Van Loon tells the stories of the great men

Date of publication:2005-01   Press: Sichuan Fine Arts Publishing House   Author:[America] Hendrik William van Loon   Pages:274   Words:180000  

Hendrik William Orron (Hendrik Willem van Loon, 1882-1944), Hispanic American writer and historian. In 1911 by the German doctor degree of University of Munich, after graduation has been engaged in a variety of occupation, but in writing made the most attract people's attention achievement. Representative works include "Holland Republic", "history of the decline and fall of the story of mankind", "van Loon geography", "the story of the invention
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Platon search up and down the Western sages Confucius wisdom Oriental Saint Francis of Assisi Saint Dante in the last chapter of Da Finch's most versatile Erasmus Christian humanism gifted masters Montaigne I know what Cervantes is full of strange dreams of Shakespeare of the human mind excavator Descartes I think, playwright Peter the great. To fight in the Moliere with enthusiasm and ambition politician Bach from a family of music genius George Washington from plantation owners to USA father Mozart music child prodigy's miserable life of Napoleon a rare military genius Beethoven and the fate of fighting Andersen from the "ugly duckling" to the fairy master Xiao Bang playing @##@ for our great motherland This book is written by a variety of characters biography of van Loon, a total of 19 chapters. In these chapters, the author selected the world in different historical periods of the representative of the great man, the spirit of humanism position, to the thought and the doings of one one evaluation. These figures, with the East, Western sages and great thinkers, such as Confucius, Platon, Descartes, Erasmus; have the immortality of literary masters, such as Dante, Shakespeare, Andersen, Cervantes, Moliere etc; for great music, art masters, such as Finch, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin and there; the wise of the Russian emperor Peter, America father George Washington, etc.. In this great man in front, van Loon with its unique sharp eyes, through overlapping fog of history, look at their life stories.
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