Wenzhou old street

Date of publication:2008-6   Press: Zhejiang photography press   Author:Shi Feifei   Pages:202  

Long street. Holding an umbrella, wandering alone in the long, long Solitary lane in the rain, I hope to meet a lilac like melancholy girl. Only the old rain would like this soft melancholy, lingering charm, elsewhere, is not. The old street is a poem of clusters, the secret is hidden. A memorial archway towering and high stand. For having heard it many times "luck" was the last, or more deep quaint "Zhi Cai Shou Park", both sides is inspirational good motto: the family does not have on the rich and the poor, only reading is preferred. Turning, or is a silent Gujing, white hair early childhood, column circle and sit, said "the old rotten millet". Alley mouth slanting sun, Yan Fei ordinary home. Brick by brick, the vicissitudes of life experienced; a window eave, the different shape; 道坦 Gallery, Arai Shuijing, how many stories, the edge of the students; the wall map carved figures, flowers, "Snow" standing "deer 衔花", with kindness, yuyuehuanxiu...... Street, is the architect's eyes Art beats nature. ingenuity, is a historian eye dying clue, is the plot twists and turns of the Zhanghui novelist's eyes, is a folklorist eyes a fresh. But the author's intention, not in the history, not in the textual research, has no intention to create. Except in the historical facts, combing through old news, "Wenzhou Street" is more of the current ecological interview this space, with no color line drawing, is written with foot live, flow, real voice business. Buddhist language: living in the moment. Not to say, this is.

"Wenzhou Street" the street, see the street style, the old story, then the what one sees and hears the exquisite brush flow. The street is the city's context, familiar with the city streets, you will generally familiar with the city. Wenzhou is a city of Commerce and industry is very developed city, it also has a rich history. As stated in the introduction, "Wenzhou Street" "not in the history, not in the textual research", in "in history, combing through old news", "with the foot it live, flow, real voice business". In the book, the author took a lot of photos reflect the real situation of Wenzhou old street, both style and character. One picture, a section of the story, the book shows the city of Wenzhou this ancient wind to the readers.
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