Triumphant moment - in ancient Rome civilization of

Date of publication:1999-11   Press: Yunnan people's Publishing House   Author:Zhang Ping   Pages:280   Words:210000  

Zhang Ping, Peking University, master of history, associate professor of history at Xuzhou Normal University. In the world ancient history, medieval history, history of European Renaissance of teaching and research work, published "Rome civilization and the classical tradition in Renaissance Florence", "social nature" and so on more than 10 papers.
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Introduction "the mother wolf" story -- the ancient Rome civilization of a lifetime can not finish reading the Rome archaeological wind awakens ancient Rome Rome: an ancient and magical city "solar wall lamp," to tell you City Hall and Rome goddess of the two Pompeii of Pompeii doom and reproduction of pleasure from Marina Men into the town. Under the blessing of the gods treasures: painting and sculpture singular Pompeii antique museum three eternal city -- Rome "eternal city" the rise of the three ancient columns recalling Triumphal Arch birthplace Rome arena: "科洛赛 mother never" Saint Angel castle are Domitian palace and Hadrian palace and ancient emperor of the same name shopping malls thousand national people's Congress beach two thousand years ago the water four classical culture of the ups and downs of the lost Millennium Laocoon group in the ruins of the "Augustus" and "Gladiator" "Marcus Aurelius" change one's name and surname survived acquisitive success is: relief art Peder Na Tone's attention on the Tiber River a beautiful "show" the office of the president of Italy: classical art palace five search rule pioneer six offering gifts of God The seven classical literary monument eight memorable Rome nine ancient wisdom of Rome ten Rome spirit and the classical tradition of ancient Rome and the eleven - two great civilizations of East and West Friendship sing the "eternal city" final is the eternal main references postscript @##@ appendix From ancient to modern times, in the face of so base a ruins, ruins of ancient graves broken brick rubble, people always be moved by what one sees, the historical sense of loss arise spontaneously. Even the city of magnificent, magnificent palace, also because of years of vicissitudes and couldn't resist their harden and lose one's beyond recognition. Moreover, many events have been lost, lost in the mists of time, neither visible nor know! Some of them relates to one thing at a time, some of the more extended family, involved in a lost world. But the historical sense of loss, in the underdevelopment of science of the past, it is often an important research and writing beginning. Yesterday was the source for flow, tomorrow. Those who have lost civilization if not been systematically explain it to modern civilization, it will always be a little mystery. Therefore, capturing constantly found, once scattered civilization spray flow together into a river, to the popularization of culture and Chinese ancient brilliant, absorb the excellent achievements of world civilization construction of modern civilization, have important reference value and far-reaching significance of warning the modernization and the natural harmony and the Chinese ancient civilization.
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