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"A stone flying as a rainbow, black dragon Jingzhe back grinding. The arrow straight road to thousands of people over, courier gallop wanguotong. The cloud spits high Gongbei, spring rain added to the east......" The Song Dynasty poet Du Deyuan poems in praise of Zhaozhou Bridge, such as the Changhong after the rain, it is to a proper extent. Zhaozhou Bridge is the oldest stone arch bridge to save the world, Zhaozhou Bridge is exquisite, novel structure, again out of a cloud, like a rainbow in the sky, almost dynasties have someone write poems and essays to praise and glorification of the city of Dashiqiao. (a) location Zhaozhou Zhaozhou Bridge bridge is located in the south of Hebei Province, 2.5 km north of Zhaoxian County Wen River, only 45 kilometers away from Shijiazhuang city. Zhaoxian County is located in the Taihang Mountain in Shandong in the middle of the piedmont alluvial plain, the terrain from the northwest to Southeast tilt, flat open, is a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, semi humid and semi-arid area, suitable for a variety of temperate crops, is conducive to the development of agriculture and forestry. The county has 780000 mu of cultivated land, known as "snow pear town" reputation; the territory has been proven oil, natural gas and other mineral resources. Zhaoxian County has a profound historical and cultural connotation, is rich in tourism resources, as the country's first open county, Hebei province is an important historical and cultural tourism zone. Be richly endowed by nature geographical conditions, makes Zhaoxian County a large agricultural county, since 80's of the twentieth Century, have become the national commodity grain production base in the county, the national high-quality wheat production base in the county, the national snow pear production base in the county, the county and the northern pear export base for one of the few tons of grain county. (two) the Zhaozhou Bridge has a long history of Zhaozhou Bridge was built in the Sui Dynasty big industry years (605-618 years), by the famous artist Li Chun designed and built, now has 1400 years of history, is the world's earliest, preserved ancient stone arch bridge open shoulder the most perfect. Zhaozhou Bridge in 1961 by the State Council as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. In 1991, USA society of civil engineers Zhaozhou Bridge will be selected as the Twelfth "international historic civil engineering milepost", and also the northern end of the bridge, built a "historical monuments of the international civil engineering" bronze monument. Zhaozhou Bridge, Zhaozhou Bridge (song zhezong given name, meaning "an Du Ji Min"), known as "one of the Sibao in North china". The bridge is 64.40 meters long, 37.02 meters long, 7.23 meters high coupons, is one of the world's largest span, the earliest construction of single hole open shoulder stone arch bridge. Because the bridge at both ends of the shoulder with two holes, and is therefore called the open shoulder, this is a creative world bridge history (no small arch over the shoulder or shoulder). Zhaozhou Bridge, there are many types of rich and colorful decorations patterns. Zhaozhou Bridge exists, have historical origins are inseparable and historical and cultural city of Zhaoxian County city. Zhaoxian County, the ancient Zhao Jun, zhaozhou. According to the literature, has 2500 years of history. Zhaoxian County is located in the south of Hebei Province, about 40 kilometers from the provincial capital Shijiazhuang, where Taihang Mountain is located in the piedmont alluvial plain, open flat terrain, a total area of 675 square km, population 530000. Over the past two thousand years, the hardworking Zhaozhou people cultivation, thrive in this land, together with the whole nation, created a glorious and resplendent culture. In the Tianbao, outstanding people of the land, leaving many unique, precious historical and cultural heritage. If be known to all the world's "the best in all the land bridge" Zhaozhou Bridge and the bridge of the bridge and sisters; famous broadcast at home and abroad of the Millennium ancient temple Berlin Zhaozhou temple; has a high reputation of "the first Chinese tower" Zhaozhou Dharani column; a long history and rich cultural heritage that the ancient city of Zhaoxian County in the modern civilization has prosperous at the same time still flashing of the ancient deep the light of civilization. In the history of Zhaoxian County has been set to state governance, so in ancient times known as the zhaozhou. The history of the earliest can be traced back to the Shang dynasty. The spring and Autumn period called spines Pu, called the Western Han Dynasty spine Pu hou. The sixteen state of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (529 years) Zhao Jun (county) with Yin state, Northern Qi Tianbao two years (551 years) in order to avoid the prince name, change state as the Zhaozhou yin. Sui kaihuang first year (581 years) and Zhaozhou changed to Zhao Jun. When the Tang Dynasty between the county name repeatedly change, eventually restoring the state government. The Song Dynasty, three years (1109) the Zhaozhou lift Qingyuan Jun Jie du. Sun and the first year (1119) and raised to Qingyuan Prefecture, 1129 Qingyuan Prefecture Zhaozhou changed. In 1151 changed its name to vaud. In 1234, the permanent waste Zhaozhou, waste in 1235, renamed the permanent. When the Qing Dynasty in 1725, rising Zhaozhou Zhili state. In two years, change Zhaozhou Zhaoxian County. In Zhaoxian County, the most famous landscape than the Zhaozhou Bridge, which was built in the Sui dynasty. Sui Dynasty unified China, over long north-south division, war to meet situation, and greatly promoted the development of the social economy, culture and so Chinese. Then Zhaoxian County is a north-south traffic must pass through, from here go to Town Zhu county (now Hebei Zhuozhou), South to the Kyoto Luoyang, so the traffic is very heavy. But the traffic was blocked by the city river, seriously affecting people's traffic, and when the flood season can't even pass, in view of this situation, the Sui Dynasty (605 years) the local government decided to build a large stone bridge over the river, to end the long traffic inconvenience situation. Li Chun as the main artisan bridge design and construction, and other artisans come here together, to inspect his physiognomy of river and on both sides of the situationThe construction of bridges, based on previous experience, combined with the local actual situation proposed design have great originality, finally accomplished the task of building the bridge. Li Chun and other artisans presents many technical innovation scheme in the design and construction process, and have been used in the construction of the bridge Zhaozhou, made great achievements, they have great originality design will improve the ancient bridge construction technology of our country to a new level, this is the history of the last great pioneering work. Zhaozhou Bridge built from now will have 1400 years of history, has experienced 10 floods, 8 wars and earthquakes, especially the 1966 Xingtai earthquake occurred in 7.6, from Xingtai to here about 40 kilometers, there are four or five earthquake, Zhaozhou Bridge has not been destroyed. The famous bridge expert Mao Yisheng said: "do not say first how the internal structure of the bridge, it can exist only in one thousand years will prove everything." The dragon is the great flood of 1963 flooded the bridge arch, according to the local people said, standing on the bridge can feel very large swing bridge.
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The brilliant history and culture seven today Zhaozhou Bridge @##@ vivid legend design lasted for thousands of years the Zhaozhou Bridge two Zhaozhou Bridge three Zhaozhou Bridge "Sanjue" four Zhaozhou Bridge of Zhaozhou Bridge on five exquisite stone six Zhaozhou Bridge Crescent Zhaozhou Bridge building structure is very unique, not only has high scientific, but with our unique national art style, is the great works of ancient architecture of china. Smooth curved arch of the main line, symmetry and light Fuzhao four small arch, as if the four giant rosette, the outline is clear, crisp lines, in the broad, revealing powerful, lightweight beauty. The Song Dynasty Zhaozhou Cishi Du Deyuan poetry Chan said: "a stone flying as a rainbow, black dragon Jingzhe back grinding." The Liu Baixi's poetry in praise: "water from the Bi in Yuhuan, people back up in the black dragon."
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