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Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Xiamen University   Author:Xiamen City Cultural Tongan editing   Pages:357  

The copyright page: a time, haven't come. A Feng (monologue and Ashan simultaneously) time, haven't come. (sit on the chair, look around to see pedestrians) A Shan (walk two or three times, in front of A Feng heart and doubt and worry, have a look A Feng, and shook his head negatively. ) A Feng (can't help) you're stalking? (a wry smile, discourse pun) one can't avoid one's enemy. A Feng this a stupid, it is a mountain. The mountain?, you get what is funny? A the woman, is unusual, how at the appointed time sitting at the agreed place? But she vomiting like acid, is clearly a pregnant do not seat, she is not A Feng. A Feng saw him walking back and forth, as if anxious anxiety. Hurry her searching, the wishful Lang. A Feng this a stupid, young man, considerate of others, he is the best mountain. Mountain ah Feng ah A Feng, why don't you come? Won't deliberately to test my mountain? (see Fung, suspicious, suddenly have a brain wave) this woman, I wish she will visit attack by innuendo. A Feng was in the car I do not seat, a switchblade too damaging, worse, make grand gestures, make an exhibition of oneself is a disgrace, he may be the mountain, I how will he visit. The mountain just misunderstood, are you waiting for? A Feng (a benign countenance) Yeah, you are to play in the park? A no, I came to the park nesting draught. A Feng you are a mountain you are? O? A Feng I was ah Feng, sit, sit! Hurry don't, don't sit there, to meet @##@ go! "Small pieces", as one of the Tongan folk culture series.
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  •   The local famous opera works included pieces, very unique!

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