The study of Japan

Date of publication:2012-10   Press: Academic Press   Author:Xu Yiping Gasawara Kiyoshi   Pages:453   Words:600000  

"Japanese Studies (22)" by Xu Yiping and Gasawara Kiyoshi, eds., Beijing as the center for Japanese studies academic annual, we mainly: teachers and students some annual academic research achievements, there are 5 teachers and 8 Ph.D. student papers selected this year, at the same time, according to the usual practice in the graduating this year center master 5 excellent papers. In addition, we also both at home and abroad to Japan research collection, this year received a total of 22 paper submitted. After the professional laboratory examination, a total of 16 papers by using external. All the
this period published, it shows the center and the domestic Japanese academic part of the latest research results, but also reflects the future we need more efforts in the direction of. We hope that through the publication of the paper, further strengthen the center and domestic Japanese research exchange, we work together, jointly promote the China Japan research level is on the rise.
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The study of Japanese

Social Study of Japanese />2012 annual outstanding master's thesis
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