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Date of publication:1998-03   Press: Shanghai literature and Art Publishing House   Author:Yin Minghua   Pages:175   Words:119000  

Yin Minghua, born in 1954 in Shanghai. In 1984 graduated from the Shanghai Jingan Amateur University Chinese system. Served as deputy director of Shanghai radio station. There are some part-time jobs, such as the Beijing Broadcasting Institute journalism professor, China Journalists Association, vice president of the society of China broadcast commentary, Shanghai Journalists Association vice president, Shanghai Quality Association executive director, "new radical dictionary" editor, a member of Shanghai Writers Association.
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@##@ and thinking of the first portion of media interview order new observation of second part of the media and society third new observation of some social part fourth This book consists of senior reporter Yin Minghua 40 interviews in the form. As China press delegation, the visual acuity, brushwork sharp, deep into the plurality of corner America society, both distinctive, interesting life scene, and approaching interview cautious, positive, and looking at the universal situation of tolerance, cell pregnant, and as a China reporter pride feeling. All of these can help readers to objectively understand, judge American society, and give consideration to a relaxed outside also slightly heavy.
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