss what to do, I heard that some people can make the lady you, sent people will Zheng Tang please. "Taishou adults, late Zheng Tang polite." Zheng Tang Shi Libi, his life and give a Ya tea, say politely: "Mr. He Liangce, please." Before Zheng Tang came, had the family and his wife Taishou Tim a number touch must be crystal clear, let Taishou took the "scholar's four jewels", played four poem: "Lady appearance of a flawless jade, forty years without Chinese temples. What his watery eyes, could teach son with flowers." Question: is to teach him to rub the lady was, after a short while eyes closed. So this cry bitter tears, harsh voice call way: "the madam! So you consider an remarry, son suffer, 'official lifelong not married after the lady, please rest assured." Hu Bi turned to Mr Tang give ya, life and silver twenty-two. Dear, you Dao Zheng Tang has what ability? In fact, the "single (liar) a heavy membrane, pierce Ti Pei falls". He heard people say that the dead do not print, hand rub can be effective, so do not know this knowledge, makes Zheng Tangbai earned twenty-two silver.

Fang Binggui, Fuzhou Fenggang people. Love of Fuzhou local culture, keen charity, President of Fujian Fuhai foundation. In 50 years study the folk culture, was awarded the "Fujian Province outstanding folk culture heritage" honorary title, "Fuzhou old business" book, "Fuzhou", "the legend of the idiom", "city wulongjiang memory" and other 13 ministries, 150 words, won the reputation of Fuzhou folk culture "activation stone"; Fuzhou radio "left the sea accent" guest host, Fuzhou TV "old story" column speaker, actively spread the traditional and modern civilization, enjoys a high reputation in the audience. Lin Guoqing, Fuzhou, writer, deputy editor in chief, Fuzhou CPPCC literature researcher, has long been engaged in the research and the dissemination of the local culture of Fuzhou, author of "Yan Fu", "Yan Fu story", "Romance" king, chief editor or editor in "Fuzhou landscape", "Fuzhou suburbs Chi", "Fuzhou Shoushan Stone Zhi", cooperate with the person "the book," Fuzhou history "stories", "Mountain Range Rover", "Fuzhou Jian Xin Zhen Zhi", also wrote "admiral Chen Shaokuan", "the legend of Sa Zhenbing", "Zhu Xi", "young Yan Fu Ting Jiang", "yellow 乃裳 legend", "Lin Shu and the lady of the camellias." as long or short works, or published in newspapers and on television, or made into TV series. Write another essay of about 300 words of native.
Author brief introduction

Fuzhou is a city with a long history and culture of the ancient city, Fujian will, beautiful natural scenery and pleasant, cultural and historical heritage deep. According to "historical records" records, in 202 BC, hangaozu closed without the Minyue Wang as, "land of Wang Minzhong, are Dong Ye", started in Fuzhou in the history of civilization. It is found that the Tanshishan archaeological sites, as early as more than 5000 years ago, the ancestors of today in Fuzhou perched on both sides of Minjiang, they "hunting mountain cutting industry", in the history of the development of five thousand years of life and growth in nature, whether the Minyue ancients, or thousands of miles away to migrate to the Central Plains, a generation generation, with hope, with dreams, hard work, pioneering, refuse to be cowed or submit, pioneering and enterprising, held a piece of scenery to Southeast, Fuzhou to the seashore Zou Lu, and cultural city reputation in china. Time to time to time, time of the water also deposited many unforgettable memories. A city to find valuable several cultural landscape is not difficult, but finding such as Fuzhou has such a rich and profound humanistic landscape is not easy; a city to find some be handed down from age to age custom is not difficult to find, but like Fuzhou has a profound and Bo Guang folk culture system is not easy; the more important is a city, it is not difficult to find her unique, contains rich cultural heritage, but found that continues today, succession, rich, innovation, beyond the human, is not easy, this is the Fuzhou folk cultural value. In 2001 May, Fujian people's publishing house, Fuzhou folk expert Fang Binggui, Li Xiang Liu, Xu Heping, Pan Qun, Zeng 意丹 zhuancheng "Fuzhou Folk Culture Series" a set of eight publishing. The authors used the historical research and practical experience of the eyes, after thousands of years vicissitudes of Fujian folk, feel, appreciate the people. Open merry and lively, nausea for paper, generous and strict, character and passion. The dig the subconscious, is never out of a cheap nostalgic emotion and a narrow geographical preference, re recognize and exploit it to Fujian culture, a kind of aesthetic consciousness contained in the historical consciousness awakening. Reflect customs and geography, history and reality of the echo, natural and humanistic staggered, is a history of ink, and urban style. This is the benefit of a far-reaching cultural project of Fuzhou people. After the publication, popular at home and abroad, the people in Fuzhou edition, produced great influence on society. A group of Fuzhou after a long journey and decades of research expert of folklore, on this basis, and constantly excavate and restoration of many historical folklore, the formation of a new data, many new achievements. Therefore, expansion, second edition is revision. This reprogramming "Fuzhou Folk Culture Series", including "Fuzhou Convention", "Fuzhou Street", "Fuzhou family", "Fuzhou place names", "Fuzhou", "Fuzhou idiom old business", "Fuzhou folk story", "Fuzhou" God eight ", a pen, in order to a more comprehensive, more accurate expression of Fuzhou's unique folk culture, fill the blank again urban memory. This series is not the old materials stacking, which focuses on the background of contemporary science development, referring to each other in a historical and cultural city culture and civilization of thousands of years, establish a space-time coordinate the books with pictures, highlights the long history of Fujian culture. Editor's perspective is wide, the focus is very clear, the multidimensional angle of sight, cultural tradition, will Fuzhou ancient street, downtown street, unique folk customs, mellow, strange stories, distant sites, modern architecture and cultural heritage are true, directly to the world. The editor of the text and pictures, refine on stories of detailed research, alsoHave cudgeled one's brains, not only the objective historical presentation, and explains the academic point of view; both the inherent tension, emotional details and abundant, but also take into account information and art, so as to appreciate, research and the collection of books.
Catalogue of books

Order the classic story of Zheng Tang Chuan goddess Chen Jinggu legend David Gan Yi Shun brother Zhu Di Longfeng gold ear PA Mindu legend Liu Hua Dong marriage open King worship the sword Ding Qiankun queen Chen Jinfeng Prime Minister Wu Yaoqin to do a quick change missing brother looked at Miss litchi change Jiang Tao Fang Guangyan snake mother love scholar snake brother broken mirror heavy round water frog fine water escape Liu Qiniang feeling and Luoxing tower leaf 向高 relief pop legend Wang Chenglong Li Dengguan sells (female: don't gas) legend of the Levant tower head Street Temple feeling sympathetic double throw origin bridge tung oil boiled dry powder Lin Zexu young ma duo to a gentleman here can only when the Xiaoyi Xiang Ge scholar Qiao town of Acacia Lian Cao Xue Jian and Xu Wusi booth and grieved Qiao Zheng 性之 legend Beaufort and screw female Jiang wulongjiang word Jiu Wanmin Shan Xi and white Wang Guixiang street and Meixian Street legend Han Kezhong and Han 月娘 Taishan Ye was a butcher, become a Buddha immediately Wu Yan Xia Du Wei Ye wine Ying Shen Chen Yuan and dogskin plaster the emperor to eat the egg cucumber well. Filial piety fish Lin Ruguang chicken chicken export of Emperor Qianlong Tian Huangshi worship day Xi emperor hole was broken only help dumb King Bridge Xu you sent to add oil Zhu Yuanzhang Furong cave @##@ overnight. Fuzhou has many folk tales of singular, vivid, full of magical imagination and exaggeration, extremely rich romantic color, while retaining the people's simple, vivid language habits, especially many dialect words in the story filled with a strong local flavor.

"The folk stories in Fuzhou:" Fuzhou Folk Culture Series
Media attention and comments

Take the "Fuzhou Folk Culture Series" reprint "Dongfeng, Fuzhou folk story" emerge as the times require. This is a great event in Fujian folk cultural celebration. The advent of "story", is the first big environment of Fujian traditional culture changes in the market. "Series" published ten years, is the continuous efforts of traditional culture protection for ten years. Fuzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC, City Hall size up the situation, take the conservation and restoration of continuous seven lane, three lane four brand propaganda history culture, evaluation of Fuzhou ten business cards, and mobilizing the masses of Fuzhou city spirit of formulation, actively recommend Province, city and even the national intangible cultural heritage and other major initiatives, greatly improving the public awareness of the the traditional culture, the readers of "books" demand is therefore greatly increased. The editorial board will discuss reprint "series", "consciousness to past series" no "story" is a big defect. This idea was put forward, get the attention and support of the Fujian people's Publishing House leadership immediately, vice president Liu Yazhong first put forward the basic requirements for compiling the book and the framework and guidance from first to last, collection and editing work. The book "Fujian legend" in the part of the story and the "classic story" in the "goddess" Chen Jinggu had in "southeast wall bulletin" on the series. On the occasion of special to the "southeast express" and all the concern, support the book publishing and the leadership of Comrades heartfelt thanks! Make people the story is only a small part, a representative of the folk stories in Fuzhou. The fallacy is, finishing when also can hardly be avoided, at, hope readers criticism.
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