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The first chapter of inscription folklore concept the concept and nature of the first inscription folklore from the academic point of view, the "stone" and "folk" combination of precedent, but will "inscription folklore ethnography" as a concept proposed, simple addition does not mean that the "stone" and "folklore", must also defines its basic data range, research object, research methods, taking Beijing city as a case study the theoretical connotation of the temple inscriptions inscription folklore, also need to explain the case characteristics. The basic data, inscription folklore is inscriptions, this book, is the Beijing City Temple of inscriptions. The research object of folklore, folk custom is inscriptions, this book, is the Beijing City Temple inscription folklore. Research method of folklore ethnography of the inscriptions, is the study of digital technology with folklore and folklore. Taking Beijing City Temple inscriptions as the case, still need to define the scope of Beijing city using data and research information level. Therefore, this section mainly solves four problems, which are "stone" and "the temple inscription" concept, "inscription folklore" concept, "inscription folklore ethnography" concept and the "Beijing City Temple inscription" concept. The following, this book will be in accordance with the data range, research object, research method and use case logic, connotation, the concept of inscription folklore boundary and scope are described.
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China folk literature history and digital management system of Mr. Zhong Jingwen is Chinese folk history and folklore history, master, "Chinese folk literature history and digital management system" is one of his youth team in derivatives research project, this series is part of the results of the project. One, basic ideas now discuss China folk literature history, there are two kinds of philosophy. First of all, from the ancient literature of folklore and history, which is the basis for an impassable, it is mainly completed by senior scholars. Mr. Bell's theory Chinese folk theory, has its independent significance and academic value are summarized. Since twentieth Century, Overseas Sinology, existing kaltenmark (Max Kaltenmark), Xie Henai (Jaques Gernet), Dudbridge (Glen Dudbridge), Ou Dawei (R.David Arkush), Shi Taian (Rolf A.Stein) and Lao Gewen (John La gerwey) and a number of other scholars, the research of our country from pre Qin Dynasty to the period of the Republic of China historical literature, find discussed a lot of good topic Chinese folk society and folk characters, they are echoing the Chinese folklore scholars to work from the international academic forum, some also with Mr. bell had academic contact. A major achievement of this group of Chinese and foreign scholars, is in the folk historical data excavation and Research on pioneering work, method to establish the information system of it and a set of data, will become knowledge. Their works not only have the inspiration to China's folklore, also had a broad impact in the literature, art, religion and philosophy research field in China. Secondly, in accordance with their own ideas and behavior custom built history. According to this theory, scholars to data form and content of folk custom meaning itself to describe and study, and not just on the basis of historical literature to folk history. It is not beyond the previous work set up a separate kitchen, but the previous work in the foundation, previous research is that it cannot be neglected in academic history. From the data, China also has been the historical documents and oral tradition the mutual infiltration of the fact, completely divorced from the historical construction history of folk custom is empty; from the folklore perspective, relying on oral traditional data to write custom article is possible, but if the "history", also is not science. The series based on the previous research and practical preparation, in both confluent conditions more mature, redefining the concept of folk history, mainly in the folk of our own ideas, interpretation, structure, classification and function system as the main body, in the theoretical framework of modern folklore, folk recording both historical literature review in the folk records and practical field work in history, literature and folklore ethnography construction to folklore research goal, combining the history of folk custom. It is different from the time was born in historical literature history of folk custom, but also different from pure emphasize oral tradition of folk history. It is the framework of the new concept, according to the reality of our country, the literature and oral data are integrated to build the history, it is called "folk literature history".
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Chapter 1 introduction of inscription folklore ethnography of the concept and nature of the first inscription folklore concept second inscriptions folklore character summary chapter second Beijing City Temple inscriptions recorded folk culture first inscriptions text folk elements second inscriptions folk undertaker third inscriptions folk space description in section fourth the temple inscriptions recorded stories summary of chapter third types of Beijing City Temple inscription Folklore -- a case study of the first case selection and case research point of section second inscriptions implied government management and industry power relations behind section third inscriptions religious temples and the folk chamber of commerce between fourth inscriptions inheritance monk organization and public relations of the fourth chapter Beijing City Temple stele customs data the processing section inscriptions folklore database basic ideas in section second inscriptions folklore database framework and structure of third inscriptions folklore data acquisition and processing section fourth inscription folklore database data standard theory and test summary of appendix a main reference appendix two of this book mainly used @##@ inscriptions record. "Digital inscriptions folklore" major projects is the Dong Xiaoping professor of Ministry of education, humanities and social science research base [literature history Chinese folk] (02JAZJD840003) is one of the sub project results, published by the Beijing Normal University folk ancient writing research center supported. Project unit: the French Far East Institute (EFEO).

"Digital inscriptions folklore ethnography": Digital folk cultural heritage series, major project of Ministry of education, humanities and Social Sciences base comprehensive result. "Digital inscriptions folklore ethnography" by the Beijing Normal University publishing group, Beijing Normal University press.
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Nine years ago, when I first got into Beijing Normal University classroom, a 96 year old man's voice echoed in the classroom: the value of people can be achieved only in the society, intellectuals, read a book, you should return to the society, the society than to claim to be happy. I remember, I was, how to be full of excitement., is how to respect the academic purpose the old pioneering work started. The old man is our country famous folklorist, peopleBetween literature and art, folklore, Beijing Normal University national key discipline created by Professor Zhong Jingwen. He was certainly not pay attention to sit in the first row of I, also won't think of, this three hour speech, for a young student, full of idealism, while the impact of her academic path selection. I read four years of undergraduate course in Chinese Department of Beijing Normal University, although during elective courses of folk literature, folklore, but finally decided to go to the inquiry of folklore gate, is from the big four start. In 2001, I follow later became my tutor Professor Dong Xiaoping writing the graduation thesis, out of their own interest, I will be the subject of "research" in the ghost story Beijing university campus. In 2002, the year in the UK Dong teacher couldn't help my cry to accept me, round my folk dream. Soon, I marveled at the folklore research great charm at the same time, fortunately with the tutor participated in "late work organization" water resources and society in North China France cooperation projects, making for e-books, and contact the book used in water conservancy non-governmental inscriptions, this made the earliest my encounter with inscriptions. And when I was intoxicated with the field investigation of rural inscriptions results, Professor Dong Xiaoping according to my ability and my condition, I think with guidance of digital technology management and Research on folk information, break the boundaries of disciplines, for arts and science research. Now in retrospect, my doctoral thesis can now have the theoretical framework and content, are started from then. In 2003, I advance attack Bo, had the honor to participate in the cooperation project "mentor and French counterparts is co chaired by Beijing Temple inscriptions and social history", as a graduate assistant, mainly responsible for the Beijing City stone rubbings, collation and annotation of the input, and the same step to make the temple inscriptions database. In the unified arrangement of the project team, I also participated in the field study group work, and according to the research direction of this thesis, the investigations of this paper selected. I share that information with the project team, but also from the French of the views of experts and scholars, and develop their ideas in the Chinese and foreign academic scope. Of course, I also met with many difficulties. Beijing after the social history of great and in recent years a large number of residents, many of the temple inscriptions have been "dead", this is undoubtedly a great resistance to the actual understanding of the connotations of inscriptions.
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