• Study on the pre Qin society worship

    "The main content of" worship of pre Qin Society: Pre Qin society worship is a major issue in the study of the history of pre Qin Dynasty, the sacrifice of the connotation, essence helps to understand the Chinese culture. "The author of" worship of pre Qin society sacrifice sacrifice origin, form, in the pre Qin ritual sacrifice lineages in the position, sacrifice and service system,

  • The twelve Chinese Zodiac

    Pig: pig, "twelve animals" introduces the twelve zodiac pig year, rich in content, language is concise and lively, colorful printed pictures, exquisite quality, knowledge, interest, readability, and watch in one. A version of the book Zodiac stamps. Can the personal collection of reading, also can give the relatives and friends. "The twelve zodiac series,

  • The new rural practical Wedding Guide

    "The new rural practical Wedding Guide (etiquette custom text)" Content Description: China traditional culture has a long history, broad and profound. Five thousand years of unbroken inheritance Everbright, everywhere multi-ethnic cultural integration, the traditional culture is Chinese shining objective two causal. Chinese traditional culture of Confucianism, Taoism, Mohism, method,,

  • Clouds teams put July 7th - Guangzhou Festival

    Guangzhou Qiqiao Festival, "clouds teams put July 7th: introduction Guangzhou Qiqiao Festival": a long immeasurably vast difference of myths and legends spread millennium, created a lunar Chuqi July "July 7th" festival, folk called "Qi Qiao festival". Guangzhou area July 7th and the Central Plains July 7th day the biggest difference is that, Guangzhou will be an old folk,

  • Flora and China solar term.

    "The main content of" solar term and Chinese: find a flower for twelve months a year per month, as a memorial and worship of the object, so romantic idea, seems to be in the world various nationalities are the one and only, even in the famous ancient Greek myth has not been so, this is a proud things, but also fully reflects the,

  • Hutukeqin

    "" hutukeqin ": Mongolia Nationality Village ceremony" brief introduction: "cultural resources of Western series", is a key project of the national "West human resources protection, development and utilization of" research group completed. Research began in the country put forward the western development second years, proposed by Mr. Fei Xiaotong, China art research,

  • English permanent memory - Northwest Sichuan Qiang and Tibetan culture in folklore.

    "Permanent memory: Northwest Sichuan Qiang and Tibetan folk culture (English atlas in 2 volumes)" included mainly western Qiang Folk pictures. Western Qiang tribes settled in the overlapping peaks, the terrain Xianyao Minshan mountains area, began almost isolated life, this is still the continuation of Di Qiang Qiang ancestors incense. Because of the geographical,

  • Rural practical etiquette

    "Rural practical etiquette" about rural custom is an important part of Chinese traditional etiquette, is the precious crystallization of traditional Chinese culture. Although rural folk in ten different, but similar ritual connotation. To promote the civilized etiquette, service peasant friends, I had in 1994 with reference to the southern folk, traditional etiquette,,

  • Fuzhou folk stories

    "The introduction of Fuzhou folk tale" content: Fuzhou popular with many folk tales of singular, vivid, full of magical imagination and exaggeration, extremely rich romantic color, while retaining the people's simple, vivid language habits, especially many dialect words in the story filled with a strong local flavor. ,

  • Guizhou tea

    "Guizhou tea" content: Guizhou plateau is a magical and colorful land, as early as 1000000 years ago, there has been the growth of tea: after several years of hard working people of all ethnic groups in Guizhou, Guizhou tea in large numbers, and has become the common people to open one of seven things; after the people's Republic of China established, Guizhou,

  • Study of Han stone brick of pottery and other folk literature vocabulary

    "The Eastern Han Dynasty stone brick of pottery and other folk literature study of vocabulary" is divided into "Introduction", "Han folk real text data vocabulary", "Han folk real text data research of disyllabic and polysyllabic words", "Han folk real text data explanation of words", "Dong Han folk real text data word study and,

  • Poetic Plateau

    Folk culture in Qinghai Tibet area "aesthetic, poetic plateau Qinghai Tibet area: folk culture aesthetic" to the unique angle of view, uphold the principle of "academic guiding ideology of the pattern of diversity in unity" of the Chinese nation, the folk culture as the aesthetic object, from the diet, clothing, housing, marriage, funeral, birth, festivals, religion, technology and music ten aspects study of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau feng,

  • Digital inscription Folklore

    "Digital inscriptions folklore" major projects is the Dong Xiaoping professor of Ministry of education, humanities and social science research base [literature history Chinese folk] (02JAZJD840003) is one of the sub project results, published by the Beijing Normal University folk ancient writing research center supported. Project unit: method,

  • Referral push and Qingming Festival

    "Referral push and Qingming Festival" taste of the cold food festival, Tomb Sweeping Day origin from solution, Qingming Festival to promote tradition from ancient to modern times, Qingming Cultural Village Research articles. ,

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