Western civilization (upper and lower)

Date of publication:2002-11-1   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Yao Jiehou Li Pengcheng Yang Shen   Pages:543   Words:958000  

Western civilization is the whole western civilization (including Western Europe, North America, Australia, new regional civilization) source. Not understanding of Western civilization, can not understand and grasp all the history of Western civilization and the essence. Book with rich materials and profound exposition and analysis, to give readers a vivid demonstration of the western classical civilization, civilization, the civilization of the Renaissance in the middle ages, modern civilization and the modern civilization.
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Volume: Volume 1, Western civilization two, Western Europe three, the natural environment of Western civilization prehistoric profiles and race, language four, Western civilization and the historical development of the five main characters, understand and study of Western civilization meaning first series of classical civilization in Western Europe, Western classical civilization history and characteristics of the first chapter from the Aegean civilization to the classical Greek civilization second chapter Hellenistic civilization third chapter Rome civilization second medieval civilization, how to understand the medieval civilization first chapter of Western Europe in the middle ages of Western Europe in the Middle Ages civilization second chapter academic culture in the civilization of the Renaissance in the third articles of the civilization of the Renaissance in introduction to the first chapter Renaissance Society in second chapter third chapter Italy Renaissance Art Renaissance in Western Europe extending and spreading of the fourth chapter Renaissance universal achievement, fading and the fifth chapter 2: establish the religious reform under the foundation of modern western civilization fourth introduction of rational enlightenment and Modernity in the modern state system of the first chapter The second chapter of capitalist economic maturity and theoretical findings of third chapter of the enlightenment and the French Revolution of fourth chapter of modern western natural science and humanities culture laid fifth western modern civilization, brilliant and volatile western modern civilization of Western Industrial Revolution first chapter second chapter third chapter to Western European socialist movement in the era of imperialism of Western Europe, the fourth chapter the fifth chapter nineteenth Century culture of Western Europe during the two World War, Western Europe sixth chapter of contemporary western social changes and the seventh chapter twentieth Century western science and philosophy in twentieth Century eighth chapter of western philosophy of science bibliography of English Chinese name table
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The European medieval civilization spiritual culture is not poor, pale. Especially western Europe entered the high middle ages, academic and cultural prosperity, have made important achievements in many aspects, start breeding the spirit of humanism and scientific thought, to Western Europe through the Renaissance to modern civilization, in cultures prepared. Third, the civilization of the renaissance. From fourteenth Century to sixteenth Century, Western European feudal society in the late fall, the disintegration of the city, citizens, business owners forces developed, capitalist germination has shown vitality, Renaissance resulting created new cultural patterns. So, this book will it as a separate stage of civilization to discuss. The civilization of the Renaissance in Western Europe in the Middle Ages civilization is the important link between the transition to modern civilization. The economy has been the primitive accumulation of capital scale, asset class began to cut a striking figure in politics, Renaissance Humanism in mature, religious reform rise. Scientific thought has been a breakthrough, the social and political theory has expressed the interests of the bourgeoisie and requirements, all of these indicate that the civilization of the Renaissance has its unique historical connotation. Since Kolumb discovered America, western major countries began to aggression, colonial abroad, not only resources and wealth of cruel colonial plunder, for the primitive accumulation of capital, but also the Christian civilization to spread abroad. The civilization of the Renaissance in created the magnificent spiritual culture, is another peak in Western Europe after Greece, Rome classical civilization reached. Fourth, the European modern civilization. It is a free capitalist era civilization. Western civilization characterized by accelerated development in modern stage. Capital has created a great civilization. From seventeenth Century to nineteenth Century, after the leaves, the countries of Western Europe has completed the end of feudal rule the millennium of the bourgeois revolution, the capitalist economy matured, access to the industrial revolution. The bourgeois created in the two century of productivity, more than all the productivity, all the past generation create larger, it establishes the complete structure of the capitalist economy and political order, through the enlightenment created to liberalism, individualism and utilitarianism as the axis of the western mainstream cultural values, in order to lay the cornerstone of modern the west.......
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