Western civilization

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The model here is quiet green of the Western Zhou Dynasty bronze Fang Ding here are transparent Maya Crystal Skull here are mysterious Egyptian gold mask there are ancient scientists there are myths, legends, there is scientific guess there are kings, prophets, revolutionaries, explorers have big discovery in the small stories, small the story of the development of world civilization history one can see, can read, can touch, understanding intentions by hand......
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Egypt Fang Ming dazzling of Egyptian civilization. Ancient Egypt Egyptian dynasties livestock farming inventions of ancient Egyptian textile industry of ancient Egypt's shipbuilding industry thriving commercial ancient Egyptian astronomy earliest solar calendar in building knowledge of astronomy in ancient Egypt math decimal notation of ancient Egyptian medicine Millennium not rot mummy Egyptian medical founder Yim Hotep surgery development of ancient Egypt -- Fa Lao emperor Wu Zetian of ancient Egypt -- Hart Semyon Pujalte ancient Egyptian Napoleon -- Thutmose III, Queen Bnnie Faye Titi Fa Lao -- the king -- Ramses II Cleopatra -- Keri O Petra ancient Egyptian agriculture Memphis dam and reservoir medical masterpiece Ebers papyrus Egyptian civilization of construction. Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid red ladder -- bending Pyramid Hu Fuda Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid of Khufu mystery eternal Sphinx -- Sphinx Temple Temple -- Karnak Temple Temple of Luxor 阿布辛 Temple of Beller the world famous Philae Temple and the symbol of life -- square Obelisk Hidden valley of the kings and valley of the queens...... American civilization and Rome civilization in Europe in the middle ages, Greek civilization
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Do you know a bend of Pyramid? Do you know the Maya spaceship? Do you know the Great Wall Rome Empire?...... "Western civilization" to take you on a happy culture trip!
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