The wisdom of the West

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Bertrand Russo (Bertrand Russell, 1872-1970), British philosopher, mathematician, writer and social activist, he has taught at University of Cambridge, Harvard University, University of Chicago, California University and other famous universities in the world, philosophy, mathematics, fine attainments and outstanding achievements made him in twentieth Century to become the most important, is the most influential thought master, and in 1950
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Before opening the Hellenistic age sequence of Socrates early Christian scholasticism philosophy of the modern British empiricism the rise of enlightenment and romanticism and contemporary utilitarianism after ending translation table @##@ translator. The purpose of this book is that attempts to make an overview of the history of western philosophy from Thales to Wittgenstein, and with some book to be the relevant historical background tips. In order to help this explanation, the book collection of a character, location, document images, these images are on the way to protect, usually written expression philosophy conveyed in the chart. On the philosophical description can be performed in two ways. It is completely dependent on the show, what someone has said, and how it affected by sb. The second is in the narrative with comments, so as to reveal the philosophical discussion of how to start. This book is second ways adopted. Maybe it should add a point, it shall not make misleading: just because a thinker's view is not perfect enough, for he a contemptuous disregard.
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