Flora and China solar term.

Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Baihua Literature and art   Author:Yin Dengguo   Pages´╝Ü159  

Lunar January lunar January plum blossom season. The plum blossom is the earliest flowers in a year, in the very cold, snow snow, this fear of frost faithful Gao Jie, more than a thousand years and has won the highest praise highly; the late Tang and Five Dynasties Cui Daorong "plum flower" poem said: "incense in don't rhyme, not clear very cold." Lin Hejing of the Song Dynasty "plum blossom" poem said: "the Fang Xuan Yan shake off alone, accounting for breaking style to the small garden; shuyinghengxie Qingqian water, Anxiang floating on the evening." Yuan Yang Tieya Yong said: "all flowers dare to the snow out? A tree only the first spring." Are not yield to plum fortitude, uncompromising Gao, don't charming fragrance made Supreme accolade. A lot of the employer's story, like Gu Shan Lin Hejing lived in West Lake, in order to Mei for his wife, to the crane as child, twenty years does not enter the city dust; Naka Hito monk in the plum to open, moving bed under the flower, flowers chant for the music all day long; yuan Wang Mian in Jiangsu Copper Mt. county north nine Li Shan Mei thousands of lines, toward evening...... Extremely is win universal praise. Countless poets with its eye soul chant plum Gao Jie temperament, numerous painters of the ink to capture the expression of plum manner charm, as many people said, Mei also as worthy, then no wonder the establishment of the Republic of China, the plum blossom will become Chinese national flower. In the late Qing Dynasty painter Wu Youru's lunar January plum flower is Liu Mengmei. Liu Mengmei is the Ming Dynasty opera "the Peony Pavilion" by Tang Xianzu in the great opera actor, buried deep inside the characterizations of girls in emotions, Liu Mengmei is a wisdom scholar, he called Liu Chunqing, Tang Dynasty Liuzhou Sima Liu Zongyuan's descendants, because one day dreamed that he came to a garden. In the garden, a plum tree, stood a beautiful girl; girl said to him: "Liu Sheng, Liu Sheng, when I had the fortune of the period, marriage. So Liu Chunqing was renamed Liu Mengmei.

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February April May March of lunar January June July August September October November December spring rain Jingzhe equinox solar term Qingming Guyu summer solstice Xiaoman in Xiaoshu Dashu Liqiu Chushu dew frost of cold winter snow snow winter solstice equinox it @##@ Osamu Find a flower for twelve months a year per month, as a memorial and worship of the object, so romantic idea, seems to be in the world various nationalities are the one and only, even in the famous ancient Greek myth has not been so, this is something to be proud of, but also fully reflects the special phenomenon of some China culture. Twenty-four solar term is China unique ancient calendar, astronomical phenomena of nature and the agricultural era people lifestyle made precise specification, a year after year rule. From the beginning of spring, rain, the waking of insects, the spring equinox...... Until the snow, winter solstice, cold, cold, twenty-four solar term that describes accurately and beautiful natural landscape and people throughout the year about what to do for a living, let people to follow, easily follow God's will live and work in peace, as the poem says, "the sun and the moon are constant, the stars have four row, along with name, Wan Yun cheng". Twenty-four solar term let many illiterate people are not the days of fault, it is the invention and design great romantic ah L but the idea is the one and only, Chinese pride.
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